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Kid Peak Sunday School in 1897
Kid Peak Sunday School in 1897

Pictured above is Sunday School group at Kid Peal, a community located in northern Brown County about  four miles south of present-day Cross Cut. The photo which was provided by Mrs E.L. Garrett of Cross Plains and identifications were made or learned by her. Only three members of the group shown are still living. They are Beulah DeBusk Carmichael of Brownwood, Claude DeBusk of El Paso and Rosie Slate Edington of Cross Plains. Identification was made as follow.

Left to righ front row: Lucy Stone, Edna Golson, Bula DeBusk, Bud Golson, Nat Broocke, Charlie Stone, Bill Stone, Edgar Prater, Jodie Edington, Aunt Sarah DeBusk, Nila Prater, Claude DeBusk, Clint DeBusk and Bob Edington.

Second row: Mr. John Clark, Mattie Prater, Delia Van Huss, Lillie Van Huss, Jackson Edington, Mittie Gaines, Dolphus Prater, Rosie Slate, Walter Broocke, Meda DeBusk, Sam DeBusk, Madison Golson, Jennie Broocke and Sodie Golson.

Third row: Mrs R.A. Broocke who was superintendent of the Sunday School and grandfather of Mrs. Garrett, Tip DeBusk, Nettie DeBusk, Charlie Moore, Angeline Stone, Bunk Hickman, Mary Stone, Oscar Newton, and Minerva Brocke.

Back row: and Mrs. Minerva Broocke, Wister Gaines and Walter Prater.