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Millers Chapel School house & Cemetery

Old Millers Chapel

Old Millers Chapel

My wifes Mother, Grandmother, and Greatgrandmother
attended school at Millers Chapel near Winslow, Arkansas

This Photocopy of a photograph that belongs to Lilliah Andreson
has several students standing in front of the old Millers Chapel
including Cynthia (Henson) Hampton, My wife's great grandmother.
I used the computer and magnified Cynthia shown
on the right side of photograph. She is third over from the right
in the bottom row in the larger group photo.


Millers Chapel School

There are those who have heard stories from parents
and Grandparents surrounding early school days, preaching, singing,
leteraries and other community functions at Miller Chapel,
about 6 miles east of Winslow, Arkansas.
Some still remember their own early school days at Miller chapel.
Mrs. Dorothy Preston's great-grandfather taught the first school
there in the log building 94 years ago.
(do not know when this is written or what year 94 years ago was.)
Land for the school was purchased
from Mrs. Lilliah Anderson's grandfather. Frank Miller.
One sunday night in 1924 there was a church service in the building
and Hugh Terry was to start a school term there the next morning.
Mr. Terry arrived ready to open school but there was no school house.
It had burned down during the night. In the old photo above standing
in front of Old Miller Chapel are, standing on the porch,
Left to Right -- Frank Miller, Sam Preston, Mary Miller. Lily Preston,
Alta Shackelford; next row down--- John Miller, ? Sebourn;
third row from back---Frankie Providence, Bill Luper, ? Henson,
Rolie Luper, Lee Paskal, ? Henson, Lewis Sebourn, ? Sitha Luper, ? Henson,
Matilda Caughman, Mahalie Henson, ? Breashears; Front row--- ?,
Dovie Henson, Joe Mann, ? Hunter, ? Henson, ?, Mary Henson, Bessie Henson,
Mary Wilckie, Cynthia hampton, Marie Tanner, Grace Henson,
The old photo is property of Lilliah Anderson of Rte 2, Winslow
If you happen to know whom any of the unidentified people are
please post a reply in the guest book.

Millers Chapel summer of 2006
Photograph by Stephen Schneider

Driving directions to Millers Chapel

To drive to Millers Chapel/School house - and cemetary
exit off of I-540 at exit 29. TR on 282 East. TL on 71 North.
TR on County road 126. County rd. 126 will turn to gravel and eventually
into old logging type dirt road. When you pass the junction
of County 126 & 129 you are 3.2 miles from Millers chapel - continue on 126.
(Note you will at one point as of this writing 1/24/04 have to cross
through a creek that runs over the road) Millers chapel
will then be just up the hill on the left side of the road.

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