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Men of Mark in Maryland
- Bernard C. Steiner, PhD, 1907

David Henry CARROLL
David Henry CARROLL, D.D., for years a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church and, since impaired health compelled him to give up the work of the active ministry, in 1872 successively the head of the Methodist Book Depository in Baltimore (from 1872 to 1888), and president of the Baltimore City Missionary and Church Extension Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church from 1885 to 1895, has been, since 1882, most actively identified with the manufacturing and mercantile interests of Baltimore. He was general manager of the Mount Vernon Cotton Duck Company from 1882 to 1887, and president of the Laurel Company from 1886 to 1899, when these mills with others were consolidated under the name of the Mount Vernon-Woodberry Cotton Duck Company. He is serving his second term as president of the Merchants and Manufacturers Association of Baltimore, the largest and most active business men's association of the city. He is vice-president and treasurer of the Consolidated Cotton Duck Company and director and secretary of the Mount Vernon-Woodberry Cotton Duck Company.

His father, David CARROLL, was born in the suburbs of Baltimore on the 11th of July 1840. A slender boy, and rather delicate in health, he was fond of reading, study and travel. While he was not trained to any form of manual labor in his boyhood and youth, his father's methodical and energetic life had a marked effect upon the son in forming his own standards and appreciation of work; and throughout his life he has been actively industrious. The influence of his mother he feels has been especially strong upon his intellectual and moral life. He was fond of reading biographies, histories and general literature. His early education he received in private and public schools, at the Medfield Academy in Baltimore county, and in the Light Street Institute in Baltimore. Entering Dickinson College at Carlisle, Pennslyvania, he was graduated A.B., in 1868. Three years later he received the degree of A.M., and Dickinson College conferred upon him in 1885 the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity.

In March 1861, he was received into the Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church as a minister of the Gospel. The choice of his life-work was the result of a deep personal conviction of duty; but his health did not prove equal to the strain of the severe work of a pastor and preacher. In 1872, giving up the active ministry, he took a leading part in the formation of the Methodist Book Depository at Baltimore of which he became the head, and continued to occupy this positon until 1888, when, because of the presure of multiplied duties, he resigned.

In 1882 he became officially identified with the Mount Vernon Cotton Duck Company acting as general manager until 1887. His knowledge of this business led to his election in 1886 as president of the Laurel Company. In 1899, upon the consolidation of these companies with others under the name of Mount Vernon-Woodberry Cotton Duck Co., Mr. Carroll became director, member of Executive Committee and secretary. In 1901 he became vice-president and secretary of the United States Cotton Duck Corporation.

On July 6, 1865, Mr. Carroll married Miss Mary E. BOYD, daughter of Andrew BOYD, of Frederick, Maryland.

Early and always identified with the Methodist Episcopal Church, in addition to the positions named above, Mr. Carroll is president of the trustees of the American University at Washington, District of Columbia; vice-president of Morgan College, Baltimore; president of the Educational Fund of the Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church; treaurer and trustee of the Baltimore Conference; treasurer of the Education Socity of Baltimore Conference of the Mehtodist Episcopal Church and also of the American Methodist Histoical Society. He is also a trustee of Dickinson College. He was a delegate to the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1888, and in 1904; and he has been "reserve" (or alternate) to several other general conferences. He was a delegate to the Centennial Conference in 1884; and to the Ecumenical Methodist Conference in London, England in 1901.

Actively interested in the manufactures and trade of Baltimore, in addition to his position as president of the Merchants and Manufacturers Association, he is a director in the Continental Trust of Baltimore, the Columbian National Life Insurance Company of Boston, Massachusetts, and in various other business corporations. He is a director and treasurer of the Hospital for Consumptives of Maryland; and he is an officer, director or trustee in various other charitable instituions.

He is a member of the Alpha Beta Kappa Fraternity. He is a Mason. He is a member of the Merchants Club.

His favorite forms of exercise and relaxation have been riding, driving and travel. He has traveled extensively throughout the entire United States; and he has visited Europe for extended tours at various times. To young citizens who wish to succeed he commends: "Temperance, morality, industry". "There are no substitutes for these; and there is no succsss worthy of the name without these."

Doctor Carroll's address is 808 Continental Trust Building, Baltimore, Maryland.   (pg 82-85)

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