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Source: Monarchs of Minstrelsy, from "Daddy" Rice to Date By Edward Le Roy Rice
               Copyright 1911 Emma L. Rice

THE HIGGINS BROTHERS were well-known song and dance boys, and had been associated with some of the best minstrel companies, notably Primrose and West's; Primrose and Dockstader's, Gorton's, and Lucier's Minstrels. In 1892 while with the latter company, with La Barre and Mullen, they formed the Four Electrics.
  Jos. Higgins died in Providence, R. I., March 30,1903.
  William Higgins died in Providence, R. I., September n, 1905.


Source: Irish minstrels and musicians By Francis O'Neill - 1913
The Higgins Brothers of Kilkenny whose parents, long since dead, hailed from Killenaule, County Tipperary, are said to rank among the best in their profession in Leinster, at least in this generation.

Michael Higgins - One-of the trio is a traveling fiddler of whom no other information is available at this writing.

James Higgins - lives in the town of Kilkenny and has an interesting family, all musicians, while

Thomas Higgins - who is reputed to have had few equals, is said to be suffering from the effects of a specialized brand of Irish hospitality.

According to Rev. Dr. Henebry, "Tom" Higgins, a famous fiddler and descendant of fiddlers and musicians, "is the last representative of Irish professionalism in music." Born in Kilkenny and taught by his father, he often played in concert with James Cash of Wicklow, whose performance on the Union pipes proved so fascinating to the fair sex. Higgins had a phenomenal bow hand, and his peculiar emphatic "sweeps" gave his reels an indescribable charm. His reverence never saw anything to equal the pliancy of his wrist and consequent command of the bow.


HigginsBandPostcard.jpg (66705 bytes) 
"Higgins Concert Band, Charles L. Higgins, Haverhill, MA, conductor, 1902-1920" 
Higgins Played Ten Years
Of the eight bands which have filled regular engagements during the half century, two of them occupied the old stand in front of the Casino for a period of thirty-six years. The longest engagement was filled by Mr. Higgins, who played for nineteen consecutive seasons
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"Like his great great grandfather, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German poet who wrote "Faust", Bertie Higgins is a storyteller. He was born Elbert Joseph Higgins of Portuguese, Irish and German descent and raised in the picturesque Greek community of Tarpon Springs, Florida. Bertie is an intellectual romantic who loves to paint story songs about living and loving in a tropical paradise.

His love songs explore the efforts of man trying to fathom the mystery and allure of woman. His fantasy songs deal with the beauty and sensuality of the tropics and his story songs combine past experiences and future hopes.
The resounding theme throughout Bertie's work?
Live it up today lest tomorrow never comes." from Biography 



Eddie Higgins
, veteran jazz pianist, has in his 46 year career performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in jazz. To name a few: Coleman Hawkins,
Jack Teagarden, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie, Wayne Shorter. He plays major jazz festivals around the world and has been the only featured performer invited back 18 times on the SS Norway�s Annual Jazz Cruise each and every year since it started.

Higgins is listed in Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz, has
over 25 recordings on which he is the leader, and many more as a sideman. 

Higgins, originally from New England, had a long run as the house pianist at Chicago's London House. His recordings in the l980s on Sunnyside show a sensitive and swinging player. He now often accompanies his wife, singer, Meredith D'Ambrosio
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