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02 Feb 2009
Interment Listing - Missoula Cemetery - Established 1884
Owned and Operated by the City of Missoula
Address: 2000 Cemetery Rd Missoula MT 59802

LastName FirstName Age DateOfDeath Grave Lot Block Inter #
Higgins Arthur F 69 11/2/1942 5 1 51 07388
Higgins Arthur M 67 2/3/1939 3 14 4A 06593
Higgins Charles E 80 4/11/1939 3 1 58 06633
Higgins Christopher 79 5/12/1877 3 9 51 01874
Higgins Christopher P 59 10/14/1889 1 2 51 01866
Higgins Frank G 42 10/15/1905 2 2 51 01868
Higgins George C 42 4/1/1909 7 2 51 01870
Higgins Gerald 28 8/27/1917 1 1 51 02423
Higgins Grant Christopher 78 6/6/1978 6 2 51 15848
Higgins Harriett 84 4/12/1936 4 1 58 05900
Higgins Harry W 75 11/16/1944 4 5 10 07900
Higgins Hilda Helen V 14 7/23/1891 8 2 51 01872
Higgins Howard Dell 11 mos 6/21/1930 8 15 55A 04740
Higgins John F 45 10/15/1875 6 10 51 01873
Higgins John R 25 3/9/1891 7 1 51 01869
Higgins Julia L Grant 63 4/22/1910 8 1 51 01867
Higgins Maria Theresa 89 5/8/1917 8 6 52 02357
Higgins Mary E 77 3/1/1923 6 4 15 03394
Higgins Mattie E 70 3/24/1950 3 5 10 09264
Higgins Maurice G 22 8/15/1892 2 1 51 01871
Higgins Mildred 1 10/2/1914 3 72 63 01942
Higgins Ronald 49 6/9/1934 4 1 51 05474

03 Nov 2006  
The Miles City Star (Montana) Obituary
Roy William Higgins 

Roy William Higgins, age 76 of Townsend, Montana died peacefully at St. Peter�s Hospital on Tuesday evening, May 23, 2006. 
Roy was born in Ismay, Montana on Feb, 18, 1930 to John and Jesse Higgins. He graduated in Ismay High School in 1949.  Roy served in the US Army from from 1951 to 1953. Roy married Albina Vetter on June 18, 1955 and had three children.
Roy was preceded in death by his parents, six brothers and two sisters. Survivors include his Wife, Albina; Children, Wade (Carole) Higgins of Helena, MT; Doug (Jeanette) Higgins of Casper, WY and Dianna Jenks of Townsend, MT; Grandchildren, Andrea (Spiridon) Tsitsilianos, Matthew, Christina, Bryon, Lorissa, Scott and Trevor; Brother Virgil Higgins of Ekalaka, MT; Sisters, Joyce Schmidt of Laurel, MT and Pearl Lindstrand of Butte, MT.
A funeral service will be held at 11 a.m., Friday, May 26, 2006 from the Holy Cross Parish in Townsend. Cremation will follow. Interment of cremated remains will be held at the Montana State Veterans Cemetery in Miles City, MT, Tuesday, May 30, 2006 at 3 p.m. with Military Graveside Honors. Memorials may be made in Roy�s name to Donor�s choice. Local arrangements have been entrusted to Hagler-Anderson Funeral Home in Helena. 

History of Vernon County, Wisconsin. Illustrated, Springfield, Ill., Union Publishing Company, 1884; p 520;
Jacob Higgins was one of the earlier settlers of Franklin town, and is well remembered by the pioneers. He was born near Ithica, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1802, and was there reared, receiving a good education. He taught school in New York in early life, and then went to Michigan, where he opened a store and was engaged in mercantile pursuits. On Nov. 10, 1842, he there married Phebe Wisel, and seven years later came to Vernon (then known as Bad Ax) county, Wis., arriving May 10, 1849. He located at Liberty Pole, and immediately bought a quarter section of land on sections 25 and 26, town 12 north range 5 west. He continued in mercantile pursuits, was also postmaster, and continued in that office until his death. He held various town offices. In March, 1857, he removed his family on his farm one mile west of Liberty Pole, where he permanently settled, and was a prominent and well respected citizen up to his death, which occurred Sept. 4, 1858. Mrs. Higgins was born at Parma, Cattaraugas Co., N. Y., and removed to Indiana with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Higgins have two living children--Sidney, who was born in Steuben County, Ind., Sept 2, 1843, has always lived on the old homestead, married Lucy A., daughter of Jesse Davis, and early settler of this town. They have four children. Judson, the second son, was born in St. Jospeh Co., Mich., Aug 11, 1845, married Alice Robson, and has four children. Zuleima, the only daughter, was born in White Pigeon, Mich., Dec. 28, 1847, and died on the old homestead, Feb. 16, 1868. 
Higgins Family Tree, which includes many of the names in census' below

Alba D.
  2/26/1905 5/13/1993 s/w Alice Higgin & Frances Keller

HIGGINS, Alice Margaret
  1/21/1914 11/19/2002 

HIGGINS, Jessie Katherin
  2/12/1938 2/27/1938 

HIGGINS, Loren Paul
  00/00/1912 00/00/1928

-Eastern MT State Veterans-
  02/18/1930 05/23/2006



      Only Phebe & Sidney, Judson not found in this census

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

J. HIGGINS Self M Male W 34 MS* Farmer NY OH 
Allice HIGGINS Wife M Female W 23 WI ENG CAN 
Alberth HIGGINS Son S Male W 7 WI MI WI 
Maud HIGGINS Dau S Female W 5 WI MI WI 
Mary HIGGINS Dau S Female W 4M WI MI WI 
Ella HIGGINS Dau S Female W 3 WI IN WI 
Herman HIGGINS Son S Male W 2 WI IN WI 
Elisebeth HIGGINS Dau S Female W 3M WI IN WI 
Phoebie HIGGINS Mother W Female W 60 OH NY NY 
*Michigan on other census'

Source Information:
Census Place Franklin, Vernon, Wisconsin 
Family History Library Film 1255449 
NA Film Number T9-1449 
Page Number 260B 

17 year old John living with his parents


1910; Census Place: Franklin, Vernon, Wisconsin; Roll: T624_1740; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 137; Image: 755
Name Age 
John Heggins,Jessie Heggins 25,Alba D Heggins 5,Helen
L Heggins 3,Ernest L Heggins 2,Mable Kuehl 16 


1920;Census Place: Ismay, Custer, Montana; Roll:
T625_969; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 44; Image: 542
Name     Age 
John Higgins 37 ,Jessie A Higgins 34,Helen L Higgins
12,Earnest L Higgins 10,Loven P Higgins 7,Lillian M
Higgins 5,Albert H Higgins 3 10/12,Floyd J Higgins
1930; Census Place: Ismay, Custer, Montana; Roll:
1254; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 10; Image: 324
Name          Age 
John Higgins 47 , Jessie A Higgins 45 ,Lillian Higgins
16 ,Albert H Higgins 14 ,Floyd J Higgins 10 ,Virgil A
Higgins 4 11/12,Alberta G Higgins 1 8/12,Roy William
Higgins 2/12 

Montana Death Index
Name Estimated birth year Gender Death Date Death
County Residence County 

Albert H Higgins 1917 12 Jan 1985 Custer Custer
Floyd J Higgins 1919 21 Dec 1992 Custer Custer   

30 Sep 2006 

Montana State Death Index 1970-1979 
Last Name, First Name, Middle - Death Date - File#, County
(See for county number index)

HIGGINS, LANCER, - 6/30/1971 - 35 - . 
HIGGINS, BERT, - 9/12/1970 - 17 - . 
HIGGINS, WINNIE, B - 4/4/1970 - 1581 - 1 
HIGGINS, LAWRENCE, W - 9/26/1970 - 4365 - 3 
HIGGINS, HAROLD, B - 9/8/1970 - 4456 - 12 
HIGGINS, CHARLES, - 12/4/1970 - 6076 - 15 
HIGGINS, ROSS, G - 11/9/1970 - 5584 - 16 
HIGGINS, DAVE, - 4/26/1970 - 1766 - 18 
HIGGINS, CLEO, - 7/8/1970 - 3492 - 25 
HIGGINS, MABEL, W - 9/28/1970 - 4611 - 25 
HIGGINS, LEE, P - 6/20/1970 - 3005 - 32 
HIGGINS, EDWARD, T - 9/20/1970 - 4736 - 43 
HIGGINS, HENRY, E - 6/18/1970 - 3220 - 56 
HIGGINS, JACK, L - 2/19/1971 - 739 - 25 
HIGGINS, FLORAN, E - 8/7/1972 - 4155 - 21 
HIGGINS, GEORGE, R - 1/31/1972 - 310 - 25 
HIGGINS, FRANCIS, L - 9/2/1973 - 4470 - 7 
HIGGINS, HENRY, E - 11/10/1973 - 5794 - 19 
HIGGINS, ANNE, E - 3/23/1973 - 1447 - 25 
HIGGINS, FLORENCE, E - 1/20/1974 - 55 - 7 
HIGGINS, MILDRED, L - 7/20/1974 - 3209 - 7 
HIGGINS, ESTELLA, B - 6/17/1974 - 3000 - 43 
HIGGINS, JAMES, E - 9/12/1974 - 4670 - 47 
HIGGINS, BILLIE, J - 9/18/1975 - 4462 - 7 
HIGGINS, LORIN, B - 4/14/1975 - 1764 - 12 
HIGGINS, BERTHA, M - 4/1/1975 - 1878 - 25 
HIGGINS, ROGER, E - 11/11/1975 - 5731 - 32 
HIGGINS, FRANCES, S - 9/17/1975 - 4754 - 41 
HIGGINS, HARRY, A - 7/28/1976 - 3282 - 1 
HIGGINS, FLOSSIE, R - 4/19/1976 - 1770 - 7 
HIGGINS, ROBERT, W - 4/26/1976 - 1781 - 7 
HIGGINS, GEORGE, F - 2/3/1976 - 681 - 18 
HIGGINS, ORVILLE, A - 10/5/1976 - 5137 - 25 
HIGGINS, JAMES, J - 3/8/1977 - 1059 - 12 
HIGGINS, ARTHUR, E - 8/16/1978 - 3820 - 9 
HIGGINS, BEATRICE, - 6/13/1978 - 2767 - 12 
HIGGINS, OLIVER, A - 2/7/1978 - 763 - 21 
HIGGINS, GRANT, - 6/6/1978 - 2936 - 32 
HIGGINS, ORVAL, R - 9/11/1979 - 4308 - 15 
HIGGINS, MARIE, H - 3/23/1979 - 1236 - 24 
HIGGINS, STEVEN, - 10/15/1979 - 4996 - 31 
HIGGINS, MAY, - 8/4/1979 - 3974 - 41 

07 Dec 2005  From Nova Scotia to Montana

Source: Society of Montana Pioneers : constitution, members and officers, with portraits and maps -Montana: The Society, 1899

William B.S. Higgins - son of Robert and Esther (Hamilton) Higgins; Born at Truro, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, September 22, 1834, Came to the United States, Place of departure for Montana; Walla Walla, Washington Territory; Route traveled via the Mullen Road over the Couer d' Alene Mountains; arrived at Fort Owen August 16, 1860. Occupation -Carpenter in charge of work, Indian department; Farmer, residence, rancher.

. . . . . . . . . . .
07 Dec 2005
Source: Society of Montana Pioneers : constitution, members and officers, with portraits and maps -Montana: The Society, 1899

William W. Higgins - Born in Kentucky in 1810 ; place of departure for Montana - Missouri; Route traveled- up the Missouri River. Arrived at Deer Lodge, July 1864. Occupation : Merchant , Residence: Deer Lodge

Census Connections added by the Webmaster based on available information
- As Always verify where possible.

Household Census : 1880

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

W. W. HIGGINS     Self M Male    W 69 KY Merchant VA KY 
M. E. HIGGINS     Wife M Female W 54 PA Housekeeper PA PA
A. S. HIGGINS     Son S Male      W 28 MO Lawyer KY PA 
M. D. SLERRETT  SisterL S Female W 56 PA Housekeeper PA PA 
Geo. MILLER Other Male               W 23 MO --- KY 

Source Information:

Census Place Deer Lodge, Deer Lodge, Montana Family History 
Library Film 1254742 NA Film Number T9-0742 


Butte Miner (Montana) June 1,1876

William W Higgins ..........

Christopher Powers Higgins - Born in Ireland in March 1830 Came to the United States. On the Stevens Expedition in 1853; Place of departure for Montana, Walla Walla, Washington Territory. Route traveled- Across the mountains via Hell Gate . Arrived at Fort Benton in 1855. Occupation merchant. Last address Missoula. Deceased

Source: History of Washington, Idaho, and Montana By Hubert Howe Bancroft Entered according to Art of Congress in the Year 1890 - SAN FRANCISCO - THE HISTORY COMPANY, PUBLISHERS

The founder of Missoula was C. P. Higgins, who was born in Ireland in March 1830, and received a business education in the United States. He enlisted in the U. S. army at the ago of 18 years, serving 5 years in the dragoons. He was a member of the Gov. Stevens expedition in 1853, assisted in the first survey of the N. P. R. R., and was with Stevens when he made his treaties with the Blackfoot, Flathead, Coenr d' Alene, and Spokane tribes. In 1860, he settled in Hellgate valley, near the present site of Missoula, and engaged in trade. In 1865, he located the town, and removed to it, in company with Worden, they erecting lumber and flouring mills. In 1870 they opened a bank, of which Capt. Higgins is president. He is also interested in horse-raising, and owns several valuable farms and mining properties. He married, in 1862, Miss Julia P. Grant, and has 9 children.

Source: Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans
Missoula City Cemetery
Christopher P. Higgins, died October 15,1889, Sergeant Company "D", 1st Dragoons.

Regarding C. P. Higgins' Last Will & Testament
(From Google Books)

Source: Missoula and Ravalli Counties, Montana Directory, 1903-04
Julia P Higgins,r 126 E Main, wid Christopher
City: Missoula County: Missoula State: Montana

Source: The Cyclopedia of American Biography By James Grant Wilson, John Fiske, Charles Dick, James Edward Homans, John William Fay, Herbert M. Linen, L. E. Dearborn (Published 1900)

Above image courtesy of

HIGGINS, Christopher P., business man, b. in Ireland, 16 March, 1830; d. in Missoula, Mont., in 1889, son of Christopher and Mary Higgins. Both parents were born in Ireland, whence they emigrated to America in 1848, and settled in Michigan. Christopher P. Higgins was eighteen years old when he left Ireland, so had received his educational training in his native country, After his arrival in this country he enlisted in the U. S. army, and served five years in the dragoons. In 1853 he joined Governor Stephens' Expedition, and assisted in the first survey of the Northern Pacific, continuing in that work until 1855, when he went with Governor Stephens to form a treaty with the Nez Perc Indians. These negotiations resulted in a treaty with the Flatheads and Pend d'Oreilles. The party then went on a peace mission to Fort Benton to treat with the Blackfoot Indians and on their return to Olympia disbanded. Soon afterward, in recognition of his services and capabilities in handling the Red men of the region, Mr. Higgins was commissioned by the government as Captain of the military forces of the territory, and was ordered to subdue the hostile tribes. He continued in this service until 1856, when he was assigned to the quartermaster's department, a post which he filled until 1860. In the meantime he had served two years in Walla Walla, as agent for the government. In 1860 he retired from the service, and purchased an interest in the mercantile firm of Worden and Isaacs. He then packed seventy-five animals with merchandise and went to Hell Gate Canyon, where he engaged in business. In 1865 he located the township of Missoula, Mont., and removing his business there continued as Mr. Worden's partner until the latter's death, which occurred in 1889. Both partners were active and influential in promoting the growth and prosperity of Missoula. In 1865 they erected a lumber mill and a flouring mill at that place, and in 1870 built the old Higgins Worden Block. In 1870, also, Captain Higgins engaged in the banking business which later was merged with the First National Bank of which he was president for many years. He was for a long time interested in raising horses and cattle, and owned much real estate in Portland and Seattle and several valuable farming properties. He was also connected with some important mining interests. In 1889, just prior to his death, he erected the Higgins Block and had completed all arrangements for opening a new bank. Captain Higgins is inseparably connected with the pioneer days of Missoula, and from the first was a potent factor in its development and up building. He had broad business capacity, tireless energy, and sound judgment, his advice being much in demand in all public and many private enterprises. In politics he was a Democrat and held several local offices. Captain Higgins married 30 March, 1863, Julia, daughter of Richard and Helen (McDonald) Grant. Her father, a native of Canada, was an employee of the Hudson Bay Company at Fort Hall and was one of the earliest of Western pioneers. Nine children were the result of this union of whom six are living. They are: Frank G., lieutenant governor of Montana; George C., Arthur E., Hilda, Ronald, and Gerald.

View 1870 MT Census Scan  C P HIGGINS C P 40  MISSOULA P O  


Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's

C. P. HIGGINS Self M Male     W 45 IRE President Of Bank IRE IRE 
Julia HIGGINS Wife M Female W 32 ID Keeping House IRE ID 
Frank G. HIGGINS Son S Male W 16 MT At School IRE ID 
John H. HIGGINS Son S Male  W 14 MT At School IRE ID 
George HIGGINS Son S Male   W 12 MT At School IRE ID 
Maurice HIGGINS Son S Male  W  9 MT At School IRE ID 
Arthur HIGGINS Son S Male    W  6 MT At School IRE ID 
Helen HIGGINS Dau S Female  W  3 MT IRE ID 
Hilda HIGGINS Dau S Female   W 9M MT IRE ID 
Mary MINSINGER Other S Female NA 16 MT Servant PA  ID 
Seneca LIPSEY Other S Male W 24 OH Photographist OH OH 

Source Information:
Census Place Missoula, Missoula, Montana  Family History Library Film 1254742 
NA Film Number T9-0742  Page Number 450C 


1900; Census Place: Hell Gate, Missoula, Montana; Roll: 913; Page: 14A; Enumeration District: 69
Name Age

Julia Higgins 52
Frank Higgins 36
George Higgins 37
Arthur Higgins 26
Hilda H Higgins 20
Ronald Higgins 15
Gerald Higgins 12

Name Age
P Julia Higgins 57
Gerald Higgins 42
Donald Higgins 25
E Armor Higgins 36

More info on persons named above from "The History of Montana" by Helen Fitzgerald Sanders - 1913 Page 869 & 870

Frank G. Higgins - son of C. P. Higgins, born at Hell Gate, Montana. December 28, 1863 , Profession: Lawyer . Residence Missoula 
Member (Democratic) House of Representatives - First Session-1889-1890 and House Second Session 1891- State Legislative Assembly

Source: The Montana blue book: a biographical, historical and statistical book of Reference - By Jno. W. Pace, Horace J. Mock - Published 1891

Image of Frank G. Higgins

FRANK G. HIGGINS, of Missoula, Missoula County, is a native of Montana, and is the first native-born citizen of this State to occupy a seat in the Legislature; he was born at a point known as Hell Gate, near the present site of Missoula, December 28, 1863, and is the eldest son of the late C. P. Higgins, the founder of the City of Missoula; was educated at Phillips' Exeter Academy, New Hampshire, and at Ann Arbor, Michigan, graduating from the law department of the latter school; returning to Missoula he entered upon the practice of his chosen profession, but was compelled later to give up practicing on account of the duties imposed upon him as President of the Higgins Bank. Mr. Higgins was the first native-born citizen to be admitted to the Bar of Montana; was elected Representative at the first State election, being the only Democrat elected from his county ; he is a member of the State Democratic Committee, and is an indefatigable worker in the interest of Missoula and Missoula County; he is unmarried.

Source: Missoula, Montana City Directory, 1890
Given Name: Hon Frank G Surname: Higgins
Occupation: Bickford & Higgins attys
City: Missoula County: Missoula State: Montana
Residence: 16 E Main st


Source: The Sigma Chi quarterly: the official organ of the Sigma Chi Fraternity - Volume 25 - By Sigma Chi Fraternity

  Click image to enlarge


The death of Francis Grant Higgins, Theta Theta 1886, which was noticed briefly in the last issue of the Quarterly, came as a great shock to the whole Fraternity. For a number of years he has been a prominent figure in the politics of his native state (Montana), and his interest in the larger questions affecting the whole nation has been keen.

He was born in Missoula, Mont., December 29, 1863, and spent his entire life in that city, with the exception of several years when he was receiving his education. His first schooling was received in the public schools of Missoula, and later he attended the Philips-Exeter Preparatory School in New Hampshire, afterward entering the Law School of the University of Michigan, from which he graduated at the age of twenty-two. Upon his return to Missoula he entered the practice of law, forming a partnership with W. J. Stevens and W. M. Bickford, under the firm name of Stevens, Bickford & Higgins.

Brother Higgins was a member of the first legislature which convened after the admission of Montana to statehood, and it was his bill that provided for the establishment of the state university at Missoula. He was elected mayor of Missoula in 1892, serving one term. When the Spanish-American War broke out he was among the first to offer his services to his country, and served two years as captain of United States Volunteers. Upon his return from the South, during the campaign of 1900, he was elected lieutenant governor of Montana, taking his seat in 1901 and serving until January 2, 1905.

His keen interest in Sigma Chi is shown by a remark which he made to Brother Frederick C. Scheuch in Missoula, just before the last Grand Chapter. Brother Scheuch says:

Shortly before I left for Cincinnati, I met Frank Higgins on the street. He had been ill for weeks, and it was his first trip down-town. I spoke to him about the convention, and he said: "I should so like to go; but tell the boys that whenever Sigma Chi enters the University of Montana, there will be three lots on the south side for them, and my men can drive down the stone from my stone quarries for their house." This was a few weeks before his death, and showed his interest in Sigma Chi, and his good heart. He was heart and soul in favor of our Fraternity at Montana University, and intended joining the Montana Alumni Chapter which is being worked up.

With permission, we quote from the eulogy on Brother Higgins delivered at the Elks' memorial services by Mr. Charles Hall, an attorney of Missoula, the following excerpts;

As a friend of twenty years' standing, it is a privilege and a consolation to me to pay public tribute to the splendid character and attributes of our departed brother, Frank G. Higgins.

In judging of the character and manner of man that Frank Higgins was, it is necessary that we glance at his environment, his early life, and the associations of his childhood. His father, the late Christopher P. Higgins, came of that splendid stock that has fought liberty's battles in every land on earth. One of the pioneers of the West who came with Governor Stevens, following the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, he sought for the most beautiful place in all the West where he might settle and build him a home. On the plain at the junction of the Missoula and the Bitter Root Rivers, where the city of Missoula now stands, he found the ideal spot for which he sought. Here he came and builded his home, and here Frank G. Higgins was born.

As a lawyer, Frank G. Higgins was proud of his profession and jealous of its ethics, and never did I know of his doing an act that would bring discredit upon his profession. He was the first native-born son of Montana admitted to the bar in this state, and was, I believe, the first native son elected to the legislature, and the only native son elected mayor of this city. In 1900 he was elected lieutenant-governor, and was presiding officer of the senate for the years 1901 and 1903. These were stormy sessions, and it required the firm hand and steady eye, the indomitable will, of Frank Higgins to guide the destinies of our state safely through those troublesome times.

Frank Higgins was a man of parts; he had his faults, and they were grievous ones; he had his virtues, and they were godlike. He was a man of impulse—one who weighed not the consequence of his act, but acted on the moment. He was strenuous—a man who in the heyday of his youth was good to look upon. He was an athlete of superior ability. It is told of him that when he first went east to school, the son of the nation's secretary of state, who was the bully of the school, made jest at the tall, slender westerner, and finally sent him word that he must fight. The messenger warned Frank of the powers of his challenger and advised him to apologize for the fancied insult. Higgins said: "No, I'll not apologize; and when we get through with this fight, this bully will be out of a job." The fight was had; the tall and slender Montanan was uninjured, while his burly and heavier opponent was in the hospital. Frank Higgins' name is still a by-word at Phillips-Exeter Academy.

Frank Higgins had his faults; they were known to men; they were discussed and made public by his enemies, and by them ever kept in the public eye. He had his virtues; he had some of the noblest attributes of any man I ever knew. He came of a strong race; he had strong likes and strong dislikes. Nothing was too good for a friend; no punishment too condign for an enemy. One who did him a good turn was never forgotten; one who betrayed his confidence or abused his trust was never forgiven.

He was a man of exceptional ability, and, had he devoted his years and his talents to his profession, would have taken high rank as a lawyer. As a statesman and politician he excelled. A clear reader of character, a natural leader, he seldom made a mistake in his judgment of men, and seldom failed in his purpose. He led a host of friends, and always to victory. In my acquaintance with him he led his party in a hundred fights, and never once led it to defeat.

Frank Higgins was a scholar. The classics and works of political economy were his favorite books. He cared not for fiction, but dwelt on facts. He was an ardent lover of animals. Every horse he owned loved him and came at his call;

every dog he owned was absolutely devoted to him and knew but him alone. He was passionately fond of flowers, and the last time I saw him alive he lay with a single carnation clasped in his hand.

He was lavishly generous, and his generosity was not paraded before the public. He hated publicity; so that the good that he did was known to but few, and they could not tell it. I have known of his doing acts of charity secretly, so that the recipient might not know from whom it came. When a sum was to be raised for public purposes or for charity, Frank Higgins would say: "Get what you can, and I will pay the balance."

To a few of us was given to know a side of Frank Higgins that the world at large did not know. When the call for volunteers came in 1898, the great heart of Frank G. Higgins answered the call, and by unanimous consent he was made captain of the troop of volunteers that went from Missoula. They were sent to the Southland, and by egregious oversight confined in a pestilential area, where the strong, perfect sons of these mountains withered and died. Here the true nature of Frank Higgins was shown. When his own men were stricken and the inadequate attempts of the government to care for her soldiers were so palpable, Frank Higgins out of his own means took care of his own men. I have seen him on his knees on the ground by the blanket-bed of a comrade, administering to his wants, and I have seen him rise from the stricken bedside with tears streaming down his face. In this work and in this way he himself was stricken. Here he contracted the ailment that brought about his death.


Source: Grigsby's Cowboys - By Otto l Sues - Published 1899

Frank G. Higgins was born December 28, 1863, at Hell Gate, near the present site of the city of Missoula, Mont. His father, Captain C. P. Higgins, was one of the earliest settlers in Montana, and at an early age young Frank learned to ride, hunt and shoot, and the bracing air and free life of the plains developed him into a physical giant. He was always fond of manly sport and is an expert athlete. He was educated at Shattuck Military School, Faribault, Minn., and graduated at the Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, N. H., class of 1884, and from the law department of the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, class of 1886. He was admitted to the bar in Montana the same year and was the first native Montanan to be admitted to practice in all the courts of the state. He was elected to the first legislative assembly in 1889 and again in 1890; elected mayor of Missoula in 1890 and was tendered the democratic caucus nomination for governor of the state in 1892, but was compelled to decline on account of being under the constitutional age; was a member of the delegation from Montana to the Democratic National Convention at Chicago in 1892. He was very actively engaged in the organization of Troop F, Third United States Volunteer Cavalry, at the outbreak of the Spanish-American war, with which troop he was mustered into the United States service May 13, 1898, being the ranking captain in the Montana squadron and the second ranking captain in the regiment. He served with his troop at Camp Thomas, Ga., until muster-out September 8, 1898, after which he returned to Missoula, Mont., where he is now extensively engaged in stock raising.

. . . . . . . . . . 

21 Sep 2005

Montana-1877May1Murphy-Higginsgrocers.gif (24125 bytes)

Butte Miner Butte, Montana 1877 May 1 Murphy and Higgins grocers

1880 Census Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

W. W. HIGGINS   Self M Male      W 69 KY Merchant VA KY 
M. E. HIGGINS    Wife M Female   W 54 PA Housekeeper PA PA 
A. S. HIGGINS    Son S Male        W 28 MO Lawyer KY PA 
M. D. SLERRETT SisterL S Female W 56 PA Housekeeper PA PA 
Geo. MILLER      Other Male         W 23 MO --- KY 

Source Information:
Census Place Deer Lodge, Deer Lodge, Montana Family History Library Film 1254742 
NA Film Number T9-0742 Page Number 179A 

. . . . . . . . . . 

Hell Gate (near Frenchtown) Montana
 Worden and Higgins Trading Post 

 missoula--worden-higgins-store.jpg (66514 bytes)
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Located in downtown Missoula, the Higgins Block is one of Missoula's uniquely designed and preserved buildings. [C P Higgins]


Webmaster is looking for any information on the firm of Higgins, Travis & Co., located on Wallace Street in Virginia City and Helena, in Montana Territory. They ran an auction company as well as a Livery and Stable. The 1870 Tax list for Helena Montana shows a George Higgins owning an auctioneering business in town. These advertisements are from The Montana Post in 1865.

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Source: The Montana Post - March 9, 1867
REMODELED — Higgins, Travis & Bro. have entered into the spirit of improvement, and are having their large stable and offices remodeled
preparatory to entering into a vigorous spring campaign in the Cayuse business.

Source: The Montana Post - April 13, 1867
MAMMOTH CORRAL -Messrs. Higgins, Travis & Bro., are building, a large and spacious stable in lieu of the old concern which they have heretofore occupied. The new building will occupy the site of the the old one, and will be seventy-five by forty-five feet, with three rows of stalls, capable of giving stable room to seventy-five horses. The work is in the hands of Mr. Delay, and is being
pushed forward to a rapid Completion.

Found references in the Helena Montana tax rolls of Wes J. Travis and Ches M. Travis owning a livery business.

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