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Elias DeBusk and Martha Edmondson

Elias DeBusk (son of Palser DeBusk and Mary Sarah "Sally" Surber) born 05 Jul 1824 in Washington County, Virginia died 29 Jun 1895 in Cross Plains, Callahan County, Texas. He married Martha Edmondson 18 May 1844 in Washington County, Virginia. Martha Edmonson (daughter of Andrew "River Andy" Edmondson and Susan DeBusk) born 16 Mar 1824 in Washington County, Virginia and died 05 Dec 1910 in Brown County, Texas. They are both buried in Smith Cemetery, Brown County, Texas.

A party of 10 people, which included Elias, Martha, and Elijah , Susan, and Andrew and a brother Christopher DeBusk, left Lee County, Virginia in 1868 in a covered wagon for Texas. They came through the Cumberland Gap and down the Boone Trail to the ferry at Boonsboro. The trip to Texas took them 9 weeks. They originally settled in Collins County, Texas. In 1875 they moved to Brown County, Texas, where they remained until there death. This is only one year after Colonel Randall Slidel McKenzie defeted the Comanche and Kiowa Indians in Palo Duro Canyon. This effectively eliminated the indian from Texas.

Elias DeBusk joined Company H, 27th Battalion of Virginia Mounted Rifles, 25th Virginia Cavalry on 3 October 1862 at Whitesholes, Lee County, Virginia. He was definitely with the 25th just before it was decimated in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign. The 25th was part of General Jubal Early's Army. In all probability Elias was present at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania where General Early took revenge on the north for actions of the Union General David "Black Dave" Hunter in Virginia. On 20 December 1864 he was listed as absent without leave. This was very common as the 25th. Virginia Cavalry was no longer a viable unit. Many of the men were sent home to get replacement horses, but were only given 30 days to go from Oak Hill, Virginia to Abingdon, Virginia by train. They then had to walk to their homes in Lee County, about 75-80 miles. He was paroled on 27 April 1865 at Cumberland Gap, Kentucky by Colonel William Y. Dillard of the 34th Kentucky Infantry Volunteers of the Union Army after swearing allegiance to the United States of America.

Elias would bleed people to cure them of illness. The knife that he used is now in the possession of Lois DeBusk Garrett. She also has the rifle that Elias carried in the Civil War

Children of Elias DeBusk and Martha Edmondson

1 - Susan DeBusk born 29 Mar 1845 in Washington County, Virginia and died 07 Jan 1907 in Burkett, Coleman County, Texas. She married James Patton Helms 09 Jan 1866 in Lee County, Virginia. They are both buried at Smith Cemetery, Brown County, Texas.
2 -
Elijah DeBusk born 25 Jan 1847 in Washington County, Virginia and died 09 Aug 1924 in Cross Plains, Callahan County, Texas. He married Catherine Ball (daughter of Tillman Dixon Ball and Elizabeth Bales) 21 Sep 1868 in Lee County, Virginia
3 - William Andrew DeBusk born 18 Aug 1850 in Washington County, Virginia and died in Dublin, Erath County, Texas. He Married Martha Ann McAbee
21 Sep 1869 in Lee
County, Virginia.