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Genealogy Sites

Searching one's roots has become very popular these days, and the biggest challenge, of course, is learning how to spell genealogy! The list includes commercial sites, personal pages, and everything in between. Happy looking!

Commercial Sites

These folks want to sell you something: genealogy software, books, tools, their services... Their being listed here should not be construed as an endorsement of any kind; think of this as yet another public service announcement.

Genealogical/Historical Societies and Other Groups

A great way to learn about genealogy and to further your knowledge is to join a genealogical or historical society. Of course, strictly genealogical groups aren't the only ones out there of interest.

Government Sites

Believe it or not, the government can be your friend if you're a genealogist. Many great resources are available via the Internet, courtesy of Uncle Sam and other governmental relatives.

Great Britian

United States

Internet Mailing Lists & Newsgroups and Other Great Stuff

Mailing lists and the newsgroups are great ways to get in touch with, and hear from, more people than you could ever imagine who are searching out their roots.

Personal and Other Sites

The Internet is a wonderful way for people to find, and exchange, information about their family trees. Some folks wax eloquent about their various family lines, others combine their genealogical and other interests on their pages, still others compile lists of links (much like this one, only on a far grander scale!!!)

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