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Page last updated 3-3-2017.
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The intent of this site is to share genealogical information about families that I have been researching for the last forty years, primarily the following surnames: Mittge, Merrill, Osgood, Bailey, Wolfe, Furray, Lenox, and Armitage.  I have some information on the Thompson family but the surname was taken by my Spanish great-grandfather and is not historic. Finally I have some information on my Swedish great-grandparents and their respective families and locations.

Most recent information and more complete genealogical data, photos, and documents can now be found on my "tree".  User name is "mittge" and the tree is set to private.  If you wish to view it, please request an invite.  If you don't have an Ancestry subscription, I can send you an invitation and you can register for free to view the tree.

If you are interested in the Robbins and affiliated families, besides my Ancestry tree, which has a lot of information, check out my new (2017) blog:


From this homepage you can click on any surname below to take you to a page or pages for that particular family's history. This site is pretty basic in the information provided.  Contact me for access to my Ancestry tree for detailed information about each family.

I am always looking for documentation concerning my family history, whether it supports my research conclusions or not, so if anyone has source material to share, please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you find this site and it's information useful, or if you can add to or correct the information provided here.

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