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The Delaware state directory and gazetteer 1874 - 1875

Higgins Anthony, US District Attorney, 6 W 7th, h Clayton House.
(See Bio below)

Higgins Charles, lab., h 614 W 7th

Higgins Charles J., painter, h 100 Justison

Higgins David S., painter, h 225 E Front
Higgins David S., Jr., painter, h 225 E Front

Higgins Edward C., painter, h 303 Monroe

Higgins Geo. R., saloon, 225 E Front

Higgins John, lab., h 406 Madison

Higgins John A., painter, h 220 Tatnall

Higgins Joseph B., waterman, 225 E Front

Higgins Jno. C., supt. of Vulcanized Fibre co., h 6th and Market

Higgins Joseph W., painter, h 508 Shipley ,

Higgins Luke F., furniture, h 612 Tatnall

Higgins Martha J., wid.Jacob K., h 225 E Front

Higgins Mrs., wid., h Riddle's Banks


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Source: History of the State of Delaware By Henry Clay Conrad Published 1908
Anthony Higgins was born in Red Lion Hundred, near St. Georges, New Castle County, Delaware, October 1, 1840. He graduated from Yale College in 1861, and soon afterwards began the study of law with William C. Spruance, at New Castle. After a course at Harvard Law School, he was admitted to the Bar in May, 1864. Soon after his admission, he was appointed Deputy Attorney-General under Attorney-General Jacob Moore, and served in that capacity two years.
Anthony Higgins In 1869 he was appointed by President Grant, United States Attorney for the District of Delaware, which office he held until June, 1876. Mr. Higgins from his admission to the Bar has taken a lively interest in politics. He allied himself with the Republican party, has served as chairman of its State Central Committee and has always been recognized as one of its most influential leaders. In 1884 he was the Republican candidate for Congress, and five years later when the Republican party for the first time obtained a majority in the General Assembly of the State, he was elected a member of the United States Senate. He served a full term in the Senate, and his public utterances while a member of that body commanded marked attention. As a member of the Bar Mr. Higgins ranks high; for years he has been recognized as an unusually strong advocate, and as a public speaker he is in demand beyond the confines of the State of his residence. Aggressive and courageous he has impressed himself upon the life of the State; gifted with a rare conversational ability, he has attracted to himself a host of friends, and after an experience of over forty years at the Bar, being still in active practice, he merits and enjoys the good will and respect of the whole community.


Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Anthony M. HIGGINS Self S Male W 70 DE Gentleman DE DE
Martha HIGGINS Dau S Female W 46 --- DE DE
Jaunty GIBBS Other W Female B 72 MD Servant MD MD
Jonathan ROBINSON Other S Male MU 57 DE Labourer DE DE
Weston JOHNSTON Other S Male B 10 DE Servant DE DE
Rose BACHMAN Other S Female W 15 NY Servant GERM GERM

Source Information:
Census Place Red Lion, New Castle, Delaware Family History Library Film 1254120
NA Film Number T9-0120 Page Number 293C

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Anthany HIGGINS Self S Male W 39 DE Lawyer DE DE
John LOTEMAN Other M Male B 43 DE Laborer DE DE
Susan LOTEMAN Other M Female B 42 DE House Keeper DE DE
Anna ROBINSON Other S Female B 4 DE PA DE
Source Information:
Census Place Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware Family History Library Film 1254119
NA Film Number T9-0119 Page Number 284B


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Date of Birth: 1 Oct 1840
Date of Death: 26 Jun 1912
Served in the Delaware 7th Infantry during the Civil War. Appointed as the United States Attorney for Delaware from 1869 to 1876. Elected to represent Delaware to the United States Senate and served one term from March 4, 1889 to March 3, 1895
Burial: Saint Georges Cemetery, Saint Georges
          New Castle County Delaware, USA

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   1      Higgins, Anthony
           Infantry 7th Regiment, Delaware Infantry

Obituary record of graduates of Yale University,1910 - 1915 By Yale University - Published 1915

Anthony Higgins, son of Anthony Madison Higgins (B.A. Washington and Jefferson 1831) and Sarah Clark (Corbit) Higgins, was born October 1, 1840, at Red Lion Hundred, near St. George's, Del., on a large estate acquired by his great-grandfather about 1740. He entered Yale at the beginning of Sophomore year from Delaware College.

After graduation he with George Gray (B.A. Princeton 1859), afterward his colleague in the United States Senate, studied law in the office of Judge William C. Spruance, in New Castle, Del., and in the Harvard Law School, and was admitted to the bar May 9, 1864. During that year he and his classmate, Williams, served thirty days as privates in the Seventh Delaware Regiment during a Confederate raid by General Early into Maryland. He then practiced in Wilmington, Del., quickly becoming a leader in the state bar and in the political life of the state. In 1867 he was active in the Border State Convention at Baltimore to promote the adoption of the Fifteenth Amendment to the Federal Constitution, and in 1868 was chairman of the Republican state committee. Until 1870 he practiced his profession in partnership with the elder Judge Edward G. Bradford, under the name of Bradford & Higgins, and afterward was a member of the firm of Higgins & Churchman.

For several years after his admission to the bar he was assistant to the Attorney-General of the Wilmington district, and from 1869 to 1876 United States attorney for the district of Delaware. In 1881 he was the Republican nominee from Delaware for United States senator, and in 1884 for member of Congress. From 1889 to 1895 he was the first Republican member of the United States Senate from Delaware. Among the committees of which he was a member were those of interstate commerce, relations with Canada, and privileges and elections, and he was chairman of the committees on manufactures and to examine the branches of the civil service. He gained earlier than is common a prominent place in the deliberations of the Senate.

He was nominated for reelection to the Senate, but after a long and bitter contest between the factions of the Republican party resulting from the candidacy of J. Edward Addicks, Mr. Higgins was defeated but no one was elected, the seat remaining vacant for two years. He was a member of the National Republican Conventions of 1876, 1892, and 1896, and was chairman of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee in 1892.

He was a member of the National Congress of Rivers and Harbors meeting annually in Washington, and of the Atlantic Inland Waterways Conference organized in 1907, at which he made an address that year on "The Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, its History and Commerce."

Not only was he a brilliant and scholarly lawyer, but he was a student of history, especially of the political history of Great Britain and the United States, and was deeply versed in the history and traditions of his own state. He was a member of the Delaware Historical Society, which published his paper on "The Inland Water Route to Norfolk," and another, "A Historical Address at the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Drawyers Presbyterian Church of Odessa, Del." In 1900 he was elected a member of the general council of the American Bar Association. In 1908-09 he was president of the Yale Alumni Association of Delaware. Yale University conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws in 1891.

Mr. Higgins died of heart disease, June 26, 1912, while on a visit at the home of his brother, Thomas Higgins, in New York City. He was in the 72d year of his age, and unmarried. His brother, John Clark Higgins, was a trustee of Delaware College and United States consul at Dundee, Scotland. A nephew, James C. Higgins, graduated from Yale College in 1902.

History By Yale University Class of 1863 - Published 1889

THOMAS HIGGINS, son of Anthony Higgins, was born at St. George's, New Castle County, Del., January 1, 1843. he entered the Class at the beginning of Sophomore year, and remained with it for a short time, afterward entering the Class of '64, but did not graduate.

After leaving college he served as acting-assistant paymaster for two years on board the Colorado and Commodore Morris. Since July, 1865, he has been engaged in business in New York City, in the manufacture of glue, and is the president of the Milligan and Higgins Glue Company, of that city. He resides at Orange, N. J.

He was married April 25, 1876, to Bessy H., daughter of
Dr. James Crane, of Brooklyn, N. Y.
Their children are :

Katherine McClelland, born April 5, 1877.
James Crane, born March 26, 1881.

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Thomas HIGGINS Self M Male W 38 DE Glue Factory DE DE
Bessie H. HIGGINS Wife M Female W 30 NY Keeping House NJ NJ
Katherine M. HIGGINS Dau S Female W 3 NY DE NY
Jennie MCDERMITT Other S Female W 25 IRE Servant IRE IRE
Source Information:
Census Place East Orange, Essex, New Jersey
Family History Library Film 1254780
NA Film Number T9-0780 Page Number 466B

Name Age
Thomas Higgins 56
Elizabeth H Higgins 50
Catherine M Higgins 23
James C Higgins 19
Minne S Morow 19

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Source: Biographical and historical catalogue of Washington and Jefferson college ... By Washington and Jefferson College (Washington, Pa.), Published 1902

Higgins. Anthony Madison.—Son of Anthony and Martha (Witherspoon) ; born New Castle Co., Del., Nov. 22. 1809; farmer; member of Delaware Legislature; ruling elder in St. George's Presbyterian Church; married May 22, '33, Sarah, daughter of Pennell Corbit. Farmer, St. George's, Del.

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