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Joseph Campbell DeBusk
Joseph Campbell DeBusk

Joseph Campbell DeBusk the son of John Wesley DeBusk and Emeline Widener was born 14 Feb 1862 at Boon's Path, Lee County, Virginia and died in 1935 in Texas and is buried in Dressey Cemetery, Callahan County, Texas. He worked for William Andrew DeBusk on his ranch in Brown County, Texas. He was not in the original group that moved from Lee County, Virginia to Collins County, Texas in 1868. All of John Welsley DeBusk children moved to Kansas except for two daughters that stayed in Lee County, Virginia. Joe is the man with his foot on the barb wire fence in the picture with all the family of William Andrew DeBusk and Martha Ann Edmondson in 1892.

Joseph Campbell DeBusk He met his wife Sarah P.  through a mail order bride company. Their only child died young. Sarah P. had a son named Lester Stern by a prior marriage. Lester and his wife believed that Sarah Catherine Ball DeBusk, the widowed wife of Elijah DeBusk, had a lot of money hidden in her house and tried to rob her on the night of 19 June 1934. He was an unemployed mechanic living in Abilene, Taylor County, Texas. He and his wife borrowed a car and drove to the home of Sarah Catherine Ball DeBusk where he tried to chloroform her, but she awoke and started screeming causing him to hit her on the head. Her friend Abbie Hounshell was also hit on the head when she came to investigate the screeming. Luther stole $40 from under Sarah's mattress. Sarah was hurt worse than Abbie. Lester and his wife were arrested in Abilene and charged with robbery with firearms. He was convicted and sent to prison for 99 years, but only spent about a year in prison. He moved to Odessa, Ector County, Texas.

This picture was donated by Pauletta Hicks the great granddaughter of Ernest Erskin Rich and Minnie DeBusk.