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Update:Saturday, 22-Mar-2014 05:16:51 MDT
Middlebrook(s) Family Association
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Middlebrook(s) Family Association, Inc.

The Middlebrook(s) Family and Associated Families Web Site

Preserving Our Family Heritage
for Future Generations

The Association was founded in 2001 to bring together family members interested in preserving our family history for future generations. Our main purpose is to locate, preserve and share the history of our ancestors. This website, constantly under development, will provide information for you to:
  • learn more about the general history of our family.
  • learn more about the Middlebrook Family Register.
  • make corrections to your Middlebrooks Family Register.
  • participate in a family register update,
  • locate other family meetings and reunions.
  • ensure your family history is preserved through our repository project,
  • participate in the Association's annual meeting.
  • join our Association and receive our quarterly Newsletter.
  • and, be included on our general mailing list to receive the family announcements, events and research tips.

We would love to have you join our Association and help sponsor and support the many exciting projects and activities listed above and receive the quarterly Newsletter and family announcements.