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Frederick County, Maryland - Newspaper Abstracts
The Examiner
Frederick, Maryland
Wednesday, January 10, 1855
  • Marriages
    - Mr. David O. BAKER to Miss H. Josephine STIMMEL, both of this county, in 
    Woodsborough, on the 28th by Rev. M. L. SHUFORD.
  • Deaths
    - Cornelius Henry, infant of Mrs. Mary P. SHRINER, died at Ceresville Mills 
    on the morning of the 3rd.
    - Philip Kurtz, third s/o Philip and Ann R. CULLER on the 1st of scarlet 
    fever; aged 5 years, 3 months and 2 days.
    - Thomas Ramsburg DUNLAP, s/o Mr. William DUNLAP, on the 4th; aged 2 years, 6 
    months and 27 days.
    - Mr. Benjamin DUDDERAR departed this life on the 29th at his residence near 
    Oak Orchard in the 78th year of his age.  For many years he was a member of 
    the Methodist Episcopal church; buried at Linganore Chapel; addressed by Rev. 
  • Insolvent Notices - George LEASE, Sr.

  • Trustee Notice - Lazarus EADER; George T. DILL, trustee

  • Equity
    • #2599 - Israel MILLER; James PEARRE, Trustee; M. B. LUCKETT, Auditor

    • #2570 - WACHTER and others vs Solomon OHLER and Levi OHLER; M. B. LUCKETT, auditor

  • Public Sales
    Levi CREAGER - Trustee Sale
    - On 13 January 1855, house and lot formerly occupied by Levi CREAGER, dec'd, situate and lying on the public road from Mechanicstown to Creagerstown, adjoining the lands of Leonard PICKING, Jacob STULL and John EICHOLTZ and containing 16 acres with a fair portion in timber. The land is in a fine state of cultivation; the improvements are comfortable, with a first-rate well of water near the door of the dwelling. - Frederick WELLER, Trustee

    - At the same time, will sell farm of 65 acres where I now reside of prime land, conveniently laid off into good sized fields with never-failing spring near the door and a stream of water passes through the premises. It lies in the immediate neighborhood of the above described property, is in finest state of cultivation with improvements. - Frederick WELLER, esq, trustee

    William CAIN - Sale
    - On 10 March next at the Hotel of Elijah HILTON, Esq., in the town of New Market - 50 acres of land lying three and a half miles East of New Market, about one mile North of the Turnpike and of the B&O Railroad, and adjoining the lands of Roderick DORSEY, Solomon CLARY and others. About 40 acres are in wood and the balance cleared; having thereon an excellent Mill seat. There are also a Mill dam and race, with several good springs of running water on the premises. - William CAIN (L. VANFOSSEN, auctioneer)

    Henry NICODEMUS, dec'd - Sale
    - on premises, about one mile from Wakefield on the road leading to Westminster, Carroll County, MD on 22 January. The farm lately occupied by Mrs. Catharine NICODEMUS and adjoining the lands of Reuben HAINES, David ENGLER and others, contains 155 acres, 70 are cleared and divided into nine fields, including meadow and orchard, under good fencing and well watered; the residue is heavily timbered. The improvements consist of a large 2-story dwelling with brick back building, all newly repaired, painted and in excellent condition; a good sized Switzer barn, large grain shed, wagon shed, corn cribs, dairy, smoke house and all other necessary outbuildings. There is a thriving apple and peach orchard of choice fruit. Persons wishing to purchase, can view the premises by calling on Mr. Hanson NICODEMUS, residing thereon, or Mr. David NICODEMUS, on the adjoining farm.
    - John NICODEMUS and Isaac C. NICODEMUS (of Oak Orchard), executors; John SMITH of J., Auctioneer

    Benjamin H. KELLER - Sale
    - Intending to quit farming, will sell on 25 January 1855, at his residence, the Farm on which he now resides, on the Linganore, lying about 2 1/4 miles South of Liberty Town and adjoining the lands of the late Abraham JONES and others. The land contains 120 acres and has large rough cast dwelling, log barn, orchard of apple and peach trees. It is divided into six fields, each having running water through it and has a sufficiency of woodland on the farm.

    Charles WILLIAR, dec'd - Sale
    - Farm, lately occupied by said deceased, 238 acres of which 100 acres are cleared, very fertile and laid off into 14 or 15 fields under post and rail, stone and other fencing. Sale to be held on the premises, two miles South of Sabillasville on the road leading to Smithsburg and adjoining the lands of Jacob WILLIAR and Annan's Tannery, on 29 January. The improvements consist of a 2-story weatherboarded log house with cellar, a Switzer barn (44 by 70 feet), corn house, hog house, stone spring house, still house, blacksmith shop and other necessary out buildings. The woodland is heavily set in timber of the best quality and there are several never failing springs and a running stream on the premises. There is also a small orchard of apple, pear, peach and other fruit trees.
    Also, a lot of one and a half acres, part of the above farm, lying on the road from Sabillasville to Wolf's Tavern with improvements of log dwelling, spring house and stable, now occupied by George WILLIAR.
    The above property will be sold clear of widow's right of dower and all incumbrances. - Daniel P. SAYLER and Augustus H. WILLIAR, executors; Jacob BOWARD, Auctioneer

    John H. T. McPHERSON - Sale
    - Having permamently moved to Baltimore, sale held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 6 February - Productive Farm called Pleasant Retreat (formerly owned by Col. John H. SIMMONS) lying on the East bank of the Monocacy at the mouth of Bennett's Creek in Urbana district of Frederick County. It contains 269 acres of choice Lime stone land, lying in a square, divided into seven fields, an orchard and lot, so arranged that one short lane connects each field with the barn yard. The improvements stand on an elevation in the centre of the tract so that a commanding view of each field may be had from the house which consists of brick. Also has large brick Switzer barn, corn houses, dairy, meat house, ice house, poultry house, two log dwellings for hands, etc. The fencing is of Locust posts and Chestnut Rails, mostly new or renewed since 1843. - A. DELASHMUTT, Auctioneer

    George W. DEVILBISS, dec'd - Sale
    - Sale to be held on the premises on 12 January 1855 - Ijamsville Merchant and Saw Mills, 17 acres, 7 of which is in meadow, the residue in upland divided into convenient lots; contains the Ijamsville Merchant and Saw Mills. The Merchant Mill is frame 4-stories high, 40 feet square with two pair of excellent French Burrs and one pair of Country Stones with other necessary machinery and propelled by two overshot wheels. Thes Mills are situated on Bush Creek, immediately on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and 56 miles from Baltimore, with a Switch belonging to the Mills, where produce can be loaded free of charge. Also has a saw mill, log dwelling with attached kitchen, smoke house, stable, hen house, etc. There are a variety of fruit trees and only a few feet from the Rail Road is a Bed of Slate. (Property is currently rented until June) - Adam W. DEVILBISS, trustee

    Benjamin G. FITZHUGH - Sale
    - Carroll Creek Foundery, Mills, Workshops located on East Patrick Street in Frederick City on 14 February 1855. The Foundery lot fronts 138 feet on Patrick Street running back 200 feet on Carding Machine Alley and contains: The Foundery fronts 69 feet on said alley and is 50 feet wide, built of brick with skylights and metal roof with cupola, iron crane and fixtures; The Iron Machine or Finishing Shop is a 2-story brick and stone building covered with sheet iron, 38 feet long by 26 feet wide, adjoining the Foundery and contains 2 Slide Lathes, slide rest, scroll chuck, etc; The Wood Pattern Workshop over the Machine Shop is of the same dimensions and contains Wood Lathe, Saws, etc; Steam Plaster Mill is frame and brick building, 2-stories and attic high, covered with metal, 30 feet long by 21 feet wide and contains 1 pair of French burs, 1 breaker, counter shafts and fixtures complete. It is operated by a 15-horse power steam engine located in a brick engine house, adjacent to the West wall. The upper story of the Plaster Mill contains Planing Machine, etc, now used as a sash, door and blind manufactory; Frame Grist Mill, 2-stories high, metal roof, 36 feet long by 17 feet wide, running 1 pair of burs with gearing, shafts and fixtures. There is a Patent Hominy Machine in the Mill. The Grist Mill is turned by an undershot water wheel powered by the active and constant stream of Carroll's Creek with water right included.
      The Blacksmith shop is 1-story brick, iron roof, 31 feet long by 17 feet wide, fronting on the alley with two hearths. The Carpenter's Shop and extensive shedding on the West line of the Lot, tenant house, corn house and stabling are the other parts of the premises.
      The above described property will be sold in one lot together with the Switch, and right of way from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad over Mr. OTT's lot of land to the Foundery.
    - Also, a lot of ground bordering on the B&O Railroad on which there are extensive Coal sheds now in the occupancy of Jonathan TYSON, Esq. as a Coal depot.
      The buildings and machinery have been recently erected at an expense of $16,000-$17,000 and the property was previously valued at $20,000 by well-known and competent machinists. - Edward SCHLEY and M. B. LUCKETT, trustees; Levi VANFOSSEN, auctioneer

    Lewis KEMP, dec'd - Sale
    - at his residence "Prospect Hill" near Frederick City on 7 March; Wood Lots near Mt Zion Church, very heavily timbered with rock Oak, Chestnut, Hickory and Black Oak: Lot 1, 6+ acres; Lot 2, 8+ acres; Lot 3, 6+ acres. Also, Personal Property to be sold consists of livestock, wagon equipment, blacksmith tools, threshing machine, household furniture, carriages and family of servants. - Lewis G. KEMP, executor

    Lewis KEMP, dec'd - Private Sale
    - Real Estate known as "Prospect Hill", 332 acres, 25 of which are wooded. It is divided into fields under good fencing with never failing spring, together with four wells of pure water and a fountain conducting the water from the spring to within 200 yards of the brick 2-story Mansion with basement, 27 by 45 feet and spacious piazza with magnificant overlook of the city and the fertile Monocacy Valley. Also has a large double brick house for tenant and outhouses for servants, a first-class Switzer barn, shedding, granery, 2 corn houses, wagon sheds, diary, ice house, smoke house, carriage house and stables with extensive orchard. It is susceptible of division into two or more farms. For viewing, contact James L. H. DUVALL or Charles L. KEMP, Esqs, residing on the premises.
    - Lewis G. KEMP, executor of the deceased

    Cornelius SHRINER, dec'd - Sale
    - at the City Hotel in Frederick on 7 February - Three Merchant Mills and Distillery:

    1. Linganore Mills situated on the turnpike leading from Baltimore to Frederick, 42 miles from the former and 3 miles from the latter which is a terminal of a branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
      The Mill House is 60 by 80 feet, built of brick, 5-stories high with ample room for storing grain, etc. Three water wheels driving four pair of superior five-foot Burs and other improved machinery able to manufacture 150 barrels of flour per day. Water power formed by a substantial dam on the never failing and constant stream, Linganore, forms one of the best powers in the state.
      The Distillery is connected with the Mills and was built four years ago without regard to cost, 30 by 80 feet of stone and frame, 2-stories high with Boiler and Coal Sheds attached and capacitated to mash 150 bushels of grain per day. A large Flue Boiler is used for generating steam. The grain is ground in the mill and conveyed by machinery to the distillery.
      Also has hog pen, 600 feet in length and divided into 40 smaller parts, which pens 800 hogs comfortably; and a saw mill in good running order.
      Linganore Farm consists of 185 acres of good Monocacy bottom and upland of which 12 acres are in meadow. There is a School House, four dwellings and tenant houses, large Switzer Barn, stabling for 15 head of Horses and 16 head of cattle with all out buildings.

    2. Howard Farm adjoins the first mentioned property and turnpike road and consists of 96+ acres, part of which has lately been limed with 8-10 acres in meadow. Improvements are 1-story weatherboarded dwelling located on high ground with fine view of Frederick City and surrounding country; stabling, wagon sheds, spring house; constant spring of soft water. The farm is divided into five fields in which are running water. Ten acres are woodland with large quantity of Locust trees.

    3. A house and lot adjoining the first mentioned property consists of 2 acres situated on the West side of the Monocacy.

    4. Carroll Creek Mills situated 11 miles East of Frederick; Mill house built of brick, 35 by 50 feet, 4-stories high, with two pair of Burrs for grinding wheat and other machinery with capacity to manufacture 50 barrels of flour per day. Stream of water is good and little affected by drought. The sawmill has been lately repaired. Land includes 6+ acres with good fencing; 2-story dwelling with stabling, carriage and other buildings.

    5. Ceresville Mills, where the deceased resided, three miles from Frederick and on the turnpike leading to Woodsborough. The stone Mill House, 45 by 60 feet, with wheel house is 5-stories high and can store 15,000 bushels of grain. It has four pair of Burrs, three used for grinding Plaster and work and other necessary machinery. The Mills are propelled by the water of Israel's Creek and when in full operation can manufacture 100 barrels of flour per day. Land contains 40+ acres, part of which is in meadow; and has a saw mill. The dwelling house has been lately rebuilt, 3-stories high with large and airy rooms, 50 feet in length with a wing 16 by 18 feet. There is also a frame Switzer barn with excellent stabling, corn house, carriage house, ice house and other out buildings. There is a school house on the premises, three tenant houses with necessary outbuildings, Cooper Shop, Blacksmith Shop and Wagonmaker's Shop.

    All of the property will be sold free of encumbrances and with water rights.
    - E. A. SHRINER, trustee; Levi VANFOSSEN, Auctioneer

    - on Patrick Street opposite entrance of Court Street This hotel, formerly kept by George BECKENBAUGH, esq, and known as Temperance Hotel, has recently been thoroughly repaired and for the beauty and convenience cannot be surpassed by any public house in Frederick. Being located near the courthouse, persons having business to transact will find this most convenient. The subscriber has leased the above hotel and has furnished the rooms with entire new bedding, etc and will make every effort to contribute to the convenience and comfort of his guests. - John STEMMEL, proprietor

  • Wednesday, August 12, 1857

    Wednesday, August 19, 1857

    Wednesday, September 9, 1857

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