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Welcome to the Minier Family Website. Our mission is to share, exchange, and provide information to anyone searching for their Minier roots. This includes the many spellings of the name, including Minnir, Minier, Minnier, Minegar, Minear, Minniear, Manier, Menear, Mynhier…just to name a few.

            To give a little background on whom “We” are… Simply put, we are Minier (all spellings, thank you very much) family researchers. In 1998, when internet genealogy was in its infancy, several of us connected and began exchanging information. The Minier and Minear surname mailing lists were born. Individuals who have done years and years of research have willingly shared all to help others find their Minier roots. I was one of the lucky recipients of some of that information back in 1998. Finding out who you are and where you came from is truly a gift. Being able to compile that information and share it with others is one way of giving that gift. We share that gift and ask only for it to be used respectfully, with the intent in which it is given.

On this website we endeavor to trace the descendants of Wilhelm Minnir, who was born about 1650. It is not clear whether he was born in France or in Germany but is it is known that he was a blacksmith and Master Armorer for the Count of Hohenlohe, Ernstbach, Germany. He was married to Eva Susanne Ehl and together they had 5 children.  We pursue the progeny of his grandchildren, children of his son Christian b. 1675 and his wife Anna Rosina Grengelbach b. 1672.

Wilhelm Minnir b. 1650 d. abt 1705   m. Susanne Ehl b. abt 1654

Their children:


*Christian Minnir b. 2-9-1675/76 Michelstadt,Germany

    d. bef 1719    Hohensachsen, Mannheim, Germany

            Johann George Minnir (twin) 2-9-1675 d. May 1739

            Johann Crafft Minnir 12-9-1683 d. 10-1-1751

            Wilhelm Minnir b. 1691

            Johann Phillip Minnir b. 1693