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Name-Date of Death-Date of Birth-Age-Inscription Notes

Higgins, Charles S.      25 June 1881 10 Feb 1877 
Higgins, William Radford 3 June 1881 27 May 1874 
Higgins, Leila Radford   24 Sept 1906 17 Mar 1851 
Higgins, William H.       1904 1803 
Higgins, Sarah H.        1830-1911 

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Household:1880 Census

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Charles A. HIGGINS Self M Male     W 30 IREL. Out Of Business IREL IREL
Lelia S. HIGGINS     Wife M Female W 27 MA Keeping House MA MA 
William R. HIGGINS  Son S Male      W  6 NY IREL. MA 
Charles S. HIGGINS  Son S Male     W  3 NJ IREL. MA 

Source Information:
Census Place East Orange, Essex, New Jersey 
Family History Library Film 1254780 
NA Film Number T9-0780 
Page Number 480C 

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Brooklyn New York City Directory---1888

1880 Census matches are based on name & occupation

1900 Census matches are based on name & address

Albion P  Higgins
      95 5th Avenue N.Y.183 Lafayette Avenue pianos

1880 Census Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Albion HIGGINS   Self M Male    W 55 ME Piano Manf      MA MA 
Lurania HIGGINS Wife M Female W 53 ME Keeping House MA MA 

Source Information:
Census Place Brooklyn, Kings (Brooklyn), New York
City-Greater, New York Family History Library Film 1254853 
NA Film Number T9-0853 Page Number 151D

Also found, but not listed on City Directory listing

1880 Census Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace 

Albion W. HIGGINS Self Male    W 25 NY Sect Powder Co ME ME 
Bridget DAILEY Other S Female W 43 IRE Servant IRE IRE 

Source Information:
Census Place Brooklyn, Kings (Brooklyn), 
New York City-Greater, New York 
Family History Library Film 1254853 
NA Film Number T9-0853 Page Number 151D 

Algernon S. Higgins 150 6th Avenue

Andrew Higgins        56 Bergen           glasscutter

Andrew Higgins      105 Graham           laborer

Andrew Higgins      958 Herkimer          laborer

Arthur J. Higgins    261 Grand 43 Marcy Avenue liquors

A. Sidney Higgins 1227 Fulton             artist

A. Wallace Higgins  29 Murray N.Y.183 Lafayette Avenue    secretary

Barton B. Higgins  427 Clinton

Bernard Higgins    279 Hudson Avenue  laborer

Bernard Higgins    936 Gates Avenue    mason

Bernard A. Higgins 199 Schenck          mason

Bridget Higgins      Washington Avenue n Crown widow

Bridget Higgins,     widow James 511 Hicks

Calvin D. Higgins    N. Y. 47 S. 4th       teas

Caroline Higgins   931 Atlantic Avenue  widow

Charles Higgins   282 Van Brunt 125 Van Dyke horseshoer

Charles Higgins   148 Chauncey           laborer

Charles Higgins    93 Ralph Avenue       peddler

Charles A. Higgins 312 Adams              drugs

Charles H. Higgins 705 Gates Avenue    notary

Charles M. Higgins 168 8th 197 9th

Charles S. Higgins   44 Devoe              salesman

Charles S Higgins   Park Avenue c Clinton Avenue 58 Pierrepont soapmfr.
                             On site link German Soap Company

1880 Census Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Charles S. HIGGINS   Self M Male     W 39 NY
                            Soap Manfr. ENG NOVA SCOTIA 
Mary F. HIGGINS      Wife M Female W 35 NY
                            Keeping House NY NY 
Charles S. HIGGINS   Son S Male     W 15 NY
                             At Home NY NY 
Lillie G. HIGGINS       Dau S Female  W 13 NY
                             At Home NY NY 
Minnie F. HIGGINS     Dau S Female  W 11 NY
                              At Home NY NY
Katie CONNORS        Other S Female W 40 IRELAND
                              Servant IRELAND IRELAND 
Annie FANELL           Other S Female W 23 IRELAND
                              Servant IRELAND IRELAND 
Mary FANELL            Other S Female W 18 IRELAND
                              Servant IRELAND IRELAND 

Source Information:
Census Place Brooklyn, Kings (Brooklyn), New York
City-Greater, New York 
Family History Library Film 1254855 
NA Film Number T9-0855 Page Number 43A 

Charles S. Higgins, Jr.  Park Avenue c Clinton Avenue 125 Clinton Avenue soaps

Christopher Higgins 414 Marcy Avenue   laborer

Cornelius Higgins    136 19th                driver

Cornelius Higgins    356 10th                musician

Daniel Higgins     196 Nevins              carman

View NY 1900 Census Daniel Higgins 70
              KINGS  BROOKLYN BORO

Daniel Higgins        228 Chauncey         carpenter

Daniel Higgins             Columbia c Bush glassblower

Daniel Higgins         11 Prospect place                 inspector

Daniel Higgins         11 Prospect place                  salesman

Daniel Higgins     131 Carlton Avenue                 tailor

1880 Census 

Only Daniel Higgins listed as Tailor

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace 

Danial HIGGINS Self M Male    W 50 IRE Tailor IRE IRE 
Mary HIGGINS  Wife M Female W 46 IRE Keeping House 
                                                             IRE IRE 
Elen HIGGINS    Dau S Female W 20 NY Dress Maker
                                                            IRE IRE
William HIGGINS Son S Male    W 17 NY Clerk In Store 
                                                             IRE IRE 
Thomas HIGGINS Son S Male   W 14 NY IRE IRE 
Annie HIGGINS    Dau S Female W 15 NY IRE IRE 
Isabella HIGGINS Dau S Female W 11 NY IRE IRE 
Robert HIGGINS  Son S Male     W  8 NY IRE IRE 
Edward HIGGINS Son S Male     W  6 NY IRE IRE 
Adie HIGGINS     Dau S Female  W  4 NY IRE IRE 
Annie HIGGINS  Sister S Female W 30 IRE Servant
                                                      IRE IRE 

Source Information:
Census Place Brooklyn, Kings (Brooklyn), New York
City-Greater, New York 
Family History Library Film 1254841 
NA Film Number T9-0841 Page Number 534D 

David G. Higgins    336 Degraw             drugs

David J Higgins     672 Pacific               laborer

David W. Higgins   359 Fulton 1221 Herkimer editor

Edward Higgins       94 Adams

View 1900 NY Census Edward Higgins 75

Edward Higgins      103 Summit              clerk

Edward A. Higgins  700 De Kalb Avenue   painter

Edward E. Higgins  604A 6th Avenue       physician

Elizabeth Higgins,          widow Jas. M. 76 Bleecker

Ezra Higgins             58 Middagh           janitor

Francis Higgins       r 94 Walworth          hatter

Frank Higgins           49 Raymond

Frank T. Higgins      112 Jefferson Avenue mfr.

George Higgins         87 S. 2d                cooper

George A. Higgins     14 Hamilton Avenue liquors

George F. Higgins         Chestnut n Jamaica Avenue carpenter

Harry Higgins          307 S. 2d               millwright

Henry C. Higgins    1395 Fulton              clerk

Howard Higgins    401 Macon              seaman

View 1900 NY Census Howard L Higgins 63
              KINGS  BROOKLYN BORO 
Census image chosen as match
    of name & address 

Hugh Higgins          373 Furman             barkpr.

Hugh Higgins          754 Gates Avenue    driver

James Higgins        307 Devoe

James Higgins         82 Vernon Avenue   cooper

James Higgins        140 Troy Avenue      driver

James Higgins         95 Harrison             laborer

James Higgins       968 Myrtle Avenue laborer

James Higgins       413 Oakland laborer

James Higgins             Union n Buffalo Avenue laborer

James Higgins       108 Walworth            laborer

James Higgins         87 Warren               laborer

James Higgins       502 Warren               laborer

James Higgins         48 Hudson Avenue    liquors

James E. Higgins   163 Court                  clerk

James F. Higgins r 173 Butler                  bricklayer

James M. Higgins   109 Newell                laborer

Jane Higgins         248 21st                   widow

Jane Higgins,        widow Walter 7 High

Jean Higgins        113 Columbia              laborer

Jean Higgins         75 Columbia               milk

John Higgins         87 S. 2d

John Higgins       293 9th Avenue           agent

John Higgins       133 Navy                    baker

John Higgins       523 De Kalb Avenue     carpenter

John Higgins      1075 3d Avenue           carpenter

John Higgins      146 High                     conductor

John Higgins      363 Warren                 driver

John Higgins      261 Ryerson                drygds.

John Higgins       19 Dunham place        jeweler

John Higgins     931 Atlantic Avenue      laborer

John Higgins      27 Fulton market N.Y.93 Ralph Avenue   oysters

John Higgins      96 Nevins                   police

John Higgins     51 Little                      shoemkr.

John Higgins   134 N. Oxford

John A. Higgins 87 S. 2d                     clerk

John C. Higgins 312 Hart                    agent

John J. Higgins 135 Jay                      undertaker

John P. Higgins r 173 Butler                laborer

Joseph Higgins    941 president           bkkpr.

Joseph Higgins    127 Duffield             clerk

Joseph Higgins      41 Clermont Avenue compositor

Joseph Higgins      46 N. Portland Avenue laborer

Joseph D. Higgins 174 Herkimer

Joseph R. Higgins 110 Prince              superintendent

J. P. Higgins        140 Warren            compositor

Lloyd Higgins       365 5th Avenue      cooper

Louis A. Higgins  1188 Gates Avenue   laborer

Margaret Higgins, widow John 412 Smith

Martin J. Higgins    42 Duffield            salesman

Mark Higgins         13 Parker              driver

Mary Higgins             Columbia c Lorraine

Mary Higgins      248 Tompkins Avenue agent

Mary Higgins,     widow Bernard 140 Troy Avenue

Mary Higgins,     widow James 161 W. 9th

Matthew Higgins 334 Greenpoint Avenue 479 Norman Avenue stone

Matthew Higgins  33 York                   tinsmith

Matthew P. Higgins 1544 Atlantic Avenue salesman

Michael Higgins    51 Little

Michael Higgins  452 De Kalb Avenue    confectioner

Michael Higgins  109 Prospect Avenue   horseshoer

Michael Higgins  389 19th                   laborer

Michael Higgins    69 Floyd                 mason

Michael Higgins  717 Myrtle Avenue     mason

Michael Higgins  592 5th Avenue         plasterer

Michael Higgins  334 17th                  plasterer

Michael Higgins  331 Hicks                 plumber

Michael Higgins       Laurel Hill 330 Lorimer restaurant

Michael Higgins  240 Johnson             waiter

Michael J. Higgins 58 Amity               blacksmith

Michael L. Higgins 408 18th              lineman

Oscor G. Higgins   253 S. 1st           engineer

Patrick Higgins     741 Front            barkpr.

Patrick Higgins      75 Pearl             barkpr.

Patrick Higgins      50 Douglass        boilermkr.

Patrick Higgins   r 173 Butler           carpenter

Patrick Higgins   r 105 Ten Eyck      carpets

Patrick Higgins     128 Harrison        cooper

Patrick Higgins      29 Hudson Avenue laborer

Patrick Higgins     125 Vandyke       laborer

Patrick Higgins     261 Grand           liquors

Patrick Higgins     492 Liberty Avenue,26th Ward mason

Patrick H. Higgins 176 Willoughby     clerk

Patrick J. Higgins 562 Hicks             liquors

Patrick J. Higgins 61 Atlantic Avenue liquors

Paul G. Higgins  204 Vandyke 225 Vandyke liquors

Peter Higgins     31 Woodhull            lineman

Peter Higgins   474 Bergen               plasterer.

Peter F. Higgins 128 Ashland place    clerk

Rachel E. Higgins widow Dennis 197 9th

Sarah Higgins     294 S. 5th

Susan Higgins    widow John 173 Bedford Avenue

Thomas Higgins  183 Withers            cooper

Thomas Higgins  936 Gates Avenue   driver

Thomas Higgins          86 Degraw     laborer

Thomas Higgins         562 Hicks       laborer

Thomas Higgins         411 Marcy Avenue laborer

Thomas Higgins         625 De Kalb Avenue 63 Reid Avenue livery

Thomas Higgins         196 Myrtle Avenue machinist

Thomas Higgins         135 39th         porter

Thomas Higgins          63 Reid Avenue undertaker

Thomas F. Higgins      25 State        laborer

Thos. H. Higgins             N. Y. 87 S. 2d broker

Thomas L. Higgins      38 Harrison 131 Union machinery

Thomas L. Higgins,Jr.  38 Harrison 131 Union machinery

Thomas P. Higgins    262 Degraw 50 Douglass plumber

Walker R. Higgins     120 E. 7th N. Y. 388 6th tobacco

Walter Higgins         347 Central Avenue salesman

William Higgins        429 Willoughby    carman

William Higgins         25 State           laborer

William Higgins             Sandford c Park Avenue 508 Flushing Avenue liquors

William Higgins       210 Stenben        machinist

William Higgins       268 52d              moulder

William Higgins        49 Columbia place police

William Higgins       111 Raymond       printer

William Higgins       252 Tompkins Avenue 248 Tompkins Avenue shoes

William A. Higgins   216 Ross            clerk

William A. Higgins  192 Duane N.Y. 39 Brevoort place mfr.

William G. Higgins  549 Monroe

William J. Higgins  954 Kent Avenue   engineer

Higgins Ferdner   174 Wyckoff          laborer

Andrew Higgins   105 Graham           laborer


Brooklyn New York City Directory------1889

Albion P Higgins        95 5th Avenue N. Y. 183 Lafayette Avenue pianos
                                       See 1888 Entry for Census

Albion W. Higgins      29 Murray N. Y.183 Lafayette Avenue secretary

Archibald Higgins      80 Waverly Avenue               clerk

Arthur Higgins          43 Marcy Avenue                 liquors

Arthur Higgins, Jr    261 Grand 43 Marcy Avenue    liquors

A. S. Higgins          150 6th Avenue

Barton B. Higgins    427 Clinton                          bric-a-brac

Bernard Higgins        19 Talman                         laborer

Bernard Higgins      936 Gates Avenue                mason

Bernard A. Higgins   95 Schenck                        mason

Bernard Higgins      278 Bergen                         plumber

Bridget Higgins,            widow Bartholomew Washington Avenue n Crown

Bridget Higgins,            widow James 509 Hicks

Calvin D. Higgins      47 S. 4th                         teas

Caroline Higgins,          widow Peter 939 Atlantic av

Charles Higgins    r 538 Warren                        driver

Charles Higgins      282 Van Brunt 125 Vandyke horseshoer

Charles A. Higgins     2 W. 14th N. Y. 312 Adams drugs

Charles H. Higgins   705 Gates Avenue             clerk

Charles H. Higgins    44 Devoe                        salesman

Charles M. Higgins  168 8th 197 9th                 inks

Charles S. Higgins        Clinton c Park Avenue 58 Pierrepont soap 
                                See 1888 Directory for Census Details

Charles S. Higgins, Jr.   Park Avenue c Clinton Avenue 133 Remsen soap.

Christopher Higgins 726 Myrtle Avenue

Cornelius Higgins     136 19th                           driver

Cornelius Higgins     480 10th                           musician

Daniel Higgins         196 Nevins                        carman 
                           See 1888 Entry for Census Details

Daniel Higgins         111 Wolcott                      cook

Daniel Higgins         228 Chauncey                   frames

Daniel Higgins               Columbia c Bush          glassblower

Danlel Higgins          11 Prospect place             inspector

Daniel J. Higgins      177 Degraw                      printer

David Higgins          336 Degraw                      painter

David W. Higgins    1221 Herkimer                    editor

Delinda Higgins,            widow William 25 State

Edward Higgins        94 Adams
                                See 1888 Entry for Census Details

Edward Higgins      140 Troy Avenue               driver

Edward Higgins      116 Summit                      liquors

Edward Higgins      700 De Kalb Avenue           painter

Edward P. Higgins    57 Bainbridge                  salesman

Edwin E. Higgins    606 6th Avenue                physician

Elizabeth Higgins,        widow James M. 76 Bleecker

Emma Higgins       122 Chauncey                   widow

Eugene B. Higgins 84 Duryea                         salesman

E. Higgins            58 Middagh

Francis. Higgins    49 Raymond                      laborer

Frank Higgins     112 Jefferson Avenue

Frank Higgins     388 6th                             foreman

Frank Higgins    r 94 Walworth                      hatter

Frank G. Higgins 388 6th                             salesman

George. Higgins  84 Penn                             cooper

George A. Higgins 666 3d Avenue 14 Hamilton Avenue liquors

George W. Higgins 311 Plymouth                  polisher

Harry Higgins        264 Central Avenue

Henry Higgins       245 S. 3d                       carpenter

Henry Higgins       112 Wyckoff                   clerk

Hugh Higgins        114 Sullivan                    baker

Howard L. Higgins 401 Macon                      shipmaster
                         See 1888 Entry for Census Details

James Higgins        54 Floyd

James Higgins      109 Newell

James Higgins    r 175 Butler                        bricklayer

James Higgins       21 Luqueer                      engineer

James Higgins       45 16th                          glassblower

James Higgins       95 Harrison                      laborer

James Higgins     419 Oakland                       laborer

James Higgins    r 77 Spencer                       laborer

James Higgins    144 Troy Avenue                 laborer

James Higgins     87 Warren                         laborer

James Higgins   502 Warren                          laborer

James Higgins   963 Putnam Avenue               lineman

James Higgins   966 Gates Avenue                 printer

James Higgins     47 S. 4th                          seaman

Jane Higgins        7 High                             widow

Jane Higgins,          widow James 248 21st

John Higgins     261 Ryerson

John Higgins    523 De Kalb Avenue               carpenter

John Higgins   1075 3d Avenue                     carpenter

John Higgins    230 Bridge                            clerk

John Higgins    157 Butler                            driver

John Higgins    453 Park Avenue                   driver

John Higgins   293 9th Avenue                     drygds.

John Higgins    44 Stockton                         hostler

John Higgins  113 Columbia                          laborer

John Higgins  468 Baltic                              mason

John Higgins   75 Columbia                          milk

John Higgins   93 Ralph Avenue                   oysters

John Higgins 144 Bergen                            police

John Higgins   51 Little                              shoemkr.

John A. Higgins 84 Penn                            salesman

John C. Higgins 312 Hart                           watchman

John E. Higgins 19 Sterling place                salesman

John H. Higgins 316 Hart                           jeweler

John H. Higgins 19 Talman                        mechanic

John J. Higgins 202 Myrtle Avenue              baker

John J. Higgins 144 Bergen                        police

John J. Higgins 135 Jay                            undertaker

Joseph Higgins 401 1st                            bookkeeper

Joseph Higgins 199 N. 6th                        grinder

Joseph Higgins 46 N. Portland Avenue        laborer

Joseph Higgins 43 Gwinnett                     machinist

Joseph Higgins 41 Clermont Avenue          printer

Joseph Higgins 183 Withers                     printer

Joseph D. Higgins 89 West N. Y. 174 Herkimer sails

Joseph H. Higgins 310 1/2 Madison           bookkeeper

Joseph P. Higgins 138 Warren                  compositor

Joseph R. Higgins 110 Prince                   manager

Lloyd Higgins 383 14th                           cooper

Lloyd Higgins 846 Monroe                       train despatcher

Margaret Higgins 350 Classon Avenue       dressmkr.

Margaret Higgins, widow Mathew 886 Franklin Avenue

Maria Higgins, widow James 88 Amity

Mary Higgins, widow Daniel Columbia c Lorraine

Matthew Higgins 257 Greenpoint Avenue    liquors

Matthew Higgins 33 York                         tinsmith

Maurice Higgins 366 Hudson Avenue          baker

Michael Higgins 137 Franklin Avenue

Michael Higgins 770 Dean                        blacksmith

Michael Higgins 679 3d Avenue                 blacksmith

Michael Higgins 69 Floyd                         bricklayer

Michael Higgins 452 De Kalb Avenue          confectionery

Michael Higgins 51 Little                          fireman

Michael Higgins 27 Front                          laborer

Michael Higgins 234 Hamilton Avenue         laborer

Michael Higgins r 97 Spencer                    laborer

Michael Higgins 58 Amity                         iron

Michael Higgins 592 5th Avenue               plasterer

Michael Higgins 240 John                        waiter

Michael J. Higgins 708 Flushing Avenue     moulder

Michael J. Higgins 42 Duffield                  salesman

Michael P. Higgins 1544 Atlantic Avenue   agent

Oscar G. Higgins 253 S. 1st                    engineer

Owen Higgins 43 Gwinnett                     shoemkr.

Patrick. Higgins 162 14th

Patrick Higgins 121 Vandyke                  blacksmith

Patrick Higgins 50 Douglass                   boilermkr.

Patrick Higgins r 175 Butler                   carpenter

Patrick Higgins 28 Maujer                     carpet weaver

Patrick Higgins 128 Harrison                 cooper

Patrick Higgins 243 Greenpoint Avenue   laborer

Patrick Higgins 672 Wythe Avenue        laborer

Patrick Higgins 110 Bridge & 75 Pearl     liquors

Patrick Higgins 261 Grand 527 Leonard  liquors

Patrick Higgins 50 Sands 141 Front       liquors

Patrick Higgins 42 S. 5th Avenue N.Y. 49 S. 11th mf.

Patrick Higgins Liberty Avenue n Essex  mason

Peter Higgins 734 Myrtle Avenue          barkpr.

Peter Higgins 31 Woodhull                   laborer

Peter Higgins 21 Woodhull                   lineman.

Peter F. Higgins 128 Ashland place       clerk

Rose Higgins, widow Matthew 446 Van Brunt

Susan A Higgins 173 Bedford Avenue    widow

Thomas Higgins 63 Reid Avenue

Thomas Higgins 183 Withers               cooper

Thomas Higgins 728 Butler                 hostler.

Thomas Higgins 9 Olive                     laborer

Thomas Higgins 25 State                   laborer

Thomas Higgins 171 50tb                  porter

Thomas H. Higgins 84 Penn               salesman

Thomas H. Higgins 224 Schermerhorn

Thomas L. Higgins 38 Harrison 131 Union machinery

Walter Higgins 108 1/2 Somers           conductor

Walter Higgins 7 High                       machinist

Walter R. Higgins 20 E.7th N.Y.388 6th tobacconist

William Higgins 149 11th

William Higgins 248 Tompkins Avenue   agent

William. Higgins 468 Baltic                  laborer

William Higgins 268 52d                     moulder

William Higgins 311 Plymouth              plasterer

William Higgins 49 Columbia place        police

William A. Higgins 192 Duane N. Y. 1256 Dean mfr.

William H. Higgins 204 8th 157 11th     livery

William J. Higgins 196 Bridge               clerk

William J. Higgins 954 Kent Avenue      fireman

William J. Higgins 49 Columbia place     police

William L. Higgins 709 Lafayette Avenue broker

Wilson Higgins 480 Myrtle Avenue        moulder


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