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?.1 Rudolph Neat, Jr. (Rudolph, Sr.)

Rudolph Neat, Jr. was the son of Rudolph, Sr. and Barbir/Barbara Neat

Marie Margaretha Frey was the daugher of Johann Valentine and Anna Maria Barbara Frey

Excerpted from Beman/King Genealogy by Virgil Hoftiezer; May 1997.

Rudolph Neat, Jr. was the son of Rudolph, Sr. and Barbir/Barbara Neat. His birth order and other sibs have not been determined. It is believed he was born about 1754, possible in Pennsylvania.

Rudolph Neat married Marie Margaretha Frey about 10 July 1774 in Friedberg in Forsyth county North Carolina1. Marie Margaretha Frey, the daughter of Johann Valentine Frey and Anna Maria Barbara Binckele, was born 18 September 1755 in Heidelberg in Berks county Pennsylvania. She came to North Carolina with her parents in 1765 when she was about 10 years old. Her parents belonged to the Moravian Society [see Frey Family].

Rudolph and Marie Margaretha were listed in Salsbury district of Rowan county North Carolina with five children and one slave in 1790. Rudolph was granted land from his father in 1799-1801 in Rowan county. In the 1800 census, they were still in Rowan county with eight children and three slaves.

Between 1800 and 1810--probably between 1802 and 1805, the family moved from North Carolina to Adair county Kentucky. Their three older children married in Rowan county North Carolina in 1801, 1800 and 1802 respectively. George Knatzer, husband of their oldest daughter Barbary, was a bondsman for the marriages of the other two children. Their fourth child married in 1805 in Adair county Kentucky. In 1810 Rudolph was in Columbia township in Adair county Kentucky with his wife and 11 others in his household; perhaps some of his married children with their children were with him. The oldest son John was listed separately with his family.

The children of Rudolph Neat, Jr. and Marie Margaretha Frey Neat were2:

1.?.1 John Neat b. 6 Jul 1776 m. Asenath Pelly
2.?.1 Barbary Neat b. abt 1780 m. George Christopher Knatzer
3.?.1 Elizabeth Neat b. abt 1782 m. William Smith
4.?.1 'Sally' Sarah Neat b. 10 May 1787 m. Turpin Thomas
5.?.1 Jacob Neat b. abt 1790 m. Lydia Pelly
6.?.1 Esther Neat b. abt 1790 m. William Gadberry
7.?.1 David Neat b. 26 Jun 1795 m. 'Sally' Sarah Jones
8.?.1 Susannah Neat b. abt 1794/1800 m. George Hardwick
9.?.1 Margaret Neat b. abt 1802/1805 m. Simms A. Winfrey

Rudolph Neat, Jr. died in 1821 in Neatsville, Adair county, Kentucky. Supposedly Neatsville no longer exists because a dam was built and the area is now under water; this has not been verified. Nothing more is known regarding Rudolph Neat, Jr. Even less is known regarding his wife Marie Margaretha Frey Neat. The death date listed for her on the FGR must be an error (the original source of that information cannot be identified after a thorough search of the records on file here.) If she died in 1784 Rudolph obviously remarried and Marie Margaretha could not be the mother of the last six children including our ancestor Susannah neat. There is no record of a second marriage for Rudolph--although lack of record is not proof! Until proven otherwise, Marie Margaretha is believed to be the mother of all nine children listed. Her death date is unknown. At least six of her children are known to have named one of their oldest daughters 'Margaret' after her3.

Of the nine known children, two have not been traced; four remained and are believed to have died in Adair county Kentucky; three moved to and are known to have died in Carroll county Missouri. Most had very large families--nine to twelve surviving offspring--within their initial marriage; none of the seven children traced married a second time. The list of known descendants of Rudolph Neat Jr. and Maria Margaretha Frey Neat is very large. The descendants intermarried with the Hardwick family and with many of the same allied families that intermarried with the Hardwick family. Thus, some of the relationships are very complex.

8.1 Maria Margaretha Frey (Johann Valentine Frey)

Excerpted from Beman/King Genealogy by Virgil Hoftiezer; May 1997.

Maria Margaretha Frey, the third daughter and eighth child of Johann Valentine Frey and Anna Maria Barbara Binckele, was born 18 September 1755 in Heidelberg (Berks County), Pennsylvania. She moved with her parents to North Carolina in 1765. Apparently she met her future husband--Rudolph Neat, Jr.--when he came from Maryland and stayed with her family. They were secretly married around 10 July 1774 in Friedberg, Forsyth county, North Carolina

1. This marriage is listed in the IGI (International Genealogical Index) as occurring in Rowan County, North Carolina (the submitter has not been contacted to determine the original source). The Moravian Record of North Carolina (Maria Margaretha's father was a Moravian brethren and thus is noted in the Moravian Record) noted that Johann Valentine Frey reported that his daughter had married Rudolph Ned who had been stating at their house; this notation was in the Friedberg (which is in Forsyth county) section of the record and thus the marriage was placed in Forsyth county. No other documentation of this marriage has been located.

2. Names of children were compiled from marriage records of some daughters that specified Rudolph was their father, wills, census records and information from other Neat descendants including (in order of amount of information supplied): Bonnie Smith of Carrollton MO, Mary Lou Zimmerman of Missouri, Flora McBride of Rapid City SD, and Dallas Neat of Kentucky.

3. To date no clear cut naming pattern (as used by some German and Germanic families) has been identified in this family. The Moravians had a tendency to use multiple given names--often three or more--which can be confusing when an individual was referred to by only one given name, but it could be any one of the three. Also some families used the same given names for multiple children, altering only the sequence (three of Maria Margaretha's sisters were named Anna and one was named Anna Maria Margaret). Maria Margaretha probably went by her middle name--only tow granddaughters were named Mary [the English form of Maria] as compared to six named Margaret [the English form of Margaretha]. Five grandsons were name Rudolph after their grandfather.