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Reunion at the Home of William Andrew DeBusk and Martha Edmondson in 1909 in Coleman-Brown County, Texas. The house was built by Andy in 1892. The house was in Coleman County and most of the farm was in Brown County.
Back row left to right --  William Layne DeBusk, Hugh Bartio Edington, Ernest Erskin Rich holding Lloyd Lindley Rich, unknow boy, David Campbell DeBusk holding Louis Doyle DeBusk, woman if front of David Campbell is Lucy Ann Aynes, Martha Laura Keller holding L.D. DeBusk, James Jackson DeBusk holding Charlie Gabriel DeBusk, woman in front of James Jackson DeBusk is Martha Jane DeBusk Jones holding Andy Jones,  Martha Jane McAbee in checkered dress, William Andrew DeBusk, Girl in white blouse, Minnie DeBusk, girl in white blouse, man in dark suit Robert Daniel "Bob" Jones, Boy in dark suit, girl in white blouse, , Nellie May Arrowood, Molly Ann DeBusk.  Going left from Lucy Aynes is Sarah May DeBusk, Martha Jane DeBusk, and Leeoline DeBusk.  Irene DeBusk is in front of William Andrew DeBusk.  The other children can be identified based on their age in 1910