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Neat Family

Excerpted from Beman/King Genealogy by Virgil Hoftiezer; May 1997.

The Neat family has been compiled from scratch from a variety of sources by this writer [Virgil Hoftiezer] during the past several years. A great deal of information has been accumulated, collected and verified regarding the descendants of Rudolph Neat, Jr. Flora McBride of Rapid City, South Dakota, provided much of the initial information on the Frey Family--some of which has been verified and added to from other sources. The Neat family intermarried with the Hardwicks and other allied families in both Kentucky (Adair county) and Missouri (Carroll county). There are many descendants since these families produced large numbers of children in each generation.

The surname 'Neat' has a variety of spellings. A common alternate spelling, still used toady by descendants that remained in Kentucky, spell the mane as 'Neet.' Many variations of the name have been found in some of the older records ('Need' is very commonly found). Based on these earlier spellings it is presumed that the name is of German or Germanic origin (this assumption has not been proven). The earliest proven Neat ancestor is Rudolph Neat, Sr

1 Rudolph Neat, Sr.

Excerpted from Beman/King Genealogy by Virgil Hoftiezer; May 1997.

In Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Hans Rudolph Ned, age 20, was on list A of 'All the Men from 16 years & Upwards' on board the ship Molley, Thomas Olive, Master, qualified 16 October 1741. If this is our Rudolph Neat, he was the immigrant ancestor of this family. If this is true his marriage probably occurred in Pennsylvania and a search needs to be made for his marriage record.

The next possible reference to Rudolph is in Pennsylvania Church Records, Vol. 1--Birth and Baptismal Register of Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania1, which lists: Jacob Niedt, son of Rudolph and Barbara, born 2 February 1749, baptized 19 February 1749. Jacob is a given name for one of Rudolph, Jr.'s sons. [Is Jacob ever interchanged with George?; a George Neat was in Frederick county Virginia 1764-1773; Rudolph Neat was there 1770-1777.] A researcher working on the Roland Family suggested that Esther, wife of John Roland, was a possible sister of Rudolph Neat, Jr.; there is no proof of this, but Esther was also used as a given name for a daughter of Rudolph, Jr.

Thus the possible children of Rudolph, Sr. and Barbir/Barbara Neat include:

1.1 Jacob Niedt b. 2 Feb 1749, Lancaster Co., PA
2.1 Rudolph Neat, Jr. b. abt 1754 m. Marie Margaretha Frey
3.1 Esther Neat b. unknown m. John Roland

Land records2 indicate that Rudolph Neat bought land in Frederick county Maryland in 1770 which he sold in 1777. These records indicate that his wife's name was Barbir [a spelling variation of Barbara?]. By 1787-1790 Rudolph Neat was in Rowan county North Carolina. Rudolph, Sr. and Barbir Neet were grantor and grantee, respectively, in Rowan county in 1798-1799. Rudolph Need, Sr. granted land in Rowan county to Rudolph Need, Jr. in 1799-1801.

Both Rudolph Neat, Sr. and Jr. were listed in the 1790 census of North Carolina in Salisbury Dist. of Rowan county. There were two adults over 16 years old--one male and one female--in the household of Rudolph Sr.; the female is presumed to be Barbir/Barbara. With Rudolph, Jr. are two other males (less than 16), four females and one slave. The males were his two sons born in and before 1790 and the females were his wife and three daughters born before 1790.

It is believed that Rudolph Neat, Sr. died in Rowan or Davie (the dates Rowan and Davie counties were formed need to be checked to clarify this confusion) county North Carolina before 1800. Nothing more has been found regarding Rudolph, Sr. or Barbir/Barbara Neet.

1. Information sent by Mary Lou Zimmerman, another Neat descendant.

2. Sent by Lee Osborne, a Knortzer descendant (Rudolph, Jr.'s daughter married a Knortzer). Based on his study of the land records Lee suggested that it "could be that Rudolph Neat, Jr. preceded his father to Rowan County, North Carolina." This is very possible because (according to the Moravian Record) Rudolph Neat, Jr. was staying at the house of his future father-in-law before his marriage in 1774.