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A Brief Mikesell Family History


From Meiyssel Meixel Mikesell by Ardella M. Rhode


Most of the Mikesell family in America can be traced back to Johann Wolfgang Meyssel or Meiyssel. He was born about 1640 in in Grieskirchen, Ob Der Enns, Wels Dist., Austria. His son Andreas MEIXEL (MEIYSSEL) was born about 1670 in Leimen, Baden, Germany. Andreas came to America shortly after he married his second wife, Anna Maria Schwab in 1719 and before 1724. He came with his wife's family to Conestoga Twp. Lancaster County Pennsylvania. He later moved to the northwest to Denegal Twp. where he died in 1738 or after. 

Andrea's son Jakob from his first marriage came to the same area in 1728. Hans Martin, Jakob's brother also came to America. The descendents of these two brothers retained the Meixel or Meixsell spelling of their name. The sons from the second marriage - Johannes, Andrew and Conrad appear to have changed the spelling to Mikesell sometime between 1752 and 1759 when they started to move out of Pennsylvania to Maryland, Virginia and places further west. 

During this period of America's history, individuals responsible for the records were very apt to spell the names as they sounded to them, not as they were spelled in their original country. Also, neither the recorders or the individuals were very well educated or consistent in their spell of anything. 

Some known variations are: 

Micksell Miskill Mikels Mixsell Micksel Mikesele Meixel Mikezel Mickesel Mickel Myksel Mikle Mixel Maxwell Mickelal Mickle Maxwel Mickesel Meixell Miksell Meixell Mixell Maxel Mikel Mikesley Mikeshell Maxcel Mixell Miksel Mieksol Mikesall Miskill Mexel

 Correction to above I don't fell confortable changing the above quote from Ardella Rhode's book but the following is a correction provided by Paul Maslak via email.

"Andreas Meixel (son of Johann Wolfgang Meyssel) died in 1738. His estate was settled in Probate Court on 6 December 1738. He lived at the time in Donegal Township, Lancaster Co., PA. Source: Miscellaneous Book 1732-1749, page 47, Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County. I don't have the specific month or day. "