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13 Aug 2009

American men of science By Jaques Cattell Press

Higgins, Dr. B(ascombe) B(ritt), Experiment, Ga. Botany, Plant pathology. Higgins, N. C, Feb. 7, 87. B.S, N. C. Col, 09, M.S, 10; Ph.D, Cornell, 13. Asst. bot, N. С. Col, 09-10; Cornell, 10-13; Botanist, Ga. Exp. Sta, IS- A.A; Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc. Cow pea wilt; Cylindrosporium on stone fruits ; morphology of Ascomycetes; plant diseases.

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Georgia Deaths, 1919-98
Name: Bascombe B Higgins Death Date: 21 Sep 1968
County of Death: Spalding
Gender: M (Male) Race: White Age: 81 years
County of Residence: Spalding Certificate: 030989

Social Security Death Index
Name: Bascombe Higgins
Last Residence: 30223 Griffin, Spalding, Georgia, USA
Born: 7 Feb 1887 Died: Sep 1968
State (Year) SSN issued: Georgia (1957

Higgins, Dr. G(eorge) M(arsh), 714 W. Nevada St, Urbana, I11. Zoology. Elk Grove, I11, Dec. 19, 90. B.S, Knox, 14; A. M, Illinois, 16, fellow, 18-19, Ph.D, 19. Asst. aool, Illinoie, 14-17, instr, 19- Lieut, U. S. A, 17-18. Vertebrate zoology.

Higgins, Dr. Harold L(eonard), Cincinnati General Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio. Physiology. Gloucester, Mass. March 26, 87. A.B, Harvard, 07; M.D, Hopkins, 19. Instr. chem, Swarthmore, 07-08; physiologist, nutrition lab, Carnegie Institution, 08-15 ; asst. pediat, Hopkins, 15-20) ; asst. prof, pediat, Cincinnati, - A.A; Physiol. Soc; Chem. Soc. Nutrition; effects of drugs and high percentages of oxygen on respiration and gaseous metabolism; determination of CO, in air.

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Source: Third Report By Harvard College (1780- ). Class of 1907
by Harvard College Class of 1907

HAROLD LEONARD HIGGINS. Son of James W. Higgins and Addie I. Higgins.

Born at Gloucester, Mass., March 26, 1887.

Prepared for college at Waltham High School.

Business address, Nutrition Laboratory, Vila St., Boston, Mass. Residence, 18 Francis St., Boston, Mass. Permanent address, Nutrition Laboratory, Vela St., Boston, Mass.

Is a physiological chemist. "The first year after leaving college I was instructor of chemistry at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa. The following fall I began industrial work in a paper factory, but remained there but two months, leaving to accept a position as a chemist in the Nutrition Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, located at Boston, Mass. I have remained there since then (December, 1908). The work is wholly of a research nature on subjects dealing with nutrition. The first year or so was spent 1n developing a new sort of calorimeter for use with the calorimetric bomb. Since then my work has been more of a physiological nature, having to do largely with a study of respiration in human individuals. A research was made and published on the effect of breathing air containing a high percentage of oxygen. In the winter of 1910-1911, I spent four months in different physiological laboratories in England and Denmark, learning the
methods of studying respiration and blood. At present, I am studying the effect of various factors upon the respiratory center, especially as met in conditions of acidosis (found in cases of diabetes)."

1930; Census Place: Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Roll 926; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 394; Image: 1088 No Image Available
Name Age
Harold L Higgins 43
Marie L Higgins 44

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Higgins, J(ames) Edgar, University of Porto Rico, San Juan, P. R. Horticulture. Wolfville, N. S, June 14, 73. B.A, Acadis 95; diploma, N. S. Sch. of Hort, 95; M.S.A, Cornell, 98. In charge, dept. agr. and nature study, Honolulu Nor. Sch, 98-00; supervisor agr, pub. schools, Honolulu, 00-03; horticulturist, Hawaii Exp. Sta, 03-13; prof, hört, Univ. Porto Kico, 13-14; horticulturist, Hawaiian Exp. Sta, 14-20; prof, in charge, dept. agron. and hört, col. agr, Univ. Porto Rico, 90- Prepared Hawaii agr. exhibit, La. Purchase Expos, 04. A.A; Soc. Hort. Sei; Pomol. Soc, Tropical horticulture.


Pencader Presbyterian Glasgow Delaware 
   by William Chealy 
   22 Dec 1796 David Higgins and Rachel Wallace 

Old Sweded Church New Castle 
  Michel Higgins & Frances Henrickson 11 Dec 1737 
  Michael Higgins & Cathrine Menzener 14 Feb 1774 

Lewes & Coolspring Presbyterian Lews Delaware 
  Price Higgins to Rachel Gault 24 Oct 1770 

St. Peter's (Talbot Co) 
  John Higgins & Mary Bullock 22 Dec 1709 
  Nicolas Higgins & Elizabeth Woolman 25 Nov 1714 
  Robert Cathart & Mary Higgins 10 Dec 1724 
  Langford Higgins & Nancy Applegarth m. 23 Dec 1798 

St. Michael's Parish Registry (Talbot Co) 
 Mary d/o James Higgins of St. Michael's river 
 b. 28 Jun 1702 bap 16 Aug 1702 

St Luke's Parish, Queen Anne's County 
  Michael Higgins & Isabel Powel 7 Feb 1743 
  Stephen Weeks & Ann Higgins 13 May 1745 
  Ducan Campbell & Ann Higgins 12 Jan 1729 
  Mary Higgins d/o John Higgins d. 5 Jun 1727 
 James Higgins d Feb 1729 
 James Saywell Higgins s/o John and Rebecca b 19 Apr 1731 
 Lambert Higgins s/o John & Rebecca b. 18 Jan 1733 
 Alexander Winford & Rachel Higgins m. 20 Apr 1742 
 John Jones & Rachel Rebecka Higgins m 20 Apr 1742 
 Sarah d/o/ John & Rebecka Higgins b. 6 Mar 1735 

  William & Margaret Higgins 
  children James 10 Sept 1734 
             William 7 Feb 1736 
             Thomas 22 Mar 1738 
            Mary 10 May 1743 

  Ann Higgins d/o John & Rebeckah b. Jan 1728-9 

St Joseph's Mission Cordova 
  15 Aug 1769 by License John Jones & Mary Higgins 
  Test: Her father William Higgins, Mr. & Mrs. Browning 

  24 Feb 1772 by License William Ford & Sarah Higgins 
  Test. Daniel Dolvin, Thomas Fitzsimmons etc 

First Methodist Espiscopal Baltimore 
  24 Mar 1825 James Higgins to Margaret Gamble 
   9 Dec 1823 Elijah Ridely to Mary Higgins 
  17 Mar 1828 Junian Higgins to Ruth Elder 
  29 Nov 1829 James Dudly to Emily Higgins 

Methodist Record of Baltimore 
  William W Higgins member of Talbot Circuit 
  d. 31 Aug 1827 Vol 1 Deaths 

  16 May 1833 George W McCubbin & Sarah Higgins 

Volume II Deaths 
  Mary Higgins from Easton 1836 
  Mary Higgins removed 1837 

Interments June 183? 
  Mr. Higgins age 68 apoplaxy 
  Mar 1838 Mrs. Higgins age 16 convulsions 

  Catherine Higgins member of Severn Circuit 1831 
  removed with certificate 13 July 1831 

  Elizabeth Higgins members Easton Talbot Circuit 
  13 May 1830 
  Samuel Higgins removed to Wilmington 1831 
  Thomas Higgins deceased 1831 
  Elizabeth O Adgate (now Higgins) 
  removed 15 Apr 1834 

St Paul's Parish 
  Ann Higgins bur. 27 Sep 1787 
  Edward Higgins & Anne Ellerton 24 Sept 1793 

All Saints Protestant Episcopal, Frederick Co 
  James Franklin Higgins (colored) 
  b. Jun 4, 1841 bap. 23 Feb 1843 

St. John's & St. George's 
 10 May 1747 John Peacocke & Anne Higgins 

From different Family Trees 

- John H List 
   b. 24 Sept 1840 Kinsboro MD 
   d. 23 Aug 1908 Baltimore City 
   mar. Elizabeth Lucabaugh 
  child: Catherine List 
       b. 11 Mar 1874 d. 30 Dec 1955 
      m. Emory Cornelius Freed 

from Anne Arundel Gentry Vol 1 
 Amelia Warfield mar Joseph Higgins 
 by License 18 Jan 1792 

Elizabeth Warfield d/o Alexander & Jemina Dorsey Warfield 
     married Upton Higgins & __ Stewart
[don't know what this means
     License Fred. Co 25 Apr 1827 
 John Higgins & Ruth Philips m 3 Oct 1755 published


New Orleans Death Index
Daily Picayune  1837-1857
Surnames Beginning with the Letters "Hi"-"Hy"
Name Age Death Date Daily Picayune Reference 
      8/18/1855 P2 C6

    9/5/1846 P 2, C 5

   7/6/1852 P 2, C 5

   27 Y
   4/17/1851 P 2, C 6

   1Y 9M
   12/28/1848 P2 C6

   18 Y
    2/12/1851 P 2, C 5


Register of Deaths of Spartanburg, SC
    male, black, inanition, 5–17–1904
    female, colored, broncho pneumonia, 11–14–1911
Index to Biographical Notices 1935-1985  Henry to Hogan

Higgins Agnes nee Dinan Hermitage, Ennis 25 Dec 1981 Death 
Higgins Bernard 80 Hermitage, Ennis 22 Nov 1974 Death 
Higgins Brid, Miss Parteen 09 Dec 1988 Marriage 
Higgins Caroline, Miss Caherdavin, Limerick 27 May 1988 Marriage 
Higgins J., Mrs. St. Flannans Rd., Killaloe 23 Apr 1976 Death 

Higgins Jack
St. Flannan's Rd., Killaloe 03 Dec 1955 Death 
Higgins Josephine Miss Glaun, Kilmaley 18 Jul 1970 Marriage 
Higgins K. Miss. Carrigoran 22 June 1940 Obit 
Higgins Kevin Master Cappa, Sixmilebridge 25 Oct 1974 Death 
Higgins Mago Moore Street, Kilrush 02 May 1986 Death 

Higgins Mairead, Miss Lahinch 12 Jun 1987 Marriage 
Higgins Margaret Miss The Hermitage, Ennis 17 Jan 1953 Obit 
Higgins Margaret Miss The Hermitage, Ennis 10 Jan 1953 Obit 
Higgins Margaret, Miss Kilmurry 09 Mar 1979 Death 
Higgins Martin Frure, Lissycasey 26 Sep 1975 Death 
Higgins Mary Ann Mrs. Gloun, Kilmaley 01 Mar 1969 Death
Higgins Michael D. Newmarket on Fergus 23 Aug 1974 Marriage 
Higgins Mother General Companions of Jesus & Liscannor 
                                   18 Oct 1947 Obit 
Higgins Noel Hermitage, Ennis 30 Dec 1988 Obit 
Higgins Patrick Liscannor. (Dublin) 11 Oct 1969 Death 
Higgins Pauline, Miss St. Flannan's Road, Killaloe 
                        22 Jun 1984 Marriage 

Higgins Statia Miss Cappamore 01 Nov 1974 Marriage 
Higgins Teresa Lahinch 29 Aug 1986 Death 
Higgins Tommie Derrymore, Meelick 09 Nov 1984 Death 


Mattoon Death Certificate Registers Index (1899-1918)
Cert # Name Date Notes

Burnsland Cemetery Index, Calgary, Alberta
John Higgin, 1925 
Alexander Higgins, 1964 
Alfred Higgins, 1892-1976 
Darrell T. Higgins,  -1944 
Frank T. Higgins,  -1941 
Marie May Higgins, 1893-1980 
Marion Higgins, 1966 
SIDNEY J HIGGINS, 11 01 1951 

INDEX TO DEATHS 1852-1885 
>From the Placer Herald Newspaper, Auburn, California 

Higgins ---, infant daughter 1864 Ophir
B.S. Higgins        1873 Auburn
John F. Higgins   1877 Sheridan
Thomas Higgins  1869 Linn, MA 


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