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Published by R. L. Polk & Co. 1927

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Higgins, Alice C.  (Widow of J.C.), 
                        Bookkeeper Lex Dry Cleaning Company, 
                        Residence 721 Euclid Ave
Higgins, Ann.       Stenographer, Home 214 Engman Ave
Higgins, Anne,     Student , Residence 721 Euclid Ave
Higgins, Arth K    soft drinks 460 Georgetown, 
                       Residence 524 Howard Ave
                       Listed with wife Ida M. Higgins
Higgins, Della,     Domestic, residence 422 Elm
Higgins, Edgar T. Reporter Lexington Herald,
                        Residence 230 South Limestone
Higgins, Edward   Waiter, Home 217 East 2nd
                        listed with wife Georgia Higgins
Higgins, Eleanor,  Nurse, Residence 721 Euclid Ave
Higgins, Ella,       Waitress at Canary Cottage, 
                        Residence 178 Eddie
Higgins ,Elsie,      Domestic, Residence 524 Howard
Higgins, Frank N.  Salesman Gulf Refrigeration Company
                        Home 45 Mentelle Park
                        Listed with wife Thelma Higgins
Higgins, George,   Home 315 E. 6th 
                         Listed with wife Elizabeth Higgins
Higgins, George I  Laborer, Home 138 East 7th
                         Listed with wife Rosa B. Higgins
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Higgins, Gordon B, Clerk at R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, 
                         Home 346 Desha Road 
                         Listed with wife Christina Higgins
Higgins, Grace ,    Tobacco worker, 
                         residence 423 Chair Ave
Higgins, Isaac,      Helper C O Ry shops*,
                         Residence 137 East 7th
                         * assumed to stand for C & O Railway 
Higgins, Jack ,      Salesman , Residence 483 East High
Higgins, Jas ,        Porter at Phoenix Hotel Barber Shop,
                         Home 319 Coral
                         Listed with wife Mary Higgins
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Connection based on address

Higgins, Julie,       Home 431 Campbell
Higgins, Lizzie,     Residence 709 Byas
Higgins, M. Alice,  Saleslady at Kaufman Clothing Company, 
                         Residence 214 Engman Ave
Higgins, Mary E.,   Domestic, Residence 554 Georgetown
Higgins, Minnie R. (Widow of R. W. Higgins),
                          Residence 116 North Hanover Ave
Higgins, Nannie     (Widow of William Higgins),
                          Laundry worker 
                          Peerless Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company ,
                          Home 423 Chair Ave
Higgins, Nannie R ( Widow of Henry Higgins), Home 500 West 3rd
Higgins, Richard,    Laborer, Residence 707 West Water

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Higgins, Robert,     Laborer , Home 524 Howard - 
                          Listed with Wife Ella Higgins
Higgins, Roy E       Bookkeeper National Cash Register Corporation , 
                          Residence 128 South Ashland 
                          Listed with Wife Juanita Higgins
Higgins, Varnell,     Waiter, Residence 524 Howard
Higgins, William ,    Laborer ,Home 162 Spruce 
                          Listed with Wife Nancy Higgins

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