MINING ACCIDENTS, U.S., CANADA, NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA I currently have over 600,000 mining accident records (fatal and nonfatal) covering most of the United States, New Zealand, provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec in Canada, and provinces of New South Wales and Queensland in Australia. However, about 283,000 of the mine accident records are the state of Pennsylvania. The mining accident records are from the late 1800s through the early 1900s. I have knowledge of all major mine disasters in the US, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. I can provide advice on finding U.S. mine fatalities from the late 1960s and later and in Victoria province Australia. For a detailed listing of the records that I have, see and click Find a Volunteer near the top or bottom of the web site or The best way to contact me is to post a query on the web site or through the website raogk.wikia whose URL is above, but put the words "Mining Accident (state or province)" in the subject. I continue to collect mining accident records. An index to many of my mining accident records is available on the web site: "Arthur Lakes Colorado School of Mines Library" I regularly check the 17 state mine board postings on "Roots Web Mining Boards and Mining Categories - U.S. . By searching, one may find a helpful historical query. Any posting more than two years old probably has a bad email address link.
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