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1844 Deed of Lot 246, 8th District, Pike County, Ga.,
from Joseph Fincher to Joseph T. Fincher

Georgia           )
Pike County    )       Know all men by these presents that I Joseph Fincher (Sen) of said county and state for and on account of the naturrel love and affection which I have and bear toward my son Joseph T. Fincher as well as for other divers causes and reasons, not hereunto knowing I Joseph Fincher (Sen) do herby give - grant - endow and convey unto the said Joseph T. Fincher my son all of that tract or parcel of land containing Two hundred Ten and one half acres moore or less -- known and distinguised [sic] as Lot Number Two hundred and forty six (246) in the (8) Eight district of orriginally [sic] Monroe now Pike County in said state, to have and to hold the said Lot and parcel of land to his own self Joseph T. Finchers own proper use benefit and behoof forever in fee simpel together with all and singular the rights miscelany and appertuniances Thereunto being belonging or in any maner appertaining and the said Joseph Fincher (Sen) will warrant and the titel of the within discribed Land forever defend unto the said Joseph T. Fincher his heirs and assigns against the claim of himself The said Joseph Fincher Sen his heirs and assigns and against the claim of all other persons whatsoever In witness of which and whereof he the said Joseph Fincher Sen does hereunto set his hand and affix his seal this 11th Eleventh day of January and the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight hundred and forty four --

Signed Sealed and delivered
in presence of us the day
and year above mentioned
David N. Varner
I Leak
J. N. Mangham, N.P.

Joseph Fincher Sen     {SEAL}

Superior Court Acknowledgement of Deed

Joseph Fincher Sen.
Joseph T. Fincher

Georgia Pike County
Recorded in the Clerks office of the Superior Court of Said County in deed book G in folio 136 this 13th day of January 1844
A. B. Beckham, Clk.
_ ?_ _?__
John M. Ready

2nd page of 1844 deed

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