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Last Updated January 10, 2002


On these pages you will find the descendents of:

  • Gottlieb Hummel, Germany
    Died May 1, 1940
    Anna Emilie Balewski-Hummel, Germany
    Died May 23, 1932
  • Charles Frederick Engel, New York
    Died June 20, 1942
    Lydia Mae Stevens-Engel, New York
    Died Jan. 8, 1952
  • Herman Howard Hummel, Missouri
    Died March 20, 1979
    Fannie Sophia Engel-Hummel, New York
    Died Jan 3, 1984
  • Thomas Mills, England
    Died Jan 5, 1936
    Laura Elizabeth Griffith-Mills, Wales
    Died June 11, 1943
  • John Farrell, Ireland
    Died Nov 1, 1937
    Mary Ann Bannigan-Farrell, Ireland
    Died Feb, 12, 1957
  • Richard Mills, New York
    Died April 15, 1953
    Teresa Mary Farrell-Mills, Michigan
    Died Dec 3, 1931


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