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Leon Forrest Higgins
was born in Ellsworth on April 29, 1870, the son of a lumberman and contractor in that city. 

Educated in the public schools of Bangor and Brewer, he tried his hand at several different enterprises before becoming the successful head of his own insurance business. 

Elected to the Board of Aldermen in Brewer in 1900, he was elected to the Maine House of Representatives in 1913. He was elected State Senator from Penobscot County in 1917 and reelected in 1919, during which term he served as President of the Senate. 

A successful businessman, Higgins was one of the incorporators of the Brewer Savings Bank and a member of numerous societies and organizations.

1880 USA Census Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace 

Forrest R. HIGGINS Self M   Male W 40 ME 
                   Work At Coll. Carrier Tr.  ME ME 
Carrie M. HIGGINS   Wife M Female W 35 ME 
                                                       ME ME 
Leon F. HIGGINS     Son S Male      W 10 ME
                                    At School       ME ME 
Maud C. HIGGINS    Dau S Female W 8 ME
                                   At School        ME ME 
Harry HIGGINS        Son S Male    W 6 ME
                                    At School       ME ME 
William H. HIGGINS   Son S Male    W 3 ME 
                                                        ME ME 
Source Information:
Census Place Ward 2, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine 
Family History Library Film 1254485 
NA Film Number T9-0485 Page Number 141A 

Source: Maine: a history, Volume 4 - By Maine Historical Society, American Historical Society  Published 1919

SENATOR LEON FORREST HIGGINS has been prominent in the public eye in connection with public affairs for many years, his first appearance being in 1900, as an alderman of Brewer, Maine. From that time he has steadily increased in public esteem, and has filled many offices of constantly increasing importance. In 1913 he came into State-wide view as a member of the Maine House of Representatives, and is now president of the Maine Senate. He removed his residence to Brewer in 1875, and has since resided in that city. A Republican in politics, he has not only impressed himself upon the life of that party and risen to leadership, but in so doing he has gained the respect of even his political opponents who ascribe to his purity of motive and fairness in his antagonisms. He is a son of Forrest Richard and Carrie M. Higgins, his father a Civil War veteran, lumberman and contractor, of Ellsworth, Maine. Leon Forrest Higgins was born in Ellsworth, Hancock, county, Maine, April 29, 1870. He was educated in the public schools of Bangor and Brewer, Maine, and was variously employed, finally becoming head of an insurance business now well established in Bangor. In Brewer he was one of the incorporators of the Brewer Savings Bank, and has other important business interests. Mr. Higgins was always an active party man and interested in the success of Republican principles. He was elected an alderman of the city of Brewer, Maine, serving in 1900-01, and the following year he was elected mayor of the city, and twice was elected to succeed himself, his term of office covering the years, 1902-03-04. For the succeeding ten years he was chairman of the Republican City Committee of Brewer, and in 1913 was elected to represent said city in the House of Representatives. He served in the house two terms with credit, until 1917, then was elected State Senator from Penobscot county.

In 1919 he succeeded himself as State Senator, and is now serving his second term, 1919-21. At the opening of the session of 1919 Senator Higgins was elected president of the Senate, which distinguished honor is now his. This record of public service reveals Senator Higgins as a man of forceful character, clear and sound in judgment, public-spirited and progressive, able to lead without appealing to the passions and prejudices of men. He has won his position among the State leaders of his party, and with the past as a guide, his political future seems very bright.

Senator Higgins is a member of Rising Virtue Lodge, No. 10, Free and Accepted Masons, Bangor, Maine; Mt. Moriah Chapter, No. 6, Royal Arch Masons; St. John's Commandery, No. 3, Knights Templar, all of Maine. He is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and is a past grand master of the order in Maine. He is also a member and past chancellor commander of Colonel Brewer Lodge, No. 56, Knights of Pythias. His clubs are the Kenduskeag, Canoe, and Country, of Bangor; the Country, of Northport; Lincoln, of Portland; and the Bangor Chamber of Commerce. In religious faith he is affiliated with the First Methodist Church of Brewer.

Senator Higgins married, in Brewer, Maine, October 21, 1891, Josephine H. Shackley, daughter, of Joseph M. and Eliza Holyoke Shackley. Children: Dorrice Mae, born December 16, 1894; Donald Shackley, born January 6, 1897.

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   Leon F Higgins 
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  Donald S Higgins
  Successor to Leon F Higgins   
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  Bangor Maine
  Donald S Higgins
  Leon F Higgins II

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  Donald Higgins
  Leon F Higgins II
  Donald S Higgins Jr 

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   D S Higgins & Sons 
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