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Database: U.S. Naval Deaths, World War I
Surname Given Name MI Place of Death Death Date Cause of Death 
     Next of Kin Relationship Address Appointed Rank Branch 

Higgins Edward E. Clinton, Conn June 20,1917
Tonsillitis, acute cerebral meningitis 
    Marry A. Higgins
wife Clinton, Conn. Connecticut 
   ensign U.S. Naval Reserve Force (class 4)
Higgins Frank W. U.S.S. Alcedo Nov.5,1917 drowned
   Bertha E. Higgins mother St. George, Staten Island NY
                                                        New York, N. Y. 
    yeoman, second class U. S. Naval Reserve Force 

Higgins Harold Leroy naval hosp.,New York, N.Y.
      Sept.24,1918 pneumonia,broncho 
   Minnie Myrtle Higgins mother 1641 Fairview St.Berkeley,
   Calif. San Francisco, Calif. 
   hosp., apprentice, first class U. S. Naval Reserve Force
Higgins John Austin naval hosp., Newport, R.I.
Sept.23,1918 pneumonia, lobar 
    Maurice Higgins father 17 State St., Warren, R. I. Newport, R. I. 
    shipfitter, second class U. S. Naval Reserve Force 

Higgins John Joseph U. S. S. Mercy Sept.30,1918 influenza
   Martin Higgins father 119 3rd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. New York
   seaman, second class U. S. Navy
Higgins Joseph Francis receiving ship, Puget Sound, Wash. 
   Oct. 2,1918 pneumonia 
   John T. Higgins father Wheaton, Kans. Kansas City, KS. 
   seaman, second class U. S. Naval Reserve Force
Higgins Lester C. naval hosp., Newport, R. I. 
      Oct.2,1918 lobar pneumonia 
     Esther Higgins mother 1263 Smithfield Ave., Saylesville, N.Y. 
                                                        Newport, R.I. 
     machinists mate, second class U. S. Naval Reserve Force
Higgins Robert Joseph Fort Monroe, Va.
     March 25,1918 pneumonia
     James Higgins brother 227 East 95th St., New York, NY
     seaman, second class U. S. Navy 

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