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Joseph Alexander Young and Mary Ann "Polly" Vaughn
Joseph Alexander Young son of Robert Raulston Young, Dr. and Mary McReynolds Alexander was born 15 Feb 1817 in Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee and died 29 Jan 1879 in Johnson County, Texas. He married Mary Ann "Polly" Vaughn daughter of James Vaughn and Mary Jane Crawford  16 May 1839 in Madisonville, Monroe County, Tennessee. She was born 15 Feb 1821 in Indiana and died 03 Jul 1897 in Riverside, Riverside County, California.  They lived in Maryville, Monroe County, Tennessee until after the Civil War, when most of the family moved to Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas circa 1870. After the death of Joseph Alexander Young in 1879 Mary Ann Vaughn and her daughter Frances Eddington Young and her son John Crawford Young moved to Riverside, Riverside County, California where her daughter Ella Young Hayes and her husband Cyrus Haynes were living. Joseph is buried in Lane Prairie Cemetery #1, Johnson County, Texas and Mary Ann is buried Evergreen Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Riverside, Riverside County, California.

1 - James Vaughn Young born 01 Mar 1840 in Tennessee and died 08 Nov 1843 in Tennessee

2 - Sarah Jane "Sally" Young born 28 Aug 1841 in Tennessee and died in 11 Jun 1927 Eastern Star Home, Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas  She married Haywood Harris 18 Jun 1862 in Monroe County, Tennessee. He was born 1839 and died in 1925. They are both buried at Keystone Cemetery, Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas.

3 - Mary Caroline Young
was born 27 Feb 1843 in Tennessee and died 16 Nov 1909 in Monroe County, Tennessee. On 06 Dec 1865 she married John Dotson Wilson son of Eligah Wilson and Elendor Ellen Messer 06 Dec 1865 in  Monroe County, Tennesse He was born 13 Mar 1837 in Washington County, Tennessee and died 02 Feb 1917 in Monroe County, Tennessee. They lived in Budger, Monroe County, Tennessee. They are both buried at Chestua Cemetery, Monroe County, Tennessee.

4 - Rebecca Elizabeth Young born 08 Mar 1845 in Monroe County, Tennessee and died 08 Aug 1894 at Lane Prairie, Johnson County, Texas. She married George Washingon Patterson 02 Jun 1869 in Blount County, Tennessee.

5 -- Robert Ralston Young  born 28 March 1847 in Monroe County, Tennessee and died 25 March 1922 in Johnson County, Texas.  He is buried in Lane Prairie Cemetery, Johnson County, Texas. On 5 December 1875 he Married Emma Brown daughter of Andrew Jackson Brown and Caroline Crawford. She was born 27 January 1858 in Mississippi and died 23 May 1935 in Texas and is buried in Thomaston, Leake County, Mississippi.

6 -- Eliza Woods Young  was born 18 Nov 1849 in Mt Vernon, Monroe County, Tennessee and died 17 Apr 1906 in Fannin County, Texas. She married Leander "Lee" Reno Stiles son of William McConnell Stiles and Eliza Pack 30 Sep 1869 in Monroe County, Tennessee. He was born 17 Sep 1846 in Cherokee County, North Carolina and died 26 Sep 1917 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas. She is buried at Ladonia Cemetery, Fannin County, Texas along side her sister Ann Jackson Young Ashley. It appears the Leander Reno Stiles is also buried there but not sure.

7 -- Ann Jackson Young born 24 July 1851 and died 9 December 1871. On 10 October 1871 she married Leewise William Ashley. She is buried at Ladonia Cemetery, Fannin County, Texas along side her sister Eliza Woods Young Stiles.

5 - Joseph Alexander Young, Jr. born 9 September 1853 in Tennessee and died 10 May 1887.

6 - Frances "Fanny" Eddington Young born
16 April 1855 in Tennessee and died 20 April 1943 in Riverside, Riverside County, California.  

7 - Ella Young
born 15 March 1857 in Tennessee and died 19 May 1924 and is buried in Riverside, Riverside County, California. On 22 May 1879  she married Cyrus Haynes. He was a sewing machine dealer, and music store owner.

8 -- William David Young  born 11 November 1859 in Tennessee and  died September 1929 in Oakland, Alameda County, California. On 14 December 1897  he married Emma Shannonhouse.

8 -- John Crawford Young
  born 3 February 1865 in Tennessee and died November 1957 in Fresno, Fresno County, California. On 27 June 1897 in Fowler, Fresno County,  California he married Elsie Elnora "Nora" Manley  daughter of Edwin and Jemima Manley. She was born 11 December 1875 in Plano, Tulare County, California and died November 1929.