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06 Feb 2010

Source: McElroy's Philadelphia Directory for 1856

Higgins Alexander, lab. rear 24th ab Callowhill
Higgins Ann T., shop, 379 N Front
Higgins Chas, carp., rear 6 Bedford
Higgins Elizabeth, shop, 14 F road (K)
Higgins & Ervin, carvers, 49 Prune
Higgins Francis, corder, Main (Myk)
Higgins George, cordw., Rhodes ab 19th
Higgins Geo, watchcasemr. 176 Queen
Higgins Henry, cordw. 387 Race
Higgins James, lab., L Washington n 10th
Higgins James, lab, 6 Scott's ct
Higgins John, dyer, 4 Raspberry
Higgins John, lab, 7th n Wharton
Higgins John, waiter, 80 Catharine
Higgins John, bottler, c Jefferson and Alder
Higgins John, lab. Locust bel 20th
Higgins John, lab. Meredith bel 24th
Higgins Mark, shop, Christian ab 11th
Higgins Mary A, washer, Mechanic (K)
Higgins Mary, widow of Geo., Higgins ct
Higgins M, shoemr. Broad bel South
Higgins Mary, widow of Henry, 41 Union al
Higgins Murray, lab. bel 12th and 13th and Oxford and Columbia av
Higgins Pat, coachmn, Mill (G Town)
Higgins Patrick, grocer, 118 Monroe
Higgins Patrick, mason, James ab R av. (N P)
HIGGINS & PERKINP1NE, booksellers, 40 N 4th
Higgins Peter, Main (Myk)
Higgins Sarah, 426 Apple (K)
Higgins Solomon Rev, bookseller, 40 N 4th, h 311 N 12th
Higgins Stephen F, carver, 412 Catharine
Higgins Thomas, weaver, 13th & Federal
Higgins Thos, mechanic, 6 Hanley's ct
Higgins T. W, atty. & coun, 77 S 6th, h Richmond ab William
Higgins William, 17 Grier's av


11 Jul 2008

  1861 City Directory for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  Publisher: C Sherman and Son

Higgins, Amanda, Brushmaker, 5th S.of Diamond
Higgins, Ann, Produce, 49 Shippen Market
Higgins, Ann, Widow of Thomas, 903 S 13th
Higgins, Catherine, Widow of Stephen F., 926 Catherine
Higgins, Charles, Salesman, 1740 Mt. Vernon
Higgins, Charles W., Bookseller & Publisher, 56 N. 4th, h 627 N. 12th
Higgins, Catherine, (c), Housework, 631 Middle al
Higgins, Charles, Carpenter, r 1106 Bedford
Higgins, Daniel, Laborer, 20th & Spring Garden
Higgins, Edward, Cooper, 728 S. 15th
Higgins, Edward, Laborer, Jefferson bel Clinton
Higgins, Elizabeth, Widow of Benjamin, Seamstress, 1038 Frankford Ave
Higgins, Francis, Shoemaker, 17 Main Myk
Higgins, George G., Ladies Shoemaker, 1828 Rhoads
Higgins, Hannah, Brushmaker, 5th S Diamond
Higgins, James, Carpenter, 701 N. 23rd
Higgins, James, Carpenter, 1333 Rye
Higgins, James, Driver, 1218 S. Front
Higgins, James, Tavern, 522 Hurst
Higgins, James, Rags, &c, 523 Carpenter
Higgins, John, Blacksmith, 1241 S. 7th
Higgins, John, Laborer, 1219 Randolph
Higgins, John, Laborer, 1519 Jones
Higgins, John, Laborer, 2407 South
Higgins, John, Liquors, 701 N. 23rd
Higgins, John, Porter, 1331 Prospect
Higgins, John, Tailor, 5 Peden's Av
Higgins, John, Waitor, 2042 Hand
Higgins, John S., Machinist, 259 N. Juniper
Higgins, Joshua, Laborer, South n Chippewa
Higgins, Joshua, Jr, Laborer, South n Chippewa
Higgins, J.M., Student, 235 N. 12th
Higgins, Lawrence, Laborer, Mulvaney bel Columbia Av
Higgins, Louis, (c), Coachman, 1102 Steadmans
Higgins, Margeret, Widow of James, 2006 Murray
Higgins, Margeret, Widow of John, 1304 Prospect
Higgins, Mark, Laborer, Richmond n Huntingdon
Higgins, Michael, Boot & Shoemaker, 610 S. 12th
Higgins, Murray, Labor, Mulvaney bel Columbia Av
Higgins, Paul Lajus, Clerk, 128 & 130 Chestnut
Higgins, Patrick, Carter, 1313 N. 2nd
Higgins, Patrick, Coachman, Gtn av ab Shelton Av
Higgins, Patrick, Hotel, Richmond N. Huntingdon
Higgins, Patrick, Laborer, 2006 Murray
Higgins, Patrick, Laborer, 5 Bowery Pl
Higgins, Patrick, Laborer, 17 Baker
Higgins, Patrick, Laborer, 416 Monroe
Higgins, Patrick, Stonemason, James, Falls Sch
Higgins, Peter, Laborer, 15 Dungannon, Myk
Higgins, Peter, Laborer, 768 S. 3rd
Higgins, Phillip, Tailor, 1532 Cuthbert
Higgins, Robert, Porter, 2040 Winter
Higgins, Solomon, Bookseller, 627 N. 12th
Higgins, Thomas, Bottler, 38 Richmond
Higgins, Thomas, Hostler, Richmond n Huntingdon
Higgins, Thomas, Weaver, SW Leithgow & Canal
Higgins, Thomas, Weaver, 1037 Jefferson
Higgins, Thomas, Tailor, 841 Chestnut, 1705 Wood
Higgins, Thomas, Tailor, r 1018 Buttonwood
Higgins, William,  Brushmaker, Otis & Gaul
Higgins, William A.,  (c), Barber, 1807 Ridge Av

10 Jul 2008

1863 Philadelphia City Directory
Publisher: E C and J Biddle and Co and A McElroy and Co

Higgins, Alice, Candy, 330 N. 8th
Higgins, Charles, Carpenter, Gilmore Ct.,r 1123 S. Bedford
Higgins, Charles, Clerk, 17th & Mt. Vernon
Higgins, C.W. , Publisher, 56 & n. 4th, h 627 N. 12th
Higgins, Daniel, Weaver, 2320 Biddle
Higgins, Elizabeth, Dressmaker, 1135 Race
Higgins, Francis, Shoemaker, Main, Myk
Higgins, George, Casemaker, 524 Queen
Higgins, James, Carpenter, Chestnut & 42nd
Higgins, James, Carpenter, 1321 Rye
Higgins, James, Dealer, 523 Carpenter
Higgins, James, Laborer, Ryan's Ct.
Higgins, John, Blacksmith, 1241 S. 7th
Higgins, John, Gardener, Baker bel 7th
Higgins, John, Laborer, 2407 South
Higgins, John, Laborer, 1519 Jones
Higgins, John, Liquors, 701 N. 23rd
Higgins, John, Liquors, 1220 Oxford
Higgins, John, Waiter, 2042 Hand
Higgins, J, Laborer, New Bedford bel Sutherland Ave.
Higgins, J. Mitchell, Druggist, S E Germantown Ave & Norris
Higgins, Lawrence, Laborer, r 1626 Mulvaney
Higgins, Mark, Saloon, Richmond & Cumberland
Higgins, Mary, Dressmaker, 1304 Prospect
Higgins, Mortimer, Seaman, 16 Colebrook Pl
Higgins, Murray, Laborer, 1632 Mulvaney
Higgins, M., Bartender, 122 Richmond
Higgins, M., Shoemaker, 1345 Rose
Higgins, Patrick, Coachman, Germantown Ave, Gtn
Higgins, P., Blacksmith, Baker bel 7th
Higgins, P. S., 306 Pace, boards National Hotel
Higgins, Sarah, Gentlewoman, Hamcock ab Norris
Higgins, Solomon, Rev., Bookseller, 56 N. 4th, h 627 N. 12th
Higgins, Thomas, Butcher, 1703 Montrose
Higgins, Thomas, Liquors, 759 S. Front
Higgins, William, Laborer, Church N. Franklin Fkd
Higgins, William A, Barber, 1807 Ridge Ave

19 Jan 2008

Directory of the Town of Newton, Massachusetts
Published 1871

Higgins Alice,          widow, house Murray, near Hull, .
Higgins Eben,         carpenter, house Lexington,
Higgins Harry,        watchmaker, boards at L. Mansur's,
Higgins Jeremiah F. physician, boards at Joseph Chapman's,
Higgins Michael,      laborer, house Thompsonville
15 Apr 2007
Reno, Washoe Cty, Nevada 1920-21 City Directory 
Higgins, Charles C., mining, h 437 Granite
Higgins, Dorothy, student, h 437 Granite
Higgins, Henry E., asst analyst at Univ. of Nevada,h 361 Ralston
Higgins, Henry W., h 361 Ralston
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Higgins, Jas M., rancher, h Ryland 1,e of Washoe
Higgins, Virginia, student,r 437 Granite
Higgins, Winfield, student,r 437 Granite

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Chicago 1844, Directory 
Last Name First Name Home Address Business Address
Occupation / Service Business / Place of Employment 

Higgins E. Canal St. 3d ward milk dealer 
Higgins F. Canal St. 3d ward milk dealer
HIggins John North Water St. near Franklin St. tanner
Gurnee & Matteson's 

Higgins, Dan, Lab., S. Long
Higgins, Geo. (Sophorona), Lab., S. Long
Higgins, John (Albine), Lab., W. Morris

1859 -1860 Huntsville, Alabama City Directory
(Originally published in 1859 by Coltart & Son)

Higgins James . plasterer, h n s Holmes opp Colhoun

Higgins W. bds Johnson House
[Broken Link - 20 December 2002]

San Diego City Directory 1874
T. J. Higgins, Real Estate and Insurance, Fifth street

City directory of Hurley, Wisconsin ... 1892 
Higgins, C J...commercial travel, res w s 5th ave bet Copper & Iron


Historic Chester, PA

1859-1860 City Directory

Higgins James, carter, Work bel Market


Paxton's 1821 St. Louis Directory
Higgins, Wm., tallow chandler


Madison Directory City Guide, and Business
Vol. 1, 1859-1860
Higgins John, s e c Church and 3d

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