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Mitchell Family: Emigration

John Mitchell
John Mitchell

John (54) and Mary (47) Mitchell from Yorkshire England emigrated to Wellington New Zealand in 1841 with their six children Elizabeth (22), William (21), James (19), John (16), Joseph (14) and Henry (9). Four other children had previously died of small pox in Haley Hill, Northowram, Halifax, Yorkshire.  Their names were Sarah, Nancy, Thomas and Bengeman.

Mary Nicholson
Mary Nicholson

John and Mary’s children had all been christened at the Halifax New Connexion Salem Methodist Church on 12 July 1837.

The 1841 Census of the Haley Hill part of Northowram records the Mitchell family: John (Brick Maker), Mary, and their children Elizabeth, James, John, Joseph, and Henry, and notes: “This family left this place on the 9 of June for New Zealand under the said Company”.

The ship on which the family travelled was the Gertrude.  It had set sail from Gravesend on 19 June 1841 and arrived in Wellington on 3 November. Most of those on board, like the Mitchells, were assisted immigrants - people who could not afford even a one-way ticket to New Zealand but who were young, fit, and had skills the New Zealand Company wanted to build and develop settlements in the new country.

John was a brickmaker as were his two older sons William and James, from the pottery works of Halifax, Yorkshire.  His only daughter Elizabeth was a seamstress; the other two sons, John and Joseph were labourers. 

Mary had two brothers, Joseph born in Halifax on 25.5.1792, and William also born in Halifax. William also had a son called William who was born in Haley Hill, Halifax in 1827. Mary and her brother William both emigrated to Wellington.


This website was developed by Margaret Hobbs (nee Jamieson), the great, great, great grand-daughter of John and Mary Mitchell.  The site is dedicated to her grandmother, Henrietta Ethel Jamieson (nee Mitchell) who was the first daughter of Arthur Alexander Mitchell son of William referred to above.  You can contact Margaret by email on margaret.hobbs.3@ [no space before gmail].