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                              Assorted Civil War Records III

13 Aug 2009

Source: Roll of Honor of the City of Chelsea By Chelsea (Mass.) - 1880

HIGGINS, ELISHA A. Private Co. E, 43d Regiment Infantry, mustered Oct. 1, 1862, for nine months ; discharged June 2, 1863 ; re-enlisted 2d Regiment Heavy Artillery, June 2, 1863, unassigned recruit.

HIGGINS, JOHN. Private Co. H, 42d Regiment Infantry, mustered Sept. 24, 1862, for nine months. Deserted Nov. 1, 1862, at Readville, Mass.

HIGGINS, JOHN. Private V. R. C., mustered May 28, 1864.


02 Mar 2007
A list of Civil War burials  

HIGGINS, B. 15th Confederate Cav., Co. D ??/??/???? 
12/06/1863 Magnolia Cem., Confederate Rest, Row 12,
No. 21, Mobile, Alabama

HIGGINS, Benjamin P. 1st Lt. 32nd Tennessee Inf., Co.
E 03/20/1822 01/09/1892 New Garden Cem., Limestone
Co., Alabama

HIGGINS, Benjamin W. Georgia Inf. (Home Guards) 
12/01/1844 10/18/1903 Agricola Cem., Tallapoosa Co.,

HIGGINS, Dock Bedford 9th Ala. Inf., Co. D 
10/21/1844 03/11/1917 Richardson Cem., Waterloo,
Lauderdale Co., Alabama

HIGGINS, Edward D. 14th Wisconsin Inf., Co. B
??/??/???? ??/??/???? Bayou La Batre Cem., Mobile Co., Alabama

HIGGINS, F. 7th Ala. Inf., Co. H ??/??/???? 
03/08/1865 Hollywood Cem., Richmond, Virginia

HIGGINS, Hiram Harrison Maj. 40th Tennessee Inf., Co.
A 05/16/1802 05/12/1874 Athens City Cem., Lot 13,
Limestone Co., Alabama

HIGGINS, J. R. 3rd Ala. Inf., Co. A ??/??/1849 
07/09/1930 Texas State Cem., Confederate Field,
Section 1, Row V, No. 10, Austin, Texas

HIGGINS, J. S. 1st Ala. Inf., Co. C ??/??/????
??/??/???? Confederate Rest Cem., No. 44, Madison, Wisconsin

HIGGINS, J. T. 29th Ala. Inf., Co. I ??/??/???? 
02/18/1864 Magnolia Cem., Confederate Rest, Row 12,
No. 38, Mobile, Alabama

HIGGINS, James 1st Ala. & Tenn. Vidette Cav. (USA),
Co. D ??/??/???? ??/??/???? Sardis Cem., Marion Co., Tennessee

HIGGINS, John H. 6th Ala. Inf., Co. E 08/03/1843 
??/??/???? Oakwood Cem., Richmond, Virginia

HIGGINS, John H. 6th Ala. Inf., Co. I 08/03/1842 
09/18/1897 Oakwood Cem., Montgomery, Alabama

HIGGINS, John Y. 12th Ala. Inf., Co. E 01/23/1830
11/20/1902 Blue Springs Cem., Jackson Co., Alabama

HIGGINS, Mills A. 1st Georgia Cav., Co. A 
??/??/1837 ??/??/1913 Friendship Cem.,
Lawrence Co., Alabama

HIGGINS, Robert A. 19th Georgia Inf., Co. G 
10/08/1829 03/18/1922 Cedarwood (Old
Roanoke) Cem., Roanoke, Randolph Co., Alabama

HIGGINS, Robert W. Capt. 12th Ala. Inf., Co.
E ??/??/1825 ??/??/1861 Blue Springs Cem., Jackson Co., Alabama

HIGGINS, William Pinkston 22nd Ala. Inf. 
08/18/1844 06/05/1914 Trinity Cem., Nutbush,Tennessee

Source: Record of the Federal Dead: buried from Libby, Bell Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons, and at City Point and in the field before Petersburg and Richmond. Originally published 1866

-Danville Virginia-
W. Higgins,Co. G,18th Ohio,Dec,21,1863 -Small Pox.

    Higgins, William M, d. 12/21/1863, PVT G 18 OHIO INF,
    Plot: B 381, *
    Onsite at soldier # 175
T. Higgins, Co. K,3rd Virginia, Oct 26,1864,Chronic Diarrhea (assumed to be removed, not on Danville National Cemetery website noted above)
G.R. Higgins, Co C,23rd Ohio, Feb 12,1865,Chronic Diarrhea

George R Higgins 23 Private 1 July 1864 18 May 1865 
Mustered into Co K, 12th Ohio (3 Months' Unit) on 3 May 1861; Mustered Out on 19 June 1861; 
Mustered into Co K, 12th Ohio (3 Years' Unit) on 19 June 1861;
Transferred into Co C, 23rd Ohio on 1 July 1864; 
POW on 24 July 1864 at Winchester, VA; Died of disease as POW at Danville, VA; Buried in Danville National Cemetery, Danville, VA 


Danville National Cemetery - Danville, Virginia
Higgins, George R, d. 02/12/1865, PVT C 23 OHIO INF,
Feb 12 1865, Plot: F 1123, 
and onsite at  
soldier # 61
-City Point (Va) List (near Thomas Lepsey's House)-
Murray Higgins,7th United States Colored Troops

(the following site mentions a different 1st name for this 7th USCT soldier) 

City Point National Cemetery 10th Ave. and Davis
Street Hopewell, VA 23860
HIGGINS, Henry PVT AUG 31 1864 USCT 7TH 

This information compiled by Michael James Higgins
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