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Monument Square

©Photo by Lamb 1998

"The Union must and shall be preserved"
It was erected in 1876.
Stone tablets, four on each side of the monument. Each identifies a township with the men who served. Monument Square sits between the Court House and the Susquehanna County Historical Society and Free Library building. It is located in Montrose, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania
Old Stereoview of Monument

!!! UPDATE !!!

An account has been set up and donations are now being taken for restoration of the Soldiers Monument. This Monument is located in Monument Square, between the Susquehanna Co., Courthouse and Susquehanna Historical Society & Museum in Montrose, Pennsylvania.

Donations may be sent to:
Soldiers' Monument Fund
Susquehanna County Courthouse
Historical Records\Archives
PO Box 218
Montrose PA 18801

Old Photos of Civil War Soldiers courtesy of Jim





No. Enlisted 97
Jerome Bolles, Jasper Bolles, J.R. Blakeslee, Myron Carrier, Scott Carrier, J.W. Daughtery, Charles Gavitt, Elwood F. Gates, Edwin P. Gardiner, P.A. Gavitt, W.C. Hinckley, Timothy Kicley, Sergt. T.R. Miles, Henry Mowers, Solomon Parks, H. Carlisle Stevens, Terrence Shean, Aaron Stage, Wm. Underhill, Levi Uptagrow, Luther Wilbur, J.B. Young
No. Enlisted 102
Geter Ainey, Albert Birchard, Amon Bissel, Wm. Cogswell, W.B. Downer, Cyrill Depue, Jno. Drummond, Nelson Davis, Geo. Eckhart, N.L. Howe, Jno. Labar, Elvin Maynard
No. Enlisted 127
James Barton, Farris Blanchard, Wm. P. Brainerd, Wm. S. Conrad, J.H. Corey, C.W. Gelatt, Albert Griggs, Sgt. C.M. Holmes, L.A. Kinne, V.P. Low, C.S. Maxon, Sgt. Mat McPherson, Ebenezer Owens, H.T. Resseguie**, Sgt. A.J. Roper, Milo Spencer, Albert Townshend, H.M. Tiffany, J.O. Tripp, H.S. Whitney, A.N. Wood
Charles McKenzie, Daniel Nelson, George Price, Am. M. Quick, Lieut. L.O. Tyler, Phineas Warner, Marshall White, Joshua Wheatley
No. Enlisted 55
Albert Austin, A.G. Babcock, John W. Bagley, S.A. Brown, Frank Cook, Wm. Creek, George Hulce, C.A. Mudge, Wm. H. Nash, Hyde Olin, S.M. Van Horn, N.D. Whitney, Ralph Williams, George Zacharia
No. Enlisted 51
A.J. Bass, Erastus Bennett, Harding Carpenter, Chas. A. Dart, C.R. Dart, S.H. Ellis, Jas. Gardner, Henry Knapp, Thomas Lee, L.B. Miller, Stanley Stewart
Lieut. U.F. Hollenbeck, Harmon Lyon, W.K. Lathrop, Hamilton McMickens, Nelson McMickens, Albert Mericle, Chas. Oakes, Chas. Osborn, A.G. Potter, J.B. Phinny, John Smith, A. Shoemaker, John Strunk, William Strunk, Joseph Shannon, Malory Seely, Denmark Smith, Moses Treible, P.A. Treible, Lemuel Titman, Geo. Vanscoten, H.L. Young
No. Enlisted 157
Lieut. H.C. Titman, D.L. Bump, Adam Benninger, Isaac Brotzman, B.H. Boughton, Wm. Brotzman, Henry Brown, N. Canfield, Chas. Carter, Aaron Cogswell, Geo. K. Cooley, Chas. F. Crawford, Hiram Carter, Hugh Flannigan, Tredway K. Gay, Aaron Hall, John W. Hotel, William Hotel, Samuel Hall, E.M. Hollenbeck, Marshall knowles
No. Enlisted 165
Thomas Allen, Joshua Bailey, Patrick Bray, Charles Bodine, Gilbert Corwin, Adelbert Corwin, Abraham Fordham, James Hackett, Isaac Hopkins, Samuel Johnson, Lewis Johnson, Lieut. B.R. Lyons, Lieut. Clark Lyons, Luke Lyons, S.E. Leonard, Wm. W. Langdon, A.H. McManstry
No. Enlisted 108
E.F. Adams, Warren Birchell, S.T. Brewster, Geo. Chamberlin, DuBois Freer, Wm. Gow, Jr., Lee Greenwood, F.L. Green, E.F. Hawley, C.D. Harding, F.D. Young, R.S. Loomis, Harvey Rice, Geo. M. Sweet, V.W. Tiffany, Thomas Way, C.C. Wilmarth, W.N. Williams
No. Enlisted 148
G.S. Ames, M.L. Denson, L.J. Brooks, Newton Bryant, U.S. Cook, Myron French, Enoch Fox, John Jolloff, T.G. Larrabee, Darins Marsh, A.N. Rounds, Paul Steinback, G.C. Tanner, L.W. Tiffany, H.S. Wells
W.B. Morgan, J.G. Morris, Dudley Otis, Ferdinand Otis, Israel Otis, M.S. Roberts, W.S. Rose, Jno. Shelp, P.C. Sherman, Jonas Smith, C.A. Vanness, R. J. Walker, Julius Warner, Henry White
No. Enlisted 173
Augustine Bonarman, Jerold F. Conrad, Martin Conrad, J. Oscar Conrad, George Decker, E.H. Felton, William Green, John Howard, P.B. Hinckley, Charles Manzer, Ichabod Payne, Marvin Potter
No. Enlisted 86
Thomas Anderson, G.W. Brown, Jasper Bell, Geo. Bidwell, Thomas Codington, M.H. Doud, W.L. Felts, F.H. Holferd, G.F. Lingfelter, R.C. Miller, Ransom Millard, Geo. Phillips, Owen Phillips, Eliab Stage, Horace Stephens, H.G. Sullender, Philander Smith
No. Enlisted 117
Philander Grow, John R. Hanyon, John Hortman, Uziel Henry, Sergt. O.U. Knapp, C.S. Lyman, Otis Phelps, Philip E. Quick, Z.T. Risley, Peter B. Strickland, Isaac Strickland, Bentley, Stark, E.A. Spencer, George Sweet, Fred E. Thomas
Russel Phillips, Chauncy Price, David Price, Orville Ransom, Sylvester Snyder, Chas. W. Snyder, Addison Stevens, Asa Thomas, Henry Tupper, Orin Tiffany, John Travis, Orange P. Whitney, Henry S. Whitting


**H.T. Resseguie is Henry Resseguie a member of the 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery. He was of the Resseguies of South Gibson, Pa. Henry died as a result of injuries sustained in battle. He died at home on furlough on Sept 6 1864. Henry's ancestors fought in the American Colonial Wars and the American Revolution and War of 1812. Anyone with additional information on Henry or other Resseguies contact Jim

Photos by Tam & John Lamb
Transcriptions by Deb Gabriel & MJ Williams

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