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"Register of the Middlebrook Family"

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The Register of the Middlebrook Family was published in 1909 by Louis F. Middlebrook.
About the Register.      Get a copy of the Register.

Today's researchers have identified corrections and additions, which can be found on our Name Index webpage.

We are also in the process of identifying latter descendents, as an extension to the 1909 Register. Learn more about the Middlebrook(s) Family Register Update.

This is an evolving project and the listings of our ancestors, hopefully, will never be complete. By working together and the submission of solid documentation, this site can provide the most accurate information for all Middlebrook(s) historians.

The tremendous genealogical endeavor of Louis F. Middlebrook at the turn of the 20th century yielded his Register of the Middlebrook Family in 1909. It is a wonderful reference and excellent starting source to begin one’s family research. Since 1909, many diligent researchers have discovered inaccuracies in Louis's work. These discoveries resulted from information not available to Louis at the time of his original effort and each Middlebrook(s) family researcher is encouraged to submit their additions or corrections to this site.


Comments or suggestions are always welcome.

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