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James Henry McPherson

James Henry McPherson and 

Hannah Rosalie Hale

James Henry McPherson was born April 11, 1870, the son of Jacob Philip McPherson and Eleanor (Mary?) Elizabeth Shrewsbury.

Hannah Rosalie Hale was born on January 4, 1874, daughter of Zachariah Montgomery and Amanda Elizabeth Broce.

James and Hannah married in Blacksburg, Montgomery County, Virginia on April 2, 1893. James was called "Jim" and Hannah was called "Rosie". They lived most of their married life on the Brick Yard Road in the Low Gap area of Mercer County, West Virginia. 

James Henry McPherson died in Mercer County West Virginia on March 10, 1945.

Hannah Rosalia Hale died in Mercer County West Virginia on August 15, 1962.

Both are buried in the family cemetery on the Brick Yard Road. 


Children born in Mercer County, West Virginia


James Henry McPherson appears to be the first McPherson in our line to own land in Mercer County, West Virginia. They were not the first McPhersons in our line to reside in this area. (See Jacob Phillip McPherson)

On January 24, 1902 James Henry McPherson bought 94 acres from John A. Stuart on waters of Bluestone.

On February 13, 1906 James Henry McPherson bought another 109 acres from E. W. Hale et. al. on waters of Blacklick.

There is a J. A. McPherson who bought 49 acres on Brushcreek on May 22, 1906.

James McPherson sold 26 1/3 acres on Blacklick Creek to Elizabeth McPherson on May 26, 1906.

On September 27, 1921 C.C. McPherson (son Clifton Charles) received 25 acres on Blacklick Creek from James Henry McPherson for $1 and affection.

On January 4, 1926 C.C. McPherson (son Clifton Charles) bought 50 acres from James McPherson on Lick Creek (Blacklick) in East River district. The land sold for $2000 with $500 down and $500 a year for 3 years. This land was out of purchase from Stuart in 1902 and was next to 25 acres mentioned above.

 Charles Clifton McPherson, James Henry McPherson, Hannah Rosalia Hale, and James McPherson
 Hannah Rosalia Hale - Birthday party
 Hannah Rosalia Hale in the front yard of the old home place on the Brick Yard Road. The family cemetery is located on the hill behind her.
 James Henry McPherson and Hannah Rosalia Hale with grandchildren Tommy and Carol McPherson
 Hannah Rosalia Hale, Josie Webb and Lula Layman (sisters?)THE STORY
 Hannah Rosalia Hale, grandson Arnold McPherson and his son Michael McPherson.
 James Henry McPherson and Hannah Rosalia Hale


   " On the family farm is a beautiful cemetery.  It is located on the top of a hill and has a beautiful maple tree in the center.  Jim an Rosie and several of their children are buried there.
    Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the old home place where Grandma and Grandpa lived.  In my imagination I can see Grandpa sitting under the maple tree in the front yard and I can hear Grandma reading aloud from a favorite book before bedtime.  I remember the apple orchard on the hill beside the house where we romped and played with the other grandchildren and I remember making ice cream in the old-fashioned ice cream maker.  It is no wonder that I considered the home place to be my second home."  (excerpt from Mercer County History 1987, submitted by Opal Rae McPherson King)

I can remember grandma Rosie (she died when I was 10).  Most of the great grandchildren referred to her as "Little Fat Granny".  While that was not a nice thing to call her everyone as I recall always called her "Granny".  It was perhaps an attempt by children to sort out all of the grandparents and great grandparents we had around at the time.   I remember the home place with the big farm house, the stone out buildings and the creek near the house.  We always laughed when our mother told us about being born in the pig shed (The building was once a small home that was later converted).  The house had a large barn across the road where I am told my James Henry cured his pipe tobacco.  The farm house was originally a two story clap board home with an addition on the back.  Most of my time was spent in the addition that served as the living room and kitchen.   (Mark King)

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