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9.1 George Hardwick (Thomas, Sr.)

George Hardwick was the son of Thomas, Sr. and Elizabeth Hardwick

Susannah Neat was the daughter of Rudolph, Jr. and Marie M. Neat

Excerpted from Beman/King Genealogy by Virgil Hoftiezer; May 1997.

George Hardwick was born in March of 1795 in Buckingham County Virginia, the fourth son and ninth child of Thomas, Sr. and Elizabeth Hardwick. He moved with his parents from Virginia to Kentucky, where his father died when George was only 12 years old. George was apprenticed out1. Nothing more is known of his childhood or young adulthood.

On 21 October 1816 George married Susannah Neat in Adair county Kentucky. Susannah Neat, the daughter of Rudolph Neat, Jr. and Marie Margaretha Frey, was born about 1794/1800 in North Carolina [see Neat Family]. George and Susannah were enumerated in both the 1820 and 1830 census in Adair County Kentucky. The six known children of George and Susannah Neat Hardwick were:

1.9.1 David M. Hardwick b. abt 1817/18 m. Sarah J. Cooleya (1st cousin)
2.9.1 Thomas M. Hardwick b. abt 1820 m. Elizabeth Mayberry
3.9.1 John G. Hardwick b. 1 Jan 1821 m. Eliza A. Mason
4.9.1 Margaret Elizabeth Hardwick b. 24 Mar 1822 m. Edward Harrold Fawks
5.9.1 Rudolph N. Hardwick b. abt 1822 d. 20 Mar 1847 (Mexican War)
6.9.1 Jacob M. Hardwick b. abt 1823/25 m. Lucinda Mason
a Sarah was the daughter of John Cooley and Mahala Hardwick (sister of George).
b Eliza A. Mason and Lucinda Mason were sisters [see Mason Family].

In 1830 the family was listed in Adair county Kentucky with five children--four males and one female--between the ages of five and 15 years.

In or before 1833 George and Susannah moved their family from Kentucky to Missouri. Dates have to be verified but land must have been made available for homesteading in Missouri about this time (the Hardwick family were mostly farmers--a few were blacksmiths). George was appointed a judge in Carroll county Missouri in 1833 by the then governor of the state. George's and Susannah's son, David M., married his first cousin in Carroll county on 12 September 1839. Many of the Kentucky families--friends and relatives--apparently had moved from Kentucky to Missouri together [just as the previous generation families probably moved from Virginia to Kentucky together].

In the 1840 census George and Susannah were in Grand River township of Carroll county Missouri. David Hardwick was listed in a separate, but adjacent, household from his parents (he was listed between his parents and his parents-in-law). Since four males and one female (in addition to the parents) were listed with George Hardwick, it appears that the rest of the children were still living with their parents in 1840.

Susannah Neat Hardwick died sometime between the 1840 census and 29 July 1841 (the date of George's second marriage). Very little is known regarding Susannah Neat Hardwick. Even the exact date of her death and her burial place have yet to be determined.

On 29 July 1841 George Hardwick married Lucy Christina Taylor in Carroll county Missouri. Lucy Christina Taylor, the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth, was born in may 1822 (she was about 27 years younger than George!) in Kentucky. In the 1850 census George and 'Christina' Hardwick were listed in Carroll county Missouri with four children.

The children of George Hardwick and Lucy Christina Taylor Hardwick were:

7.9.1 General Washington Hardwick b. 23 May 1842 m. Nancy Jane Manning
8.9.1 Congreave William Hardwick b. abt 1844/46 m. Nancy _______
9.9.1 Elizabeth F. Hardwick b. Aug 1847 m. Emmond Eisenberger
10.9.1 Phillip A. Hardwick b. Sep 1850 d. bef 1860 (not in census)
11.9.1 child Hardwick b. bef 1852 unknown
a 1900 & 1910 census information: Lucy Christina Taylor Hardwick gave birth to five children and three were still living. This child's birth could fit between children  and or and any child of George's would have to have been born before 1852 since George died early in 1851.

George Hardwick apparently went to California soon after the 1850 census was taken since he died there around January 18512. There is no record of his burial place--it is assumed that he was buried somewhere in California.

Of the five children from his first marriage that survived George (his son, Rudolph, died in 1847 in a hospital in Santa Fe, New Mexico while a soldier in the Mexican War), four remained in Missouri and died there--David M. in 1879, John G. in 1853, Margaret Elizabeth in 1874, and Jacob in 1873; the sons are believed to all have died in Carroll county, but Margaret Elizabeth Hardwick Fawks died in Chariton county where she lived after her marriage. George's son Thomas M., and his family were in Little Lake in Mendocina county California in 1860, 1870 and 1880 census. It is possible that Thomas accompanied his father (or visa versa) to California in 1850 and remained there, but since Thomas had eight children and four were born in Missouri (between 1848 and 1857) and four were born in California sometime between 1857 and 1859. At least one, if not two, of George's sons served in the Civil War3. A granddaugher of George Hardwick, 'Susan' Margaret S. E. Hardwick (daughter of Jacob M.) married John W. Snodgrass 23 November 1882 in Carroll county Missouri; attempts are being made to trace John W. Snodgrass to determine how he related to the Snodgrass family. George's one son--John G. Hardwick--sued him because of conflicts regarding the settlement of the estate of the other son--Rudolph; George was the administrator of Rudolph's estate.

George's widow, Lucy Christina, and her young children moved to Harrison county Missouri. In 1860 'Christina' Hardwick was a seamstress in Marion township. Lucy's son, William, lived next door. Based only on census records, it does not appear that there was much interaction between the children of George's first and second marriages.

Lucy Christina continued to live with her daughter and son-in-law, but in Union township of Harrison county, as per the 1880, 1900 and 1910 census. Lucy Christina Taylor Hardwick remarried and was widowed again between 1880 and 1900. In both 1900 and 1910 she is listed as Lucy C. Ballew, mother-in-law, with Edmond Eisenbarger. Lucy Christina Taylor Hardwick Ballew has not been located since 1910 when she was 87 years old. The 1920 census needs to be checked as do the death records in Harrison county.

8.?.1 Susannah Neat (Rudolph, Jr., Rudolph, Sr.)

Excerpted from Beman/King Genealogy by Virgil Hoftiezer; May 1997.

Very little is known about Susannah Neat [daughter of Rudolph Neat, Jr. and Marie Margaretha Frey except her marriage date of 21 October 1816 to George Hardwick in Adair county Kentucky (from IGI). Her birth date range (1794/1800) was estimated from the ages in the 1830 and 1840 census listing for George Hardwick. Her death date estimate was based on the date of George Hardwick's second marriage.

1. Vinita J. Lebedeff sent copies of the apprentice papers.

2. In a letter from Placerville, California, dated 15 February 1851, Philip Hardwick (George's brother) wrote to his wife in Missouri that 'Brother George ... (and two other people) ... are dead.' In probate records of John G. Hardwick (son of George) who died 29 November 1853, George's estate was mentioned. To date no will of George Hardwick has been found; it would be expected that he would have planned and provided for the young wife and their young children of his second family.

3. In 1890 special census of Civil War Veterans lists Lucinda Hardwick, widow of David Hardwick of Co., C, MO calvary. [This is very confusing since Lucinda was married to Jacob--NOT David.] The Civil War Pension file for Lucinda Hardwick, widow of George J. Hardwick of Co. K, 3 Reg. MO SM calvary. [This is equally confusing--Jacob may have been his middle name which he used to not be confused with his father or sometimes Jacob is translated as George from German to English. Was he in Co. K or Co. C? Jacob would have been about 38 years old when he joined the army in 1862.]