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  Born On:  10 Apr 2003
  Updated:  31 Oct 2005

  WWII Canada

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Last Name Rank First Name Unit Period of Service Location Year of
Date Published
HIGGINS    Charles  Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserves  WW 2   Windsor, Ontario   1996  August 1996  
HIGGINS    Charles    WW II  Windsor, Ontario   1996  August 1996  
HIGGINS    Donald    WW II  Medicine Hat, Alberta   2001  March/April 2002  
HIGGINS    Duncan  Army    Mississauga, Ontario   2002  November/December 2002  
HIGGINS    G.H.  Royal Canadian Air Force  WW 2 Korean War.   Fruitvale, British Columbia   1997  September\October 1997  
HIGGINS  Leading 
G.R.  Royal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force  WW 2   Ridgeway, Ontario   1997  September\October 1998  
HIGGINS    George  8th Bn., RCA  WW 1, WW 2  Trenton, Ontario   1995  May 1995  
HIGGINS    Gilbert E.  2RCR  Korean War.   Newfoundland   1998  September\October 1999  
HIGGINS  Lance Corporal  Harry C.  Essex Scottish Regiment  WW 2   Windsor, Ontario   1995  April 1996  
HIGGINS  Petty Officer  Harry R.  Merchant Navy  WW 2  Kensington, Prince Edward Island   1994  February 1995  
HIGGINS    Howard B.  Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry  WW 2  Winnipeg   2000  November/December 2000  
HIGGINS  Private  Ilean B.  Canadian Women's Army Corps  WW 2   Halifax, Nova Scotia   1997  March\April 1998  
HIGGINS    James A.  Royal Canadian Artillery  WW II  British Columbia   2001  November/December 2001  
HIGGINS  Stkr. 1  John  Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve  WW 2  Toronto, Ontario   1994  March 1995  
HIGGINS  Leading Stoker   John F.  Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserves  WW 2   Nanaimo, British Columbia   1998  September\October 1998  
HIGGINS  Lance-Corporal  Joseph J.  Army  WW 2, Regular Force  Ontario   2000  November/December 2000  
HIGGINS    Leonard F.  Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve  WW 2  Saskatchewan   2002  March/April 2003  
HIGGINS  Sapper  Lloyd H.  9th Fld. Sqdn., RCE  WW 2  Saskatchewan   2000  November/December 2000  
HIGGINS  Quartermaster-Sergeant  Nathan A.  Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, Royal Canadian Electronic and Mechanical Engineers.     Saint John, New Brunswick   1997  September\October 1997  
HIGGINS    Patrick J.  Army, CF    Ontario   2001  November/December 2001  
HIGGINS  Acting Sergeant  Patrick J.  Princess Louise Fusiliers  WW 2   Victoria, British Columbia   1997  March\April 1998  
HIGGINS  Ordinary Seaman  Royce D.  Royal Canadian Naval  WW 2 Canadian Forces.   Upper Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia   1995  April 1996  
HIGGINS  Captain  Thomas C.    WW 2  Gatineau, Quebec   1995  March 1996  
HIGGINS  Private  Thomas J.    WW 2  Cambridge, Ontario   1995  March 1996  
HIGGINS    Thomas R.  Canadian Army  WW 2   Ontario   1997  September\October 1997  
HIGGINS  Private  Wallace  Army  WW II  Ontario   2000  March/April 2001  
HIGGINS    William A.  Royal Canadian Engineers  Regular Force  Victoria   2002  November/December 2002  
HIGGINS  Sergeant  William A.  Canadian Infantry Corps, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals  Canadian Forces.   Kingston, Ontario   1997  March\April 1998  
HIGGINS  Private  William E.  2nd Bn., 1st Para Bde.  WW 2  Guelph, Ontario   1995  November/December 1995  
HIGGINS    William H.  Royal Canadian Engineers  WW 2   Manitoba   1999  March\April 2000  
HIGGINSON  Captain  Audrey  Canadian Women's Army Corps  WW 2     1997  March\April 1998  
HIGGINSON    Gordon  Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps  WW 2   Ontario   1999  March\April 2000  
HIGGINSON  Lance-Corporal  Harold G.    WW 2  Chilliwack, British Columbia   1995  January 1996  
HIGGINSON  Sapper  John B.  Royal Canadian Engineers  WW 2, Regular Force  British Columbia   1999  November/December 2000  
HIGGINSON  Master Corporal  Robert (Higgy)  Air Defence  Canadian Forces.   Alberta   1997  September\October 1997  


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