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What follows is what we believe about the parentage of Micajah C Lindsey. As you will see, the documentation suggests, but does not prove, this relationship. If you have anything to add, or any corrections, please let me know!

Descendants of James William Lindsey

JAMES WILLIAM LINDSEY was probably born in Virginia.  He may have married MARY CARLETON, daughter of BLAKE CARLETON.  She was also probably born in Virginia.
Surry County [NC] Deed Book C (1777-1788)
[abstracted, compiled and indexed by Mrs. W. O. Absher, 1976,
702 Sixth Street, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659]

382     9 Nov 1787 NC Grant to James Lindsey 640 ac..Seven Island Ck. Cooks line..path leads from Round Hill to MaAfees old place

Surry County [NC] Deed Book D
[abstracted, compiled and indexed by Mrs. W.O. Absher, 1976,
702 Sixth Street, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659]

110    17 Nov 1790 John Durham, Spartanburg Co. SC to Joshua May Lindsay Spartanburg Co. SC 150 pds Sterling 440 ac N
    James Lindsays old line where John Bitticks line joins little fork Seven Island Cr on path leading to McFees old place.
    John Allen, James Lindsay Junr, Cresy Lindsay, Aaron Moor, Moses Moor, witnesses
    S/John Durham, Mary Durham
    [NOTE: a John Durham, son of George Durham & Elizabeth Lindsey, married Mary Carlton, dau of John Carlton and
    Agatha Lindsey]

111    12 Aug 178? James Lindsey & wf Mary to John Durham, Spartanburg Co. SC 150 pds 440 ac Seven Island Ck adj John
112    Bitticks & Lindsay
    John Bitticks, John X Carlton, witnesses
    S/James Lindsay, Mary Lindsay

135-137    [see Carlton Lindsey]

155    15 May 1789 Richard Goode Esq sheriff to John Thos Longino 16 pds 200 ac S side Yadkin River, Fall Ck adj Alex Bohannon,
    James York, James Lindsay, Stephen Hide (land lost by Abner Greenwood & wf Nancy by Judgement agst sd Abner by County)
    Ambrose Gaines, William Thornton, witnesses
    S/Richard Goode, Sheriff

258    15 Aug 1788 Richard Goode Esq sheriff to Aires Hudspeth 6:10 for 125 ac N side Deep Cr adj Matthew McHand mouth
592    Schoolhouse Br, James Lindsay & 640 ac surveyed for Wm Rutledge (land lost by Philoamon Holcomb & Ellander his wf to
    satisfy John Randleman)
    William Thornton, John Randleman, witnesses
    S/Richard Goode, Sheriff

379-80    (see Carlton Lindsey)

380    Mar 188 James Lindsey to Thomas Wiles 150 pds 540 ac Deep Cr adj William Rutledgte, Teese [probably Reese] & Swisher.
381    John X Blalock, Nathaniel Marlow, Jacob X Miller, Reuben George, Jonathan Harrold, witnesses
    S/James Lindsey

380    11 Aug 1788 James Lindsey & Mary Lindsey to John Bittick 60 pds 200 ac Seven Island Ck adj James Lindsey
    John Durham, John X Carlton, witnesses
    S/James Lindsey, Mary X Lindsey

417    7 Aug 1788 John Allen & wf Elizabeth to Zachariah Sugart 100 pds 400 ac waters N fork Deep Cr adj James Lindsay
418    Abraham X Reese, Nathan Farmer, witnesses
    S/John Allen, Elizabeth Allen

Surry County [NC] Deed Book E
[abstracted, compiled and indexed by Mrs. W. O. Absher, 1976,
702 Sixth Street, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659]

178    15 May 1792 John Thomas Longino yeoman to Edward Bond planter Guilford Co 150 pds 440 ac waters Yadkin River, ck
179    called Seven Island. road leads from Round Hill to Critchfields ford adj John Biddick; part entryJames Lindsay & since
    taken from him by execution & sold at public auction to discharge of forfeited recognizance Superior Ct
    William Hough, Thomas Hadley, wtnesses
    S/John Thomas Longino

267    15 May 1792 John Thomas Longino Yeoman to Thomas Wiled planter 90 pds[no ac given] S bank Swisher or Reeses Ck
    opposite Benjamin Garrish adj William Rutledge, crossing Deep Ck being part 540 ac lately the property James Lindsey
    S/John Thomas Longino

Surry County [NC] Deed Book F
[abstracted, compiled and indexed by Mrs. W. O. Absher, 1976,
702 Sixth Street, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659]

25    9 Aug 1787 NC Grant Abner Greenwood 200 ac S side Yadkin River on Fall Ck adj Obediah Bohannon, James York,
    James Lindsey & Stephen Hide

52    9 July 1794 NC Abraham Reese 100 ac waters McFees Ck adj James Lindsey, sd Reese & William Shugart

89    2 Sept 1793 John Thomas Longino to Garsham Bills 50 pds [no ac given] waters Yadkin River, Falls Ck adj James York,
    James Lindsey and Stephen Hide
    Stephen Wood, witness
    S/John Thomas Longino
p 29
223    9 July 1794 NC Grant William Sugart 90 ac waters McFees Creek adj John Shugart, Zachariah Shuart & Lindsey

Surry County, North Carolina Deed Astracts Volumes G & H 1795-1800
by Carol Leonard Snow

BK G, p28, 24 Dec 1796
JOSHUA MAY LINDSEY of Rutherford Co., NC, to HENRY SPEER of Surry Co., NC. 55 pounds 440 acres on Seven Island Creek waters of Yadkin River adjoining JOHN BITTICK; part of 640 acres granted to JAMES LINDSEY 9 Aug 1787 and conveyed by mesne conveyance to JOHN DURHAM 2- Aug 1788, from Durham to sd JOSHUA MAY LNDSEY 17 Nov 1790.
John Kelley, John X Robinson,Richard Speer, witnesses
Proved in Surry C. Court Nov Term 1797 by oath of John Robinson & ordered to be registered. Test. Jo Williams, C C.

Rutherford Co. NC Deed Books (abstracted by Margaret Lindsey Smith])

Deed Books 4-6, pp 19-20. Deed #68.    7 Oct 1794 George Green sold to James Wm. Lindsay & Caleb Lindsay, for 130 pounds, 100 acres
    on both sides of Green River.  Patent originally granted to Preston Hampton 6 Oct 1770.

Deed Book 34, p 151. 13 Oct 1795, recorded 5 May 1823. Jane Museck, (widow of Lewis Museck, deceased), Robert Young, Caleb Lindsey
    and Archibald Young, all of Rutherford Co., to James Millar for 1000 pounds. Land included parcels of 100 acres, 220 acres and
    100 acres. Signed by Jennet Museck, Robt Young, Archibald Young and Caleb Lindsey (but could be Caleb Landry).

Deed Book R,1,2,3, pp 76-77. 6 Feb 1796, recorded 20 Feb 1797. William Cain of Greenville Co. SC sold to James Lincey [sic] of Rutherford
    Co. NC, for 5 pounds, 100 acres of land in Rutherford Co. NC on Borings (?) Creek, bordered by Wm. Logan on the SE. Original
     patent granted to Cain 15 Oct 1790 by Gov. Alexander Martin.

Deed Book 15-17,pp 43-45. 25 Sep 1798, recorded 16 Dec 1800. Solomon Taber to Carlton Linsey, both of Rutherford Co. NC, for 30
    pounds, 50 acres on "north fork of White Oak,"bounded by Jarvis Gran, original grant to J??my Taber 23 Aug 1795. Witnessed
    by Joshua Linsey, John Thomson, Justam (?)Newman

Deed Book 10-11, pp 157-159. 8 Jan 1798, recorded 23 Jan 1799. Patent granted to Caleb Lindsey for 50 schillings/100 acres, 100 acres
    in Rutherford Co. bordered by James Linsey, Wm. McSwain, Martain Roberts.

Deed Book10-11, pp 159-160. 8 Jan 1798, recorded 23 Jan 1799. Patent granted to John Linsey for 100 acres at 50 shillings/100 acres.
    Located in Rutherford Co. on the Bouns (?) River, bordered by James linsey, Rainey, Martin Roberts.

Deed Book 15-17, pp 52-54. ? Sep 1798, recorded 19 Dec 1800. John Taber sold to Carlton Linsey for 100 ounds, 200 acres in
    Rutherford Co. with buildings. Bordered on the north by Alston (?).

Deed Book 15-17, pp 554-555. 18 Oct 1799, recorded 3 Aug 1802. James Linsey granted 80 acres in Rutherford Co. at 50 shillings/100
    acres. Bordered by Wm. McSwain, W O Logan, Herden (?).

Deed Book 15-17, pp 414-415. 26 Feb 1800, recorded ? Jan 1802. Martin Roberts to James Linsay, both of Rutherford Co. for150
    dollars, 200 acres in Rutherford Co. on branches of Shoal Creek of 1st Broad River. Bordered by ?, Adams, Runyan. Witnessed
    by Geo. Blanton & John Blanton.

Deed Book 15-17, pp 265-266. ? Apr 1800, recorded 17 Jul 1801. Carlton Linsey sold to John (or Jane?) McClerkin, 50 acres on
    branches of the north fork of White Oak Creek waters of the Green River bounded by Green, patent originally granted to
    Jechonias Taber in1795 by Governor Richard Dobbs. Witnessed by Martin Edwards and Micajey Linsey.

Deed Book 25, p 93. 22 Jan 1801, recorded 12 Oct 1809. John Fisher to Michael [Micajah?] Lindsey, for 50 pounds, 50 acres on the
    headwaters of Alston Creek of the Green River. Near David Millar. Original patent to John Fisher in 1798.

Deed Book 20-21, pp 82-83. 9 Nov 1801, recorded 30 Apr 1803. Jerimiah Runyan of Rutherford Co. to James Lindsey of same. For $130
    land on "Shole Creek waters of first Broad River." [Note: doesn't give acreage or neighbors.] Witnessed by WmMcBrayer &
    Samuel Adams.

Deed Book 22, pp 39-40. 5 Feb 1802, recorded 22 May 1804. James Lindsey of Rutherford Co. to Charles Garner of same, for 25 pounds,
    40 acres in said county on "middle forks of White Oak otherwise Jinkings fork including Charles Tarvers )?) improvement."
    Original grant to Walter Better (?) by patent 28 Oct 1782 (only upper 40 acres).

Deed Book 23, pp 365-366. 30 Aug 1802, recorded 29 Sep 1805. James William Lindsey and Caleb Lindsey of Rutherford Co. to John
    Lindsey of same, for 150 pounds, 100 acres on both sides of Green River adjoining William Moore's land, excluding 20 acres on
    the upper end. Patent originally granted to Preston Hampton 6 Oct 1770. Signed by James Wm Lindsey and Carlton Lindsey.
    NOTE: The deed as recorded does say Caleb Lindsey and does say Carlton Lindsey was the signer. Most likely a mistake on
    the part of the clerk, but which way?

Deed Book 20-21, pp 113-114. 14 Apr 1803, recorded 20 May 1803. Carlton Lindsey of Rutherford Co. to Jonathan Harris of same. For
    $50 land on "north side of Green River on Big Branch." 20 acres originally granted to Geo. Green. Buildings, orchard, etc.

Deed Book 25, p 77. 30 Jul 1804. (recorded 1808?) Step Roberts to John Lindsey, for $56, land "on the head branches of little hicary
    creek," near Robt. Ware.

Deed Book 22, pp 305-306. 2 Aug 1804, recorded 15 May 1805. John Logan of Rutherford Co. to Caleb Lindsey of same, for $80, 100 acres
     lying on the head of Mill Creek bordered by John Boggs, etc.

Deed Book 25, pp 35-36. 1 Oct 1807, recorded 12 May 1809. Matthew Rainey to Caleb Lindsey for $150, 160 acres "more or less," on
    "the head waters of Shoal Creek, bounded by James Lindsey, etc."

Deed Book 25, p 10. 8 Oct 1808, recorded 3 Feb 1809. Calib Lindsey to Thomas Alison, both of Rutherford Co. For $50, land "on the head
    waters of Mill Creek," 96 acres "more or less" originally patented to John Logan.

Deed Book 25, pp 76-77. 12 Oct 1808, recorded 2 Aug 1809. "Wm. Carson, Esq., high sheriff of the County of Rutherford and state of North
    Carolina" to Henry Long. "an Execution issuing from the county court of Rutherford against Micajah and Carlton Lindsey for the
    sum of fourteen pounds twelve shillings three pence which sd. sum was recovered by Wm. Henderson of the sd. Micajah and
    Carlton Lindsey as on record may appear." Land (no goods or chattels to be found) sold on Alstons Creek of Green River,
    bounded by David Millar, Wm.Carson. Sold for 6 pounds 15 shillings.

Deed Book 27, p 200. Date? Recorded 10 Jun 1814. Caleb Lindsey of Warren Co. KY to Heaton Morris of Rutherford Co. NC,for $150, land
    on Shoal Creek, bordering James Lindsey. Witnessed by James Lindsey & Andrew Stices. 160 (100? acres total.

Deed Book 44, p 43. 3 Aug 1811, recorded 1 Jun 1840. James Lindsey to Abel Hurdin (or Hardin) for $30, land on headwaters of Little
    Hickory containing 40 acres. Bounded by Jonathan Hurdin (Hardin?) and Collins.

Email from Eric Newsome:

Copies of the marriage bonds of Morris Roberts and Josiah Roberts, from the original bonds held in the North Carolina Archives, Rutherford County:
"State of North Carolina Rutherford County. William McSwain James Linsay We the subscribers are jointly and severally held firmly bound to Benjamin Williams, Esq Governor or his successors in office in the sum of five hundred pounds current money. The condition of this obligation is such that whereas the said Morris Roberts hath made application for a license for a marriage to the be celebrated between him and Mary Linsey--of the county aforesaid; now in case it shall not appear hereafter that there is any lawful cause to obstruct said marriage then this obligation to be paid otherwise remain in full force and virtue. William McSwain (seal) James Linsey (seal). ?? and delivered in the presence of ??Eilkins. 4 of February 1804"

"Rutherford County We the subscribers are jointly and severally held and firmly bound to James Turner Esq governor of North Carolina and his successors in office in the sum of five hundred pounds current money to be void on condition that whereas--Josiah Roberts hath made application and obtained license for marriage to be celebrated between the said Josiah Roberts--and Miss Mary Linsey--of the county aforesaid now if it shall not appear hereafter that there is any lawful reasons or cause to obstruct said marriage then this obligation to be void and of none effect otherways remain in full force and virtue in law Sealed and Acknowledged this 1st day of September Anno Domini 1803. Attest Wm. McBrayer. Josiah Roberts (seal) Morris Roberts (seal)."  There is no question that Josiah Roberts was the son of Morris Roberts. Morris by gift deed in 1800 gave land "to son Josiah for love and affection..." I have a copy of this deed. Eric Newsom

and posted on the LINDSAY-L mailing list Vol 99 #278, by Bob Jordan:

Found another relationship between these two families in Surry Co. NC [Durham and Carlton] - they held land next to James Lindsey Sr.  The following deed contains the metes and bounds and is as complete as I could copy.  Brief explanation of the measurements - one chain = 66 feet, one pole = 16.5 feet, N45W means half way between north and west.  There are 90 degrees between north and west, so start at north and go 45  degrees to the west.

DB E-451, dated 11 Aug 1789:  Indenture between John Durham of Spartingburg (Spartanburg) SC and (to) Lindsey Carlton of Surry Co. NC for 10pds. - land in Surry Co. near the round hill on waters of the N Fork of Deep Creek beginning at a stake, then N70W five poles to a stake, north 51 chains to a stake, west 20 chains to the branch, then down sd branch to the mouth to a Spanish Oak, then by a marked line agreed on to a Turkey Oak and 143 poles then continued on near the same as was along the sd. marked line 66 poles to the begining  - containing 100 acres. Signed John Durham. Witnesses Simon Hadley, Jcob Dobbins. Date on the record was 8 May 1789.  Recorded by oath of Dobbins May, 1790.

This is one of the worst surveying jobs found in the records, but it has the same spot locations as one of James Lindsey's deeds.  Thus, these people had land next to each other.  The normal going rate for this type of land was about 60-70 pounds Sterling.  The reason this type of money was used (English) was that each state had their own currency.  The cost of this land was 10 pounds - showing that it was discounted greatly - usually for family members.  There are two dates on this deed.  Aug 1789 and May 1789.  I would think the deed was written in SC in May and entered SC in August and someone hand carried it to Surry Co.  The deed was actually recorded one year later.
Could this possibly have been him???
Full Context of Alabama Revolutionary War Soldiers  

Name: James Lindsay
Res: Marion county
Comment : private, particular service not shown; enrolled on August 22, 1835, under act of Congress of June 7, 1832, payment to date from March 4, 1831; annual allowance, $20.--Pension Book, State Branch Bank, Mobile.

or this one?
American Revolutionary War Rejected Pensions
James Lindsay (deceased) heirs of    Kentucky--, Gallatin
The children are instructed to apply, as both parents are dead, and by proving the period of their decease, they will be entitled to the amount at $20 per annum.

in 1790, Mary in Rutherford Co. NC with 4 males (1, 16+ and 3, under 16)

The identification of Mary Carlton/Carleton as the wife of James William Lindsey if from work done by Bob Davidson. I have no idea what documentation he has or had.
Children of JAMES LINDSEY and MARY CARLETON? are believed to be:

    i.    JAMES WILLIAM LINDSEY , d. 2 Mar 1831, AR; Pulaski; m. RACHEL.

    ii.    CARLTON LINDSEY, b. Bef. 1762; d. 1825, Kentucky; Trigg Co.; m. MARY ?.
May have been a trouble maker! He and his brother Caleb were cited for "trespass" in VA and land seized and sold by the sheriff to cover what they owed, after they had left the state. [NOTE: this is from another researcher. I have not seen the record myself.] Then in Rutherford Co. NC, he and Micajah got into some trouble which resulted in the sheriff seizing and selling land to cover a debt of 14 pounds, some shillings and pence. Unfortunately, when sold the land brought less than 7 pounds. [Note: the land records for this are below . I haven't seen the court records.]
Sources: Bob Davidson for VA, Rutherford County NC Deed Book 25  for the NC affair.

Surry County [NC] Deed Abstracts (1779-1790)
Abstracted, compiled and indexed by Mrs. W.O. Absher

54    7 Sep 1786 Henry Speer to Carlton Lindsay 30 pds 540 ac Deep Ck part of 640 ac gr Edmund Reavis adj William Rutledge &
    Ann X Miller, William Hough, Matthew X Bates, witnesses
    S/H Speer

134    17 June 1791 Hugh Armstrong Esq sheriff to John Thos Longino yeoman 22 pds 540 ac waters Deep Ck & Swisher or Reeses
135    Ck adj Benj Garrison, Wm Rutledge begin part larger tract Edmund Reavis (land lost 1787 by Calton Lindsey Indct agst him for
    Tresspass; he was Guilty)
    Richard Goode, James Lester, William Thornton, witnesses
    S/Hugh Armstrong, Sheriff

135    10 Aug 1791 Hugh Armstrong Sheriff to John Thos Longino yeoman 21 sh 540 ac waters Deep Ck, Swishers or Reeses Cr
136    adj Benj Garrison, Wm. Rutledge being tract Edmund Reavis (land lost by James Lindsey for failing to "surrender up")
    Calton Lindsey for Mar term Superior Ct 1788)
    Joseph Williams, Manning X Summers, witnesses
    S/Hugh Armstrong, Sheriff

136    11 May 1791 Hugh Armstrong Esq sheriff to John Thos Longino 20 pds 5 sh 440 ac Seven Island Cr adj road leads from Round
137    Hill to Critchfields fork & adj John Bittick (land lost by James Lindsay for failing to surrender up Calton Lindsay Supr Ct Mar term

316    missing from book, though index indicates it concerns Carlton Lindsey

379    3 Oct 1787 Carlton Lindsey to James Lindsey Senr 150 pds 540 ac Deep Ck adj William Rutledge, Reese & Swisher
    John Allen, Joshua Lindsey, witnesses
    S/Carlton Lindsey

Who was this Carlton in MS???
BLM GLO Land Patent Records:

LINDSEY, CARLTON 12/01/1849 Accession # MS1500__.268
40.28 acres: SESE Sect. 27/ Twp 18-N Range  7-E  MONTGOMERYCo. MS

LINDSEY, CARLTON 12/05/1850 Accession # MS1510__.179
W½SW Sect. 26/ Twp18-N Range 7-E MONTGOMERYCo. MS

Posted to the LINDSAY-L mailing list 21 May 2000 by Bob Jordan:

Subject: Re: Carlton Lindsey - Surry Co. NC

"Phil Lindsey was kind enough to send me some pages from a book of the Surry Co. NC Court Minutes 1768-1789 Vol 1-2, published by Southern Historical Press. The book gives a view of what was going on there during that time. Surry Co. covered a large area of NC at the time. Most of the area on the north was in the mountains. Many entries in the records dealt with bounties on wolves and wildcats. I'm sure these animals made large dents in the domesticated farm animal herds. Apparently men from all parts of the county were called as jurors - but Carlton was the only one of his family of age at the time, so his name appeared often. Witnesses to jury trials were also given mileage and per-diem, was can possibly be used to tell how far away from the courthouse they lived. Carlton Lindsey's name was usually spelled "Carlton" but his last name was usually "Lindsay." The court house listed was located at Richmond, but I have not located that place yet. I don't have all pages of this book, so it's not possible to say all of the courts were held there. There also seems a close association with the Holcomb family. The connection to the Holcomb family is found through the Durham family.  George Durham (b.c.1715-20, d.1766 Brunswick VA) m. Winifred Lindsey c.1740-50. His daughter Margaret Durham m. probably Thomas Holcomb.  Carlton's descendants should look carefully at this relationship.  Did some of the Holcombs go to SC?  I am surprised Carlton's name is not found in the Surry Co. tax records.  He was certainly old enough to pay at least a poll tax.  Or is it we have only seen the land tax and not poll tax records.  Following is a record of what was sent by Phil:
2-14-1783 - Juror: Carlton Lindsey. Had to be age 21, so this pushes his birth year back to 1761 or before.
5-15-1783 - Jurors: Carlton Lindsey, George Holcombe, and Phil Holcombe.
5-16-1783 - Jurors: Carlton Lindsey, George Holcombe.
1784 (could not tell exact date - on previous page that was not sent)
Abner Greenwood vs. William Johnson -witness Philemon Holcomb for pltf.
76 miles, 11 days, Carlton Lindsey 72 miles, 10 days.
4-15-1785 - Jurors Carlton Lindsay, Philip Holcomb
5-14-1785 - John Randleman vs. John Sutton, wit. for pltf. Carlton Lindsay 36m-4d
8-9-1785 - Airs Hudspeth vs Daniel Bailey - wits. for pltf. - George Holcomb 96m-14d, Carlton Lindsey 144m-30d.
2-17-1786 - Philemon Holcomb vs. Thomas Burnet - wit. for pltf. - Carlton Lindsay 240m-30d.
5-11-1786 - deed John Bohannon to Airs Hudspeth - oath Carlton Lindsay.
2-14-1787 - deed Henry Speer to Carlton Lindsay - oath sd. Speer.
2-15-1787 - Philemon Holcomb vs Wm. Rutledge and Joseph Bradley - wits. Geo. Holcomb 274m-45d, Carlton Lindsey 274m-48d.
3-1787 - Carlton Lindsay to have leave to build water grist mill on Swisher's Creek to be deemed public mill.
5-1787 - Wm. Shepard, assignee of Becket Nichols and Phil Holcomb - find for pltf. - Wit. for pltf. Carlton Lindsay 100m-20d.
1787 - Philemon Holcomb listed with too much land in Sander's District.
11-13-1787 - deed from Carlton Lindsay to James Lindsay acknowledged.
11-15-1787 - State vs. Carlton Lindsay - not guilty.  State vs. Philemon Holcomb - not guilty.  State vs. Carlton Lindsey - guilty.  The same jury was involved in all three cases.  It appears there may have been more than one charge against Carlton Lindsey and one of them involved Holcomb.
11-17-1787 - Henry Speer vs Carlton Lindsay - deft. came into court and acknowledged if he said disrespectful things of Capt. Speer's character, he does not remember for he had no cause to say such - suit discontinued.
2-15-1788 - Jacob Ballinger vs Phil Holcomb and Carlton Lindsay - no judgement noted.
8-12-1788 - deeds from Jame Lindsay to Th. Wiles (oath John Blalock), James Lindsay and wife to John Bittick (oath John Durham), James Lindsay to John Durham (oath John Bittick), Thomas Holcomb exempt from paying poll tax in future.  
8-16-1788 - claim paid to Jeffery Johnson for keeping guard with 3 men over C. Lindsay.  Someone was worried Carlton was going to commit a violent act or was going to try to escape.  This led to his father posting bond with all of his land and then losing it when Carlton did not show up in court.  This was the last record of this Lindsey family in Surry Co. - they must have fled to SC very soon after.

Rutherford Co. NC Deeds

Book 22-23, p 365, 1805
  Carlton and James W Lindsey to John Lindsey
Book 25, p 76, 1809
  Carlton and Micajah Lindsey to Henry Long
Book 2-21, p 113, 1803
  Carlton Lindsey to Jonathan Harris
Book 15-17, p 265, 1801
  Carlton Linsey to Jane McClerkin
    iii.    JOSHUA MAY LINDSEY , b. c 1760; d. Dec 1841, Mississippi; Tishomingo Co..

    iv.    SUSANNA LINDSEY, b. Bef. 1766.

    v.    CALEB LINDSEY, b. 1767, Virginia; d. 23 Nov 1826, Arkansas; Pulaski; m. SARAH YOUNG, c 1790.
Rutherford Co. NC Deeds:
Book 34, p 151, 1823
  "B for T"
  Caleb Lindsey to James Miller
Book 27-28, p 200, 1814
  Caleb Lindsey to Heaton Morris
Book 25, p 265, 1809
  Calib Lindsey to Thomas Allison

Deed Books 4-6, pp 19-20    7 Oct 1794 George Green sold to James Wm. Lindsay & Caleb Lindsay, for 130 pounds, 100 acres on both
    sides of Green River.  Patent originally granted to Preston Hampton 6 Oct 1770.

Deed Book 10-11, pp 157-159. 8 Jan 1798, recorded 23 Jan 1799. Patent granted to Caleb Lindsey for 50 schillings/100 acres, 100 acres
    in Rutherford Co. bordered by James Linsey, Wm. McSwain, Martin Roberts.
    vi.     MICAJAH C LINDSEY , b. 1775, North Carolina (Source: Miss Rayma Biggs and Mrs. Irene Barnes, Cemeteries of Tishomingo Co. MS,  (c1979).); d. 1845, Mississippi; Tishomingo Co.; Dennis (Source: Miss Rayma Biggs and Mrs. Irene Barnes, Cemeteries of Tishomingo Co. MS,  (c1979).); m. ELIZABETH MCCLURKIN, c 1796, South Carolina or North Carolina; b. 1776, South Carolina (Source: Cemeteries of Tishomingo County, Mississippi By Miss Rayma Biggs and Mrs. Irene Barnes c. 1979); d. 1847, Mississippi; Tishomingo Co.; Dennis (Source: Cemeteries of Tishomingo County, Mississippi By Miss Rayma Biggs and Mrs. Irene Barnes c. 1979).

    vii.    ELIZABETH LINDSEY , b. Bef. 1776.

    viii.    JOHN LINDSEY, b. c 1800, North Carolina; Rutherford Co..
possible Census (1840 Tishomingo Co. MS)
 226  364  Lindsay           John            0  0  0  1  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  0   0    1  1  1  0  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  0   0    0  0  0  0  0   0    0  0  0  0  0   0    0  2  0  0  0   0    0  0  0  0  0   0   8      0    3   0   0    0     0     0     0              0     0    0  0  0     0      0      0     0     0      0       0        0     0       0     0      0     0      0

1850 Census Tishomingo Co. AL, Southern Div, p 101a ( image 206)
Dwelling & Family #204
John Linsey    51 m    Farmer    3200    NC
Nancy        45 f            SC    - - / (illiterate)
Amanda S    15 f            Tenn    - / - (attended school w/in year)
John S        8 m            Miss    - / -
Andrew J        6 m            Miss    - / -
Lucinda S S    3 f            Miss
William G    1 m            Miss

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