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Washington City Directories

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Washington D.C.  1890 Directory   
Washington D.C. 1891 Directory 
-    Washington D.C. 1909 Directory 

Washington D. C 1890 Directory

Name                           Business Name Occupation Location 

Anthony Higgins             Senate, Senator District of Columbia 
Anthony Higgins             writer 1615 Madison avenue northwest 
Anthony P Higgins           salesman 1615 Madison avenue northwest 
Benjamin F Higgins          painter 312 10th southeast 
Catharine B Higgins,        widow John 933 K northwest 
Charles Higgins               clerk 313 D northwest 
Christine Higgins             widow 112 2d northeast 
Francis E Higgins             1419 10th northwest 
George Higgins                dentist 607 Md avenue southwest 
Henry A Higgins               2d auditor clerk 903 O northwest 

Henry E Higgins               musician 420 3d southeast 
Henry I Higgins                2 Dupont circle northwest 
Isabella Higgins,              widow Wm 1212 Mass avenue northwest 
James F Higgins               foreman 1208 5th northwest 
John Higgins                    laborer 810 4 1/2 southwest 
John Higgins                    printer 499 E southwest 
J DeBree Higgins               navy clerk The Richmond 
John J Higgins                  clerk 9 3d northeast 
John T Higgins                 laborer 327 F southwest 
Lloyd F Higgins                laborer 2817 Dumbarton avenue northwest 

Martin L Higgins               D C comr clerk 112 D northwest 
Matilda A Higgins,            widow Francis G Crescent northwest 
Patrick Higgins                watchman 213 9th southwest 
P F Higgins                     clerk 204 E Capitol 
Robert B Higgins              United States Navy Rockville Md 
Thomas B Higgins             lawyer 1315 F northwest 1212 Mass avenue northwest 
Walter Higgins                 steamfitter 910 Mass avenue northwest 

Washington D.C. 1891 Directory

William L Hart; Frank B Higgins Hart & Higgins grocers 11th c I Northwest 
Maria A Higgins                     Census Office clerk 910 Mass avenue northwest 
Anthony Higgins                    625 S northwest 
Anthony Higgins                    Senate, Senator 1524 18th northwest 
Anthony P Higgins                 salesman 909 E northwest 
Catharine B Higgins,               widow John 933 K northwest 
Christiana Higgins,                 widow Wilkinson 112 2d northeast 
Frank Higgins                        driver 512 Rickard alley northwest 
Frank E Higgins                     Hart & Higgins 1217 O northwest 
Henry A Higgins                    2d auditor clerk 1246 11th northwest 

Henry E Higgins                    musician 420 3d southeast 
Henry I Higgins                     2 Dupont circle northwest 
Isabella Higgins,                   widow Wm 1212 Mass avenue northwest 
James F Higgins                   contractor 1208 5th northwest 
John Higgins                        hostler Swinghammer alley northwest 
John A Higgins                     huckster 327 F southwest 
John DeBree Higgins              United States Navy The Richmond 
John J Higgins                      clerk 1001 N northwest 
John T Higgins                     Higgins & Jones 327 F southwest 
Laura Higgins                       domestic 1511 20th northwest 

Lloyd Higgins                       plasterer 2817 Dumbarton avenue northwest 
Maggie Higgins                     domestic 1642 Conn avenue northwest 
Mardin L Higgins                   clerk 112 D northwest 
Marie Higgins                       Dead Letter Office clerk 615 E northwest 
Rebecca L Higgins                910 Mass avenue northwest 
Thomas Higgins                    laborer 816 4 1/2 southwest 
Walter Higgins                      steam heater 910 Mass avenue northwest 
John T Higgins;                    Horace W Jones Higgins & Jones oysters
                                            330 G southwest 

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Added 14 March 2005 

Washington DC   1909 

Higgins, Alice,Boarding,1012 14th NW
Higgins, Andrew J, Clerk War,921 6th NW
Higgins, Annie, Govt Printing Office,304 East Capitol
Higgins, Annie, Widow of Claude,,317 B St. NE
Higgins, Benjamin F.,Painter,642 H St. NE
Higgins, Charles J., Clerk, 710 8th St. NE
Higgins, Daniel W.,Physician,146 11 ST. NE
Higgins, Daniel W. Jr., Navy Yard, 146 11 ST. NE
Higgins, Edward, Cook,1705 Vermont Tv NW
Higgins, Edwin B., Carpenter,3601 R St NW
Higgins, Elizabeth A., Teacher,152 D St. NE
Higgins, Elizabeth C., 1011 Euclid NW
Higgins, Eugene J., Navy Yard,100 E. Capitol
Higgins, Fidelia, Widow of Richard, The Cumberland
Higgins, Frank, Driver, 6920 Georgia Ave NW
Higgins, George L., Navy Yard,Alexandria Virginia
Higgins, George W.,Clerk, 219 7th NE
Higgins, Harry,522 Columbia Rd, SW
Higgins, Harry, 2542 6th NW
Higgins, Harry E., Clerk, 210 G NW
Higgins, Hugh, Department of Agriculture,,120 Hamlin NE
Higgins, James, Car Inspector, 642 Callan NE
Higgins, James A.,Conductor, 642 Callan NE
Higgins, James C., Clerk, 210 G NW
Higgins, J. DeBree, Clerk Navy,The Grafton
Higgins, John, Laborer, Brookville Road NW
Higgins, John D., Inspector, 723 Gresham Pl NW
Higgins, John H., Bricklayer, 642 Callan NE 
Higgins, John T., Porter, 222 D SW
Higgins, Josie, 1716 Q NW 
Higgins, J. Walter, Clerk, 939 L NW
Higgins, Katie C., Clerk,11 Myrtle NW
Higgins, Lawrence J., Post Office Department,1513 Kingman Pl NW
Higgins, Lawrence P., Blacksmith, 2706 K NW
Higgins, Margaret, Dressmaker, 642 H NE
Higgins, Miles J., Government Printing Office,1372 E NE
Higgins, Patrick, 304 E Capitol
Higgins, Patrick, Saloon,1228 D NW, h. 1407 W NW
Higgins, Reginald H., Bureau Education, 1816 Ingleside Ter NW
Higgins, Rosa, Domestic, 800 10th NW
Higgins, Walter, Steam & Hot water Heating, 910 Massachusets Ave NW ,
Higgins, William, Blacksmith, 1200 Hamlin NE, Brookland
Higgins, William E., Machinist, 604 Massachusetts Ave NW
Higgins, William H., Government Printing Office, 820 11th NE 

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