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Family History Notes

By John T. Miller, Jr. Ongoing research on the genealogy of Miller, Mathis, Weishaar and Baker families, et al.

The Family Tree: My primary tree is on RootsWeb. I also have a secondary tree Millerology on* See also the tree by Paige Miller on

The summary chart below lists principal lineages, with links to Rootsweb.

* When uploaded by GEDCOM the Ancestry tree does not display the comment fields (which is where I list my sources) or embedded HTML. So the Ancestry tree references back to Rootsweb for documentation. The Ancestry tree provides access to other members, including DNA matches. A kludgy arrangement, but Ancestry just makes it difficult to annotate sources other than their own.

At right: The oldest surviving house in the founding city of New Jersey was built by Littell ancestor Nathaniel Bonnell, who came to the new colony from New Haven in 1665 as one of the original Elizabethtown Associates. See "Jersey Genesis".

Jersey Genesis
Littell ancestors participated in the original purchase of New Jersey lands from the Indians and were among the first settlers of the colony.
Cherry Hill Revisited

The Last Farms
Recent and distant history of the immediate and extended family in Berkeley Heights, NJ, c. 1730 to 1956.
Probable Miller origins

DNA match suggests Peter and Eva Miller immigrated from the Rhineland-Palatinate, then part of Bavaria.
Andrew Noble (1796 - 1865)

Family papers yield a critical source document.
Arundel, Maine, 1810

Missing census pages.
DAR Anyone?

Azor Curtis (1718 - 1778) and other ancestors with Revolutionary service.

Places and Traces

Eponymous streets and roads.
Swiss Family Mathis

"Are You Descended From Urse", by Norbert L'Hostis
John Miller I

Death in Vienna: Going Out in Style

The Family Tree: This chart shows the earliest known ancestors, plus the most recent four generations where known . Where generations have been skipped, the number omitted is indicated by "..[x].." The earliest entrants into the United States, or the American colonies, are all included in one of the first two rows, where known.

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Thomas Walford (c.1595-1666)
From England in 1623.


James R. Robinson
Family from Halifax.

Married Sarah Davis

Poss. cousin:
Alexander Robinson
(b. 1817, Nova Scotia)

William McDowell
(b.c. 1800)
Belfast, Ireland.
Em. to Scotland.

Samuel McDowell (1826-1864) Em. fm. Scotland to U.S. in c. 1855.

Married Mary Taylor

Heinrich Scheig
(b. 1745)
Hesse, Germany.


Meiningen, Germany.

Franz Peter Roschy
Walhalben, Palatinate


Eva Roschy (1816-1896)

Peter Miller (1814-1885) To NYC, 1836.

Melchoir Mathis
(b. 1570) Switzerland.

Joseph Lind
(b. 1692?) Alsace.


Franz Schuber
Palatinate, Germany

William Preston (1591-1647) From England to Mass. Bay, 1635


Phebe Meeker

William Littell
Rev. War


Thomas Harmon
(1775-1843). Born in Cork, Ireland. To Schenectady, 1800.

Married Deborah Dudley (1782-1841)

Marselis Jans
(d. 1700?). From Holland to Albany.

Johannes Weishaar
 (b. 1650)
Schoenenbourg, Alsace


William Pixley (1635-1689)


Azor Curtis (1717-1778) Rev. War


Edward Martin
(b.c. 1612) Devonshire, England

John Martin (1635-1714)
b. Ottery-St. Mary. Em. to Plymouth Colony.
Benjamin Noble (b.1744)

Andrew Noble (1796-1865)


Urs Mathis (1620?-1690?)
born in . Switzerland, died in Alsace


Henry Ahasuerus Marselis (1753-1821).

Rev. War.


Johannes Weishaar
(b. 1796)

Eva Scheidt (1796-1876)
From Alsace, 1844

Phineas Pixley (1790-1882)
War of 1812



Hannah Curtis (1797-1817)


Martha Jane Noble

Married  =>

Winslow Robinson

Robert McDowell
(1849-1910) Married Sarah Thompson

Conrad Scheig (1821-1870)
To New York, c. 1842. Married    =>

Eva Margaret Schubert
(1824-1903) Born Germany, died in New York.

Joseph Mathis
(1800-1867) To New Orleans, 1829.
Married    =>

Susanna Lind
(1797-1871) Born in Hungary, died in N.O.

Maria Schuber

(1824-1888) Married.


Aaron Polhemus Littell
(1829-1899) Married
Mary Langstroth

Joseph Harmon
(d. 1890)

Married =>

Sarah Maria McMichael

John Weishaar (1834-1913)

Susan Kloss (1842-1924)

Nancy Cook

Charles Bissett (1852-1901)


James Winslow Robinson

Married  =>

Mary McDowell

Wilhelmina Scheig

Married  =>

John Miller (1846-1889)

Louis Mathis
Married  =>

Civil War

Mary Kopp

Hiram Elwood Littell
Married     =>

Ellen Horsfal Harmon

Anthony Weishaar (1881-1953)

Bertha Schneider (1883-1967)

Bertha Bissett (1876-1923)

Claude Noxon


Grace Adelaide Robinson
Married =>

John Scheig Miller

Louis J. Mathis

Married =>

Bertha Dudley Littell

Cora Weishaar (1902-1928)

Frank Federoff (1900-1972)

Winona Noxon (1898-1984)

Clarence Baker (1898-1946)


John T. Miller, Sr. (1915- 2011)  Married =>

Barbara M. Mathis (1912-2009)

Frank J. Weishaar (1923-2009) Married =>

Barbara J. Baker (1924-1998)


John T. Miller, Jr. (1946- )  Married =>

Pamela J. Weishaar (1947- )