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Stimpson's City Directory for Boston 1838 

Higgins Entries
Page 207

Last Name, First Name, Occupation, Address

Higgins, Dennia,    Laborer,           Williams Court
Higgins, Ezekial H, Bookbinder,    3 Staniford Place
Higgins, George, Mason, D Street corner of Silver
Higgins, John,    Sailmaker, boards near Gibbs lane
Higgins,John,     Truckman,          38 Salem

Higgins,John,     Baker,                 4 Salem
Higgins, John S, Oysters,112 and 114 Court (Bus.& Home)
Higgins, Michael,cordwainer,4th Street corner of A Street
Higgins, Michael, laborer,                  Blackstone
Higgins, Paine S.,truckman,          52 Prince
Higgins, Paul,      Provisions,       South Margin Corner of Gouch

Higgins & Sammon Hats
--Peter Higgins and John Sammon
--Business address 1 North Market
--Peter Higgins' Home address:25 Merrimac

Higgins,Rosanna,9 North Square
Higgins, Sylvenus, Cordwainer,         Mechanic Place
Higgins,T homas, Boots & Shoes,      b.9 Commercial,h.Ann St.
Higgins, Willard, Tinplate Worker,      Ash corner South Bennett
Higgins, William,Laborer,                  139 Broad
Higgins, William,Handcartman,            52 Prince

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 PAGE 257
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HIGGINS, ALFRED ,      Bread store,          181 Hanover
HIGGINS, ELDAD A.,    House                      4 North Square
HIGGINS, E. A. ,         Refreshments,          71 Commercial
HIGGINS, EZEKIAL H., Bookbinder, Home at Dedham n. Washing
HIGGINS, GEORGE,     Mason,       Business at 3rd near C Street

HIGGINS, JAMES H ,   Lowell Depot
HIGGINS, JAMES S.,   Captain,         Home at 241 Ann
HIGGINS, JOHN,                             Home at 68 1-2 Ann
HIGGINS, JOHN S.,     Oysters,         Business 114 Court, Home 112 Court

HIGGINS, PAINE S.,   Grocer,           Business 81 Salem,Home Endicott
HIGGINS, PAUL,        Provisions,       Business 328 Ann, Home 344 do(?)
HIGGINS, PETER,      Hats,              Business 1 City Wharf,Home25 Merrimac
HIGGINS, REBECCA E., Dressmaker,                23 1-2 Hanover
HIGGINS, SAMUEL M., Laborer,                      30 Harvard

HIGGINS, SYLVANUS, Bootmaker,      Home opposite 25 High
HIGGINS, URIAH,       Well Borer,       Boards at Broomfield House
HIGGINS, WILLARD,   Tinplate Worker, Home at 12 Piedmont
HIGGINS, WILLIAM,    Provisions,       Business at Sudbury Square 
                                                             Home at 52 Prince




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