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Cross Cut Cemetery in Brown County, Texas

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Cross Cut Cemetery in Brown
County, Texas

Cross Cut Cemetery in Brown
County, Texas
Anderson, Newton and Glyda David V. Byrd
Lawrence Byrd
William Earnest Byrd and Maudie DeBusk W. Lawrence Byrd
Leta V Byrd Thomas Raymond Creamer
Leta V. Byrd Thomas Raymond Creamer
Margarette Byrd
Margarette Byrd Jake Leroy Byrd and Julia Dicy
Lillian LaJean Byrd
Lillian LaJean Byrd Elvy Clarence Byrd and Elsie May Edington.
Earl Jackson Byrd and Betty O.
Irma J. Byrd
James Blackstone Byrd and Mary
Tennessee Tune
Jesse Leroy Byrd and Atha Hyllas
Jesse Leroy Byrd  
Jesse Leroy Byrd  
OB Byrd
O,B. Byrd, Sr. O.B. "Sonny" Byrd, Jr.
Leon Dwight Byrd Sarah Elizabeth Byrd
Thomas Spencer Chamers and Maddie Bell Byrd
Walter Leslie Byrd and Opal
Eugenia Chambers
Maddie Bell Byrd and Thomas
Spencer Chambers
Clifton Harold Chambers
Carl Clayton Chambers Clifton Harold Chambers and Mary
Lou Dibrell.
Kenneth Hugh Chambers Thomas Chambers, Jr. and
Billie Jo Baucom
  Birte Clark
Elijah DeBusk and Sarah Catherine
Claude Elijah DeBusk
Aubrey Earl Edington and Eulalia
Infant of Jackson J. Edington
and Molly C. Laymone.
Infant of Luke Vaughn Edington and Rosie Lee Slate Samuel Alexander Edington
Eddie Fowler
Eddie R. Fowler Carla Greenwood
Margaret V. Greenwood Thomas D. Greenwood
Anderson Howard Hounshell Christopher Columbus Hounshell
and Allie Byrd
Vernon Hounshell William Martin Hounshell and
Cora Phillips
Eliza Jane 'Clint' Lewis Troy E. Martin
William H. Martin Cecil White Moore
Joyce Lanelle Moore
Joyce Lanelle Moore James J Prater
John Henry and Louisa Prater Walter Andrew Prater
John R. and Allie Prater David Lawarence Strange
 Addie Myrtle Byrd and George Monroe Martin and Jesse Blackstone Byrd, Jr. Eliza Rebecca Wilson
Eva Mae Byrd andLuceous Q. Clark