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Middlebrook(s) Family Register Update

The Association sponsoring the first update since the 1909 publishing of Louis Frank Middlebrook's Register of the Middlebrook Family. Additional updates are envisioned at 10-year intervals. This first update will add an additional two generations to the Register for a total of 12, and span the years from 1635 to about 1930. Your help is needed.

This is a great and exciting family history project and the family needs everyone’s input. The update will consist of corrections to the original and additions through the 1920s. Louis's 1909, 412-page register chronicles the family's growth from the early 1600s through the early 1900s and this update will be the first in nearly 100 years.

Update Criteria:

Please contact us and help with your early turn of the (19th -20th) century family information. If you are uncertain or feel that you lack the genealogical skills to participate, we will be glad to provide guidance. This is a family team effort and we realize that not all will have the same level of expertise.

The update covers two distinct areas of the family:

This family history project provides a great opportunity to learn more about your ancestors and preserve our family heritage for future generations. Middlebrooks descendants are encouraged to join in this project by providing pre-1900 family information, pointing the way to other family contacts.

Only you can help in accomplishing this Register update. Please contact the Association Register Update Coordinator at MFA-Register Update to participate or make inquiries.

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