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Newman Cemetery


Newman Cemetery, Hallstead/Great Bend, PA		
Established 1834		

Directions:  Go east on highway 171 from the Hallstead/Great Bend exit of I-81, 
about 1.25 or 1.50 miles from the Mobil Station at the exit.  As you go up the hill, 
there's a small sign on the right.  You can't see the cemetery from the road.  The 
gravel lane into the cemetery sits an such an angle that it would be an impossible 
right turn as you come up the hill, so it's best to go to the top of the hill, turn 
around and approach the entrance that way.	
Recording done 7/25/00 by Robert Green (email:
Many of the older stones are in so weathered or crusted with mold they can barely 
be read.  Many of the plots lack existing stones, but someone has started putting 
rough slate field stones with hand-carved names and dates on a number of plots.  
I'm assuming this is based on cemetery records since it doesn't seem limited to 
only one or two families.  Some new stones in the new section of the cemetery 
are not included in this list.

Please note that I do not live in Susquehanna County, had limited time in the cemetery, 
and do not at this time have additional information about the cemetery.  Some years ago, 
I wrote to the Newman family, who still owned or managed it, for information based on burial 
records, but was told some records had disappeared as the collection was passed down from 
one person to another over the years…. Bob Green		

Adare Armlin	
Baker Banetta? Barnes Barton Baugh Beavan Bedell Beiren Bolt Brant Brown Brush
Bullen Bush?	
Carter Chamberlin Church Cole Colwell Conklin Corey? Creagh Crossen	
Crough Curnee	
Devoe Deyo Dickinson Dixon Downs Eager Eighmy Emerson Evertson	
Ferris Fisher Flint Fom Foote Fox Fremont	
Gage Garrett Gifford Gilbert Giles Gray Green Gunn 
Hallstead Hasbrough Hawkins Hazard Hendrickson Hilton Holmes Hubbard	
Jackson Jamison Jenks Joines Judd	
Kehr Kelder Keller Kent Killips Kilmer Kimber Klemp 
Lagier Lane Law Lesterson? Lottier	
Macallister Mackey Magumber Mayhew Maynard Mayo McGinnes McGinness Merritt 
Mesick Miller Miner Monell Moon Moore Moscript? Mott Munson	
Newman Nitche Nitcheke	
Odell Oler Orr Ousterhoudt	
Packer Parks Peasley Phebe Prentice Preston Prince Pulz 
Raleston Regkhow Reynolds Roe Roosa Roose 
Sayles Scoty Shufelt Simmons Simpson Smith Soller Soule Sperring Stanton Stearns	
Stephens Stoddard Stone Summerton Sutcliffe 
Thomas Tucker Tupman? Tuthill	
Valentine Van-Vleck Vroman	
Walker Wandell Wayman West Williams Wilmot Wright	
Young Youngs 

update: May 2009, by Jeannette Knauf
Rachel  Vanetten died 1885,  
David Vanetten her husband is probably there also with another headstone


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