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Josiah ASKEW and David ASKEW

Josiah ASKEW (1740 NC – 1818 Edgecombe Co. NC) is thought to be the son of John ASKEW and Margaret BOONE, and the grandson of Nicholas ASKEW and Sarah OGLETHORPE. Josiah married Constance MERCER, and their children were David (b c1765 NC), Uriah (b c1779 NC), Josiah (b c1781 NC), William (b c1785 NC), John (b c 1787 GA), James (b c1789 GA), Sarah (b c1795 GA), Polly (b c1797 GA), Eli (b 1799 GA), Enos (b c1801 GA).

David ASKEW (c1765-c1813 Pitt Co. NC) married Mary ?, and was the father of Elizabeth E ASKEW, wife of Amos TURNAGE, who was the son of Emanuel TURNAGE and Mourning TRAVIS.

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Matthew CUMMINGS is thought to have been the father of Levi CUMMINGS (24 Oct 1776 Halifax Dist. VA – 5 Sep 1840 Limestone Co. AL), who built one of the earliest houses in Limestone Co. Alabama, while it was still officially Indian Territory. He may have thought he was in Madison Co., just to the east. Levi married Naomi KEYS, and they had a number of children, including Catherine Cummings, who married Jesse Miller ISBELL.

Samuel HOWELL and Abner Young HOWELL

Samuel HOWELL was born before 1790 in Tennessee and died some time before 1846 in Dallas Co. Alabama. His wife was Mary ?, and they had at least 9 children, including Abner Young HOWELL (1807 GA – 187?). Abner Young HOWELL married Phoebe Dejarnette INGRAM in 1829 in North Carolina. Their older children (born before 1837) were born in North Carolina, and the later ones were born in Alabama. Eventually they moved to Mississippi, where in 1874 their daughter Emma Dean HOWELL married Jordan Levi TURNAGE in Byhalia, Marshall County.

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John Ingram

John Ingram is believed to have been born in Wales. He immigrated to Brunswick Co. Virginia, where he married Hannah PINES. All of their children were born in Virginia, at least some of them in Meherrin. One son, Joseph (1744 Virginia – 22 Mar 1828 Anson Co. NC) married Winifred NELMS in 1774. She was the daughter of Presley NELMS and Elizabeth ROUTT.

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Thomas Dillard ISBELL and Jesse Miller ISBELL

Thomas Dillard ISBELL (23 Dec 1762 Goochland Co. VA – 1837 McNairy Co. TN) married (Nancy) Anne Poindexter KERR (c1775 VA – 1858 McNairy Co. TN). I do not know whether Poindexter or Kerr was her maiden name. Their children were born in Virginia and Kentucky before they eventually moved to Tennessee.

One of their sons was Jesse Miller ISBELL (14 May 1800 Mercer Co. KY – 22 Sep 1843 Shelby Co. TN), who married Catherine CUMMINGS (daughter of Levi CUMMINGS).

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David Keys died 1788 in Fauquier Co. Virginia. His wife was Margaret ?, and the only child whose name I have is Naomi KEYS, b c1782 in Virginia. She married Levi CUMMINGS 1798 in Fauquier Co. Virginia.

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James & William WILLIAMS, Ibby and Tamzen MANSHIP

William WILLIAMS was the father of James WILLIAMS, b c1750 (where?). James married Ibby MANSHIP, and they had at least one son, another James, born 30 Mar 1785 in Richmond Co. NC. The younger James married Tamzen MANSHIP, and we don’t know what relationship, if any, there was between Ibby and Tamzen before that marriage. At least some of James’ and Tamzen’s children (Aaron Manship and Charles) were born in Jackson Co. TN. There were at least 9 other children.

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Aaron Manship WILLIAMS

Aaron Manship WILLIAMS (5 Sep 1811 Jackson Co. TN – 28 Dec 1891 Limestone Co. AL) and Margaret OVERCAST (c1816 NC – after 16 Jun 1880 ) had children born in Alabama and Mississippi. One daughter, Sarah Ansalane Williams, married John Micajah LINDSEY and another, Belinda Caroline Williams, married John’s brother Thomas C LINDSEY, both marriages taking place in Mississippi.

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Charles NELMS and Elizabeth SAUNDERS

Charles NELMS and Elizabeth SAUNDERS were the parents of Presley NELMS (5 Oct 1730 Northumberland Co. VA - 3 Feb 1797 Franklin Co. NC).

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Presley NELMS and Elizabeth ROUTT

Presley NELMS married Elizabeth ROUTT, daughter of John ROUTT and Winifred SYDNOR. Presley and Elizabeth had at least 7 children, one of whom, Winnifred NELMS (28 Feb 1750/51 where? - 6 Jan 1841 Anson Co. NC) married Joseph INGRAM 1774 in Bute Co. NC.

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Ebenezer SAUNDERS and Elizabeth PRESLEY

Ebenezer SAUNDERS and Elizabeth PRESLEY were the parents of Elizabeth SAUNDERS, who married Charles NELMS. Ebenezer’s parents are thought to have been Edward SAUNDERS and Mary ?. Elizabeth’s parents are believed to have been Peter PRESLEY and Elizabeth THOMPSON, with grandparents William PRESLEY and Jane ? and Richard THOMPSON and Ursula BYSSHE, who immigrated from Norfolk Co. England to Northumberland Co. Virginia.

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William TURNAGE, Emanuel TURNAGE and Mourning TRAVIS

Emanuel TURNAGE is believed to have been the son of William TURNAGE (1736 Bertie Co. NC – 1795 Green Co. NC) and Elizabeth?. Emanuel (c1765 Pitt Co. NC – c1816 Pitt Co. NC) married Mourning TRAVIS c1784 in Pitt Co. One son, Amos Turnage (6 Jun 1794 Pitt Co. NC – 14 Oct 1863 Panola Co. MS) in 1818 married Elizabeth E ASKEW and eventually moved to Tennessee, then to Mississippi.

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