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News Journal
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
County Edition
Saturday morning, April 18, 1925



Mrs. T.B. Appel, Mrs. Charles F. Hager, Mrs. Herbert W. Hartman, Miss Mary Muhlenberg and Miss Helen Shirk attended the social workers' conference in Williamsport this week.

Mrs. J.G. Forney, past regent of Donegal Chapter, D.A.R., Mrs. John F. Nissley, present regent of the chapter; Mrs. John L. Ruth and and Mrs. Walter N. Keylor, will attend the National D.A.R. convention in Washington next week. They will be registered at the New Ebbit hotel.

Miss Helen Straub and Miss Mollie Pearson spent yesterday in Philadelphia.

Mrs. Milton Ranck, Strasburg, will be hostess at the Iris Club this afternoon during the social hour. The address will be given by Adolph Mueller on a horticultural subject, "Foundation Planting." Mrs. C. Howard Witmer and Mrs. John F. Groff, will pour tear.

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Trost will be the chaperone at the Community party this evening in the Y.M.C.A. under the auspices of the Playground and Recreation Association.

Mrs. william Weisgerber, 833 Buchanan Avenue, entertained twenty-two member of the Mothers Club of St. Paul's Reformed church Thursday evening. Games were enjoyed and the prize winner was Mrs. Clara Hawkins. Refreshments were served at the close of the evening.

Prizes were won by Miss Anna P. Eaby, Miss Cecelia Charles, Mrs. J. Maloney, Miss Myra Forry, Mrs. A. Kegel, Miss Amelia Lamparter and Miss Mary Schroy.

Dr. C.G. Twombly and D.E.M. Hartman are spending a few days in Perry county at the opening of the trout fishing season.

Miss Ada Forry and Miss Mary uerrine gave a small card party of x tables for the benefit of the Business and Professional Women's Club.

Mrs. W.F. Parthemore of East End Avenue and daughter, Dorothy, dietician at the General Hospital have returned fm Hartford, Conn., where they have been visiting the former's sister, Mrs. S.V. Morehouse since last week.

Charles Kaiser, of Franklin and Marshall College, recently returned from his home in New Jersey, where he spent the Easter vacation.

Miss Helen Miller, night supewrintendant of the Lancaster General hospital, is confined to the hospital with sickness.

Dr. S.X. Radhill, interne at the Lancaster General hospital, is ill at the institution.

Miss Mable A Hersh, of 737 Marietta avenue, will spend the week-end in Philadelphia as the guest of Miss Alice Ellmaker.

A surprise party was given Miss Margaret Bickhart on Thursday evening, April 16, at her new home, 36 East Liberty street. It was a complete surprise and everyone had a most delightful evening. Music and dancing were the predominating features of the evening while games were played at intervals. A lunch was served. Those present were Miss Hazel Cully, Jack Wilson, Catherine Eby, Luther STorm, Bernita Sweigart, Ernest Dickerman, Catherine Williams, Mickey McMillan, Gladys Gallagher, Bud Bishop, Margaret Bickhart and son and daughter, Junior and Kathryn.

Mrs. Christian Nolt, Marietta avenue will entertain at dinner and cards this evening in her home.

The governors in charge of the Community parties will hold their regular banquet in Ye Olde Valley Inn, York, Thursday evening, April 23rd.

Mrs. William Litch, 117 East Clay street and Mrs. Harry Mehaffey, will be hostesses Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 for the meeting of the Pricilla club for the Osteopathic Society. The meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Litch.

Miss Helen Messner, 535 North Lime street and Mr. Wallace Reid, Paradise, spent Thursday at the races in Maryland.

Mrs. J.M. Schlott is visiting her daughter, Grace, a student at Western Reserve Medical school, Cleveland, Ohio.

Cards have been received from Miss Ella G. Ball and Mrs. Merty Swaine who are motoring through New England. They have reached Auburn, Me., and will return early next week.

Mrs. Charlotte R. Rogers, Waltham, Mass., arrived in the city and will be at home, 242 Mary street. Mrs. Rogers formerly lived in this city but has resided in Waltham about five years.

Mrs. Howard Smith, West Walnut street returned from a trip to her former home in Waltham, Mass. Enroute from Waltham, she stopped in New Haven, to visit her brother, Mr. William Rogers.

Miss Amelia Nies 432 Lancaster Avenue, was the hostess for the meeting of the home Missionary society of the Lancaster Avenue Methodist church Tuesday evening. The Lenten envelopes were opened and the contents voted to the budget fund. The society planned for a box sale in May. After the business session a social hour was spent with refreshment served by the hostess.

Miss Miriam Ochs, of Harrisburg, is the guest of Mrs. Harry Ehemann, 607 South Lime street.

Miss Ethel M. Tweed, of Millersville, entertained at her home on Thursday evening, Miss Pearl Parmer and Miss Elsie Waltz, of Lancaster.

Mrs. Blanche Brubaker and sister, Mrs. Laura McComsey, are spending several days in Washington, D.C.

Miss Winifred F. Vogan, of 520 West Chestnut street, has returned to her home after spending the winter with her cousin, Mrs. Frank Galloway, at Brookline, Mass.

Miss Emma Bricker, of North Duke street, is spending the week in Washington, D.C.

Miss Mary B. Rawn and Mrs. J. G. Noordewier attended the social workers conference at Williamsport on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Stuart F. Gast, a student at the General Theological Seminary, New York city, spent several days at his home, 520 West Chestnut street.

Miss Ethel Cantor, of Buffalo, N.Y., will spend several days with Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Granat, of Marietta avenue.

Mrs. May Copinger, social service worker at the Lancaster General hospital, is in Williamsport, where she is attending the sessions of the social workers' conference.

Mrs. Edith Slaymaker Kinzer, Miss Margaret Slaymaker and Miss Anna Lowell will leave today for Washington, D. C., where they will attend the National D.A.R. Congress next week. They will be registered at the New Oxford hotel.

A surprise party was given Mrs. John Geisler, of Plum street, on Thursday evening in honor of her birthday anniverary, at the home of her son, Roy Geisler, of Duke street. The following participated in the event: Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart, of York; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Boone and daughters, Virginia, Betty and Gloria; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Geisler and children, Charles, Jr., and Lillian; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Geisler and son, Robert; Oleita, Mildred and Eva Geisler, Preston Thompson, Virgil Boone, Samuel Silvius, Webb Kilby, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ------ of New York.

Mrs. Laura McComsey, of West Chestnut street, and her sister, Mrs. Brubaker, of South Prince street, have motored to Washington, D.C. to spend a few days.

Frank Martin and family, of Jersey City, N. J., are visiting the former's sister, Mrs. E.R. Kant, of West Chestnut street.

Mrs. A. A. LeFevre, of South Queen street, entertained at two tables of bridge on Thursday afternoon. The prizes were won by Mrs. Frank Stauffer, Mrs. John Erhart, and Mrs. Lily Stoner Bryson.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Werts, of Eden West, attended the Havre de Grace races on Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Negley, of Pittman, N. J., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Owens, of 539 North Pine street.

Mr. and Mrs. George Buckley and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stephens will spend the week-end in Coatesville as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Pickle.

Mrs. P. R. Bard, of Philadelphia, will arrive in Lancaster on Saturday to spend a week with her mother, Mrs. Harry Harsh, of Reynolds avenue. She was recently sick and expects to recuperate in this city.


In the suit of Louis Stein against Edith Blakeman, trading as Blakeman's Specialty Shop, the defendant yesterday filed an appeal with the court from the decision of Alderman Doebler awarding the plaintiff $131.96.

Miss Mary Hanna, living south of Quarryville, takes a reference in this newspaper to the "sweetheart of Marcus Pless" to mean her. Miss Hanna called at the office yesterday afternoon, admitted that persons had shot into her home but declared she was not the sweetheart of Pless. The name of Miss Hanna had not been mentioned in the previous story.


Andrew's Bridge, April 17- Last Thursday, John and Willis Haverstick, John Jack, George Haverstick, Galen Eshelman and Thomas Haverstick assisted Melville Jr. in the digging the foundation of Mr. Barr's new house. He will erect a cement block house on his redently purchased lot in Kirkwood.
Miss Etta Roop has returned to her school work at Elizabethtown College after spending several days with her home folks, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roop, and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Witmer and daughter, Emma, were in Quarryville Wednesday and called on relatives while there.
Mrs. Howard Walton is very ill at her home near this place.
Miss Mazie Howeth visited with her mother, Mrs. Ida Howett, over the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Eckert were in Coatesville last Tuesday sfternoon. The Coleraine Alumni held a business meeting last Monday evening in the Kirkwood High School building, at which time plans were made for the annual alumni banquet.
Miss Lillian McFann and Thelma and Chester Rintz visited with Mrs. Jack Eckert, Thursday.
Miss Marian Rutter visited over the week-end with her father, Davis Rutter, and family.
Mrs. Mary Montgomery has returned to her home after spending some time in Lancaster.
A number of persons interested in temperance work gathered at Mt. Pleasant M. E. Church Wednesday evening and enjoyed the Silver medal contest by children belonging to the L.T.L. organization.


Bareville, April 17 - Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Wenger entertained at dinner, on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. George Harman, of Lancaster.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sensenig entertained on Sunday, the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Diem and Miss Anna Cushmore of Groffdale, Mr. and Mrs. David Poff and daughters Kathryn and Ruth, and sons Melvin and Edward, of near Bird-in-Hand, and Caleb Rutter, of Ardmore.
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Miller were entertained on Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Longenecker, of Clay.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McNamee, of Lancaster, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. David Myers.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Groff, of Lancaster, were guests on Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Groff, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Alexander.
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Burkhart spent Sunday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Noah Nolt of Groffdale.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Overly spent a day recently at Gap, visiting Mr. and Mrs. David Denlinger.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Donwoody and family accompanied by the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hull of Brownstown, motored to Lebanon on Sunday. Mrs. Bowman and Miss Esther Bowman, of New Holland, spent Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Wenger and family.
Miss Helen Jouan and Edwin Jouan, of Woodhaven, Long Island, spent some time recently with Mr. and Mrs. George Littlejohns.
Mr. and Mrs. Noah Groff attended the funeral of Mrs. Hettie Martin, widow of Eli Martin held on Wednesday at Weaverland Mennonite church. Miss Marian Cramer of Reading spent some time recently with Miss Dorothy Wenger.
Holy Communion was observed on Sunday evening at Groffdale Mennonite church.



True Blue Class Feted
Mrs. Earl Diffenbaugh, 1036 Woods avenue, entertained the member of the True Blue class of Bethany Presbyterian Sunday school at her home last evening. Games were played and refreshments served. About 20 persons were present.

Movies at Hospital
Patients, nurses, and Sisters of St. Joseph's hospital were entertained with moving picturse last night in the class rooms, under the direction of the Lancaster Playground and Recreation Association. The picture machine was operated by Grant D. Brandon, superintendant of the association.

Decedents' Estates
Letters to the decedents' estates were issued as follows in the register of wills' office yesterday:
Testamentary in the estate of Emme L. Walter, late of Lititz, to Joseph B. Herr, also of Lititz.
Testamentary in the estate of William S. Keenard, late of Conoy township, to Annie Keenard, Conoy township.

Elopers Refused License
Abraham Y. Trostle, aged 19, and Mrs. Myrtle Gehman, both of New Holland, were refused a marriage license at Elkton, Md., testerday, because of the youth of the prospective bridegroom.


Birth Announcements
Mr. and Mrs. Menno Howry, of 419 North Queen street, annouynce the birth of a daughter, Thursday night at 10:15 o'clock, at the Lancaster General hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Rice of Mt. Joy announce the birth of a son Thursday afternoon at 4:15 o'clock at the Lancaster General hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B. Wohr, of Abingdon, Virginia, formerly of this city, announce the birth of a son, Clarence B. Wohr, Jr., yesterday afternoon at 4:15 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. William Kasparvitch, of 416 North Christian street, announce the birth of a son, yesterday morning at 10:45 o'clock, at St. Joseph's hospital.


An enjoyable reception for the members received into Christ Lutheran congregation during the past year was given at the church last evening by the mmembers of the Luther League. About 200 persons were present to welcome the 61 new members, each of whom was presented with a white carnation.
Addresses were given by the pastor, Rev. A.J. Reichart, and Miss Catherine Hausch, president of the Luther League. The program was as follows: selection by an orchestra; a comedy-drama, "Tragedy in 3 Acts," cast of characters, "King Soapine," Mrs. F. Hausch; "Lifebuoy," Harry Harmes; "Lux," Dorothy High; "Soap Suds," Hilda Boettger, Dorothy Woe\hlers, ALma Hatz, Virginia Rill, Katherine High and Anna Stauffer, a sketch. "The Original Broadway Flapper Chorus," Catherine Hausch, Florence Deen, Katherine High, Grace Stauffer, Pauline Kahl, Margaret Spicer, Catherine Rudisill and Esther Rudisill; "tight Rope Walker," Pauline Stauffer; a sketch. The original cast of characters, "Mr. Mouser," Elmer Wohlers; "Mrs. Mouser," Catherine Hausch; "Crummy," Herbert Wilson; "Betsy Baker," Anna Stauffer; "Reunion."
Refreshments were served.



Missionary Worker Dies in Youngstown
Word has been received of the death of Mrs. Anna Charles Grubb, aged 46 years, which occurred yesterday morning at her home, in Youngstown, Ohio. She spent twelve years in South Chinaas a missionary and is well as a church worker and singer. She is survived by her husband Francis Greggs Grubbs, who is minister in the Christian and Missionary Alliance church, in Youngstown, and an infant daughter Joanne. She is also survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Charles, of near Millersville. The following brothers and sisters David, of Strasburg; Henry and Mrs. J. Walter Shaub, of near Millersville; Mrs. W. Wirt McConnelly of Lancaster; Alice, John, and Laura, at home. Funeral services will be held and burial made in Youngstown on Monday.

Ralph Sauders
Ralph Sauders, aged 26, of near Letort, died yesterday morning at 11:45 o'clock, at the Lancaster General hospital from injuries received Thursday afternoon in an accident at the sand quarry of John Herr between Oyster Point and Mountville.
He was a son of Joseph K. Sauders and Lizzie S. Warner Sauders, and was born October 18, 1898 in Manor township. He had been in the employ of John Herr since last February.
Besids his parents the following brothers and sisters survive: Willis W., at home, Miss Ada A., of Washingtonboro; Esther Mae, at home; Annie W., of Lancaster; Irene W., and Paris W., both at home; Hattie W. of Creswell; Harry W., Edith W., Raymond W., Irvin W., and Bertha W., all at home.
Funeral services will be from the Masonville Mennonite church, at Letort, Monday morning at 10 o'clock. Interment will be in the adjoining cemetery.

Mrs. Annie Wilson
Mrs. Annnie Wilson, wife of John S. Wilson died at her home 252 North Third street, Columbia, yesterday morning at 4:20 o'clock from the effects of s stroke of apoplexy which she suffered Monday. She never gained consciousness after being stricken. Mrs. Wilson was 68 years old and survived by her husband and one daughter, Mrs. Louis Deeg, of Columbia. A surviving sister is Mrs. Elizabeth Will, of Columbia, and a surviving brother, Dr. Frank Sholl, of Philadelphia. The funeral will be held on Monday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from her late home, with private burial in Mount Bethel cemetery. The Rev. J.M. Shelley, pastor of the First Methodist church, will conduct the service.

John H. Schreiner
John H. Schreiner, proprietor of the Leopard Hotel this city, for twenty years, died yesterday at his home in Ephrata, aged 77 years. He was a member of Trinity Lutheran church, Ephrata and Herschell Lodge I.O.O.F., this city.
The surviving relatives are a niece and adopted daughter, Mrs. George L. Nies, Ephrata; two nephews, Walter J. Shreiner, Harrisburg, and Theodore R. Stilwell at home; two sisters, Mrs. Clara Newcomer, Landisville; and Caroline Imhoff, this city, and two brothers, Frank S. Shreiner, this cuty, and Edward Shreiner, Harrisburg.
The funeral service will be held Monday afternoon at 2:15 at his home 234 Franklin street. Interment will be in Bowman's cemetery.

Christine Fleischman
Christian Fleischman, 79 years old, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. R.S. Lykens, Akron, yesterday morning.
Death was caused by a complication of disease. The surviving children are Mrs. R.S. Lykens, Akron; John, Lititz; and Mrs. J. Horace Elliot, Philadelphia. One sister, Mrs. Ellen Wiker resides in this city.
Brief private funeral services will be held Monday at one o'clock in the home followed by a public service in St. Michael's Lutheran church, Strasburg. Interment will be in the adjoining cemetery.

Katie Mann
Mrs. Katie Mann, widow of William Mann, who until 5 years ago was a resident of Columbia, died in Harrisburg Thursday afternoon, aged 56 years.
Death was due to a complications following burns received several days ago.
Two daughters, Hattie, wife of Roy Weigel, and Helen, wife of Harry Mitchell, both of Harrisburg, survive.
The funeral will be held in Columbia today at 2 o'clock at Salome U.B. Church, Rev. A.K. Weir will officiate. Interment will be in the Mt. Bethel cemetery.

Celin H. Hilton
Celim H. Hilton, of Nottingham, died at his home at midnight last night. Funeral arrangements will be made later.


A blazing pile of cinders in junk yard of Isaac Miller's sons, at South Water and Hazel streets, caused a fire scare in that vicinity shortly before 9 o'clock, last night.
Beneath the pile of cinders, it is said, several old tires were lying which started to blaze and cause the scare. A telephone call summoned Chief Kegel and fireman of Company No. 2, who played a hose stream on the cinder pile for ten minutes. No material damage was done.

Operator on Vacation
Louis Sanford, operator at Pennsylvania Railroad tower in the local station, is enjoying a two-day vacation. He is being relieved by H.G. Reese.


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