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           1898 Denver Colorado
   The State of Colorado, USA 

Ballenger's and Richard's City Directory
page 549
With selected 1900 Census Scans; exact matches by address 
Added 10 November 2003

Higgins, Alice A, Miss,- Dressmaker, reside 2628 Blake
Higgins, Andrew E.,-    Colored-,-Porter, P. P. C. Company,
                               resides 823 South 10th
Higgins, Anna Mrs,       resides 3541 Washington
Higgins, Anna M. Mrs.,  resides 2631 Eliot
                               Census Scan
Higgins, Catherine A. Mrs., resides 2829 Blake
Higgins, Charles,          resides 700 West Colfax Avenue
                                Census Scan
Higgins, Charles W.,    -Bricklayer, resides 2152 Lincoln Avenue
Higgins, Daniel,           -Driver, Dewey Hardware Company
Higgins, Daniel,           -Lawyer, reside 3244 Meade
Higgins, David B.,        -Mining, resides 100 South Evans

Higgins, Edward H,       -Baker at Alex Lambie, resides 2630 Larimer
Higgins, Edward W.,     -Miner, resides 3158 Williams
                                 Census Scan
Higgins, Emma B. Mrs., -Nurse, resides 1922 Arapahoe
Higgins, Espy E.,         -Conductor P. P. C. Company, 
                                 resides 2219 West 27th Avenue
Higgins, Frank W.,       -Manager Denver Electric Rooms 12-15,
                                 910 16th, rooms 3 Waugh Block
                                 Census Scan
Higgins, George,          -Switchman, resides 5 South Tremont Street
Higgins, George H,       -24(?),1643 Champs, 
                                 boards 1013 East 17th Avenue
                                 Census Scan
Higgins, G, Miss,           boards 1719 Glen Arm
Higgins, Harry J.          -Marble Polisher, resides 1053 8th
                                 Census Scan
Higgins, Henry T.,        -Jeweler,2945 Gallup Avenue, 
                                 resides 2219 West 27th Avenue

Higgins, H. I.,              Secretary Colorado Mining Association,
                                 930 Equitible Building
Higgins, James P.,        -Iron Molder, resides 3541 Lafayette
Higgins, John,              -Car Repairer, B.& M.R.R.,
                                  resides 2639 Larimer
Higgins, John V.,          -Bricklayer, resides 2152 Lincoln Avenue
Higgins, John W.,         -Physician,509-510 California Building,
                                  17th Corner of California,
                                  resides 1848 High
Higgins, Joseph M.,      -Machinist, resides 2829 Blake
Higgins, Joseph T.,        Carpenter at H. H. Toogood,
                                   rooms 1459 Welton
Higgins, Kate H. Mrs.,   -Dressmaker, resides 1053 8th
Higgins, Margaret Miss, - Stenographer at Woodmen of the World,
                                   resides 1307 Broadway
Higgins, Mary A. Miss,     resides 3541 Lafayette

Higgins, Mayme V.
Miss, - Clerk Denver Dry Goods Company,
                                   boards 928 South 9th
                                   Added Information Denver Steam Laundry
Higgins, Nicholas,         - Cook at Brown Palace Hotel resides 818 12th
Added Information Brown Palace Hotel 

Higgins, Patrick B.,       - Pressfeeder at W.F. Robinson Printing Co
                                   resides 2829 Blake
Higgins, Pearl Miss,       - Nurse at St. Luke's Hospital
Higgins, Sadie Miss,         works Denver Steam Laundry Company

Higgins, Thomas ,         - Carpenter, rooms 1224 14th
Higgins, William,            - Assistant Janitor at Whittier School,
                                   ws Marion between East 24th and East 25th
Higgins, William,            - Laborer, resides 35 Marshall, Elyria 
                                   Census Scan 

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