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Part 8 

.28 June 2010

History of the town and city of Gloucester, Cape Ann, Massachusetts By James Robert Pringle Published 1892

Higgins & Gifford, (Asa Gifford & Isaac Higgins) Manufacturers and Dealers in all Kinds of Boats. — This representative and successful boat factory was established in 1871 by Messrs. A. T. Gifford & I. H. Higgins, both of whom are expert and experienced boat builders. The factory is 85 feet long, 63 feet wide and three and a half stories high, and the firm also utilize five adjoining commodious buildings. During the busy season they employ fifty skilled workmen. All descriptions of boats are built with dispatch. They have had 30 years' experience, and are the original builders of the sharp sterned bottom seam, mackerel seine boats, used by all fishermen of New England and the Provinces. The firm have furnished over 150 boats to the various departments of the United States Government. They likewise built the three smallest crafts that ever crossed the Atlantic Ocean, viz.: the Centennial, Captain Johnson; Nautilus, Andrews Brothers; and the Little Western, Captains Norman and Thomas.  The Little Western made the return trip and landed at Gloucester, Mass. The firm have built during the last fifteen years 3,500 boats of different kinds, and have given entire satisfaction to patrons. They were awarded medals at the London exhibition of fish and fisheries, 1883, for their unrivalled mackerel seine boat; also for their excelsior life boat. Messrs. Higgins & Gifford are both natives of Cape Cod.

Name Age
Isaac H Higgins 62

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Isaac H. HIGGINS Self M Male W 42 MA Boat Builder MA MA
Harriett W. HIGGINS Wife M Female W 43 MA Keeping House MA MA
Chas.L. HIGGINS Son S Male W 17 MA At School MA MA
Elmer A. HIGGINS Son S Male W 1 MA MA MA
Eva GOTT Other S Female W 18 MA Servant MA MA
Source Information:
Census Place Ward Two, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
Family History Library Film 1254529
NA Film Number T9-0529 Page Number 435D

Name Age
Isaac H Higgins 32
Hattie N Higgins 34
Charles L Higgins 7
Hipsibel White 70

Name Age
Isaac H Higgins 22
Harriet Higgins 24 (this is a guess on this name, as census image is very faded)

Link to a different image of boatyard       and another

24 Sep 2008

Source: City Directory for Boston, Massachusetts - 1913
  Advertisement for W.J. Higgins - Wholesale Importers and dealers in Wines & Liquors

San Francisco Chronicle 19 June 1866 Page 3 W.B. Higgins

San Francisco Chronicle December 6-Dec-1867 Page 2

Dashaway Livery and Sale Company - Higgins & Co

27 Jul 2008

Source: Boston City Directory - 1897
Higgins & Co. - Wiring and Fitting Contractor (Advertisement) Boston, Massachusetts

W.J. Higgins Liquors (Advertisement)
  - Operated by Frank J. Higgins - Boston, Massachusetts - 1913

Frederick - Higgins Co. Architectual Sculptors

Washington D.C. 1916

   frederick higgins- sculptors

16 Jun 2008

The Daily Review - Decatur, Illinois - 1916 Feb 28
Advertisement for Ryan & Higgins Clothliers

06 Apr 2008
Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper - 1865
          Higgins Millinery
Advertisement for Higgins Millinery located at 126th
Avenue at Tenth Street, New York.

21 Jan 2008

The Fitchburg Sentinel (Massachusetts) March 25,1898
    Charles H. Higgins - Veterinarian
    charles h higgins, Vet

16 Jan 2008

 Richard P Higgins

   Richard P Higgins
Manufacturers and Jobbers of Horse Boots etc.
Charlestown Street ,Boston, Massachusetts

25 Oct 2007nt>
 EM Higgins Grocers Rochester NY
 em higgins

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Alvira HIGGINS Self W Female W 56 NY Keeping House MA MA
Ezra M. HIGGINS Son W Male W 29 NY Retail Grocer NY NY

Source Information: Census Place Rochester, Monroe, New York Family History Library Film 1254862 NA Film Number T9-0862 Page Number 123C 1888 & 1889 Rochester

City Directory Name:
    Ezra M. Higgins Address: 59 State 469 Exchange is also given
    Business Name: E. M. Higgins & Co. Deals in groceries, wines, liquors,
  1890 Directory Name: Ezra M. Higgins 59 State, and (Higgins & Mathews)
   469 Exchange is also given Deals in groceries, wines, liquors, 



  27 Aug 2005  

June 17, 2005
Record-Eagle/Sheri McWhirter 

Larry B. Higgins, president of H & H Tube and Manufacturing in Vanderbilt, will retire this month, ending 75 years of having a member of his family in charge of the company.

End of the line for the Higgins Family tradition ends with retirement 
   Record-Eagle staff writer

VANDERBILT - A 75-year tradition of having a Higgins at the helm of H&H Tube and Manufacturing Company will end this month with a retirement. Current president Larry Higgins said he postponed his retirement so he wouldn't miss the 75-year anniversary of the company, the largest employer in the small Otsego County village of Vanderbilt. The company was founded by his grandfather in 1930 and now has a redraw mill for brass and copper tubing in Vanderbilt and a fabrication mill in Cheboygan.
"This company is based on families and the people who work here," said Cindy Forman, a 30-year employee. "It's nice that a business has lasted this long."
The company produced a wide variety of brass and copper products over the years for automobile, refrigeration, plumbing, computer, medical supply and other industries. The latest is the musical instrument industry. H&H produces valve tubes and crooks for brass instruments.
Clifford B. Higgins founded the company during the Great Depression and at first built wooden boxes from timber cut in northern Lower Michigan. The boxes were used to ship products made at the Detroit plants for the war effort.
"My grandfather had the fortitude to launch a brand new company in the middle of a depression," said Larry B. Higgins, who has run the company since 1990, following his brother, father and grandfather. The Higgins' reign at H&H ends with retirement, but the company will retain the name, which stands for Higgins and Higgins. The operation is so renowned for high-quality products that Masco Corp. kept the trademark name in place when it purchased the smaller company in 1999.

View 1920 MI Census Scan Clifford Higgins  Page One   Page Two

. 1930 USA Census

Clifford B Higgins 40 Highland Park, Wayne, MI 
          born Maine 
          Head -General Manager -Brass & Iron company
Francis E Higgins born Maine 39 Highland Park, Wife 

June H Higgins    born Maine    17 Daughter 
Clifford H Higgins born Maine    15 Son 
Richard L Higgins born Michigan  9 Son 

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

Bernard Higgins 
 Torrington Connecticut 1919 


. . . . . . . . . . . 

Baltimore 1870 for Barrett & Higgins 
 Wholesale Dealers in Hats, Caps & Straw Goods

      1870-Barrett-HigginsAdvertbaltimoreMD.gif (39871 bytes)

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Richard T Higgins from
Litchfield county Connecticut 

     1903 Torrington Directory Connecticut 

View 1900 CT Census Scan       Richard Higgins 35 
View 1910 CT Census Scan    T Richard Higgins 43

. . . . . . 

 Source: Ohio State Gazetteer & Business Directory-Pub. by George W. Hawes 1860-61
"C. W. Higgins Proprietor "Plymouth House"
 Charles W. Higgins 

View 1860 Census Scan  page 1  page 2 Plymouth House

. . . . . .

David Higgins Real Estate &  Livery Stable
        Meriden Directory 1925


. . . . . . 
Michael Higgins 
   Mineral and Soda Water


Higgins Soda Water Meriden Directory 1876 Connecticut
. . . . .. 

George W Higgins 
Dairy Products 

     WashingtonPost1923.jpg (53233 bytes)
     The Washington Post 1923 January 10
. . . . . .

F. J. Higgins Funeral Home
4236 Washington Street

. . . . . 
David Higgins 
Milk and Cream Depot
1908 Connecticut 
    1908-Meriden-Cn.jpg (27847 bytes)

   See 1900 CT Census Scan David Higgins Family 
   See 1910 CT Census Scan David Higgins Family

Francis J Higgins
1958 CT 

    1953-Meriden-Cn.jpg (23374 bytes) 

. . . . . . 

  Sweet Peas

  HigginspeasFront.jpg (416913 bytes)

  HigginspeasReverse.jpg (319383 bytes)

Edgar A Higgins a href="1900-NY-HIGGINS-EDGAR-45.gif">1900 NY Census Scan 
Edgar Higgins 1910 NY Census Scan 

1913 Norwich Connecticut 
M C Higgins
      MCHigginsCoalNorwichConnCityDir1913.jpg (20109 bytes)

1951 Norwich Connecticut
     Higgins Electrical Supply
     HigginsCompanyNorwichConnCityDir1951.jpg (22854 bytes) 

L E Higgins
   Taunton MA 
    TauntonMass1944City Dir.jpg (33330 bytes)  

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