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Manuel DeBusk and Edith Mann
Manuel and Edith DeBusk established the DeBusk Foundation on 5 March 1979 as a means of giving financial support to charitable activities. Subsatntially, all monies now in the Foundation were contributed by the DeBusks because they wanted to set its goals, elect its directors and point its charitable direction while they were alive. They therefore, each provided by wills, that the survivor of them bequeaths his or her assets to the Foundation. Mrs. Edith DeBusk died on 4 October 1990. Mr. DeBusk is still living.

He remarried in 1992 to Jean DeBusk, who endorsed wholeheartedly the Foundations's objectives until she died 12 January 2001. Mr. DeBuskis actually transferring personal assets to the Foundation, so that by his death, DeBusk foundation will have established its course of grant giving

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This picture is from the DeBusk Foundation web site.