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Carroll County, Maryland

  • APPLER, Jacob Sr, Uniontown (1 Aug 1839; 17 Apr 1843) s/ David APPLER s/ Jonathan APPLER s/ Abraham APPLER s/ Jacob APPLER s/ Isaac APPLER s/ Jesse APPLER d/ Nancy widow of Christian SENSENEY d/ Eleanor KING d/ Mary WINTERS d/ Margaret WEAVER d/ Elizabeth CHRIST exec/ Isaac and John HYDER Codocil dated 6 Jan 1842
  • BABYLON, Philip (28 Dec 1841; 31 Jan 1842) w/ Elizabeth d/ Eliza MYERS d/ Mary Ann BAUGHER s/ Jacob BABYLON s/ John BABYLON s/ William BABYLON wit/ Daniel ZOLLICKOFFER, John SMITH, John SMITH
  • BANKARD, Catharine (9 Apr 1852 by mark; Apr 1852) - Jacob STONER, everything provided he keep and support her Exec/ Jacob STONER Wit/ Jesse HESSON, John DICKENSHEETZ
  • CELL (SELL?), Peter of Frederick Co, sick and weak, (5 Aug 1837 by mark; 22 Mar 1852) w/ Lovess d/ Lovess CELL s/ Henry CELL d/ Margaret CELL s/ Jacob CELL d/ Delilah CELL Exec/ wife. Wit/ Samuel MOFFET, Cornelious BAUST, John HELDEBRIDLE (by mark) (Moffet was deceased at time of probate)
  • CROUSE, Elizabeth, Taneytown (14 Oct 1850; 28 Oct 1850) d/ Catharine and her children d/ Mary Jane s/ Frederick CROUSE d/ Barbary d/ Rebecca and her children s/ Joseph A. CROUSE and his children s/ John CROUSE’s children s/ Isaac CROUSE’s children bro/ William HITESHUE wit/ John HARMAN, Joseph BOWERS, Jeremiah SHUNK
  • FOREMAN, Jacob (16 Feb 1852; 5 Apr 1852) (written up by Justice of the Peace, D. F. LAMOT on 15 Mar 1852) sis/ Catharine “Kitty” and h/ Henry MASONHEIMER (Jacob was living with them for 14 weeks prior to writing his will.) Wit/ David BROWN, William NAIL
  • FREED, Elizabeth, weak (11 Feb 1858 by mark; 21 Jul 1862) d/ Mary w/o Thomas BOLTNER - $5 s/ Jacob FREED d/ Elizabeth w/o Henry MINTER d/ Catharine w/o Josiah BOOSE d/ Rachel w/o Peter UTZ Exec/ Henry MINTER Wit/ Michael SULLIVAN, William CRUMRINE, David H. WEAVER
  • FREED, Laurantz (of Baltimore County) (4 Dec 1836 by mark; 12 Apr 1837) w/ Elizabeth – to sell estate d/ Mary w/o Thomas BOLLENEY/BOLTNER s/ Jacob FREED d/ Elizabeth w/o Henry MINTER d/ Catharine FREED d/ Rachael FREED Exec/ Peter SAUBLE, potter Wit/ Jacob GETT, Peter GETTIER, John HIVELY
  • FROCK, Jacob - 2-435 (28 Apr 1855; 24 Jan 1859) w/ Elizabeth s/ Michael FROCK (weaving loom) s/ John FROCK d/ Mary w/o Henry BROWN d/ Anna Catharine w/o Christian MYERS Land - "High Germany", 53 acres (home place), adjoins Joseph WARNER, Jacob YINGLING; "Walker's Paradise", 8 acres, adjoins Joseph SHARRER. - "Discovery", 118 acres; "Bacheler's Prospect", 12 acres; - "James Mistake", farm where Michael lives, adjoins Benjamin BIXLER and Joseph HOOVER exec/ sons wit/ Michael SHOLL, Abraham KOONTZ, Jacob B. EARHART
  • FROCK, Michael (10 May 1838; 22 Aug 1842) w/ Catharine s/ William FROCK s/ Jacob FROCK d/ Elizabeth w/o Adam HUMBERT d/ Susannah w/o John HUMBERT s/ Michael FROCK, dec’d - his children, .....Susannah FROCK .....Rebecca FROCK .....Henry FROCK Land - (to son William) - "Patience Care"; "Owings Choice"; 1/5 "Resurvey on Lookabout"; "Fryer’s (or Tiger’s) Delight"; "Molly’s Delight", "James’ Fancy".
  • HARNER, Christian (filed 5 Jul 1841) s/ John HARNER in Wayne Co, Ohio Wit/ Peter MARK
  • HAWK, George - 2-245 (6 Oct 1855; 7 Jan 1856) w/ Margaret d/ Margaret Jane HAWK d/ Alice HAWK grandson - Samuel HAWK children by 1st marriage - s/ Peter HAWK d/ Susannah w/o John KESSELRING d/ Mary w/o Isaac KEEFER d/ Sophia w/o Nicholas HECK exec/ Sterling GALT wit/ Josiah BAUMGARTNER, Jereme L. BAUMGARTNER, James WIVELL
  • KOONTZ, Henry (sick) (13 Jan 1866; 13 Feb 1866) bro/ Edward KOONTZ – tools sis/ Mary KOONTZ – household items (she is raising his minor children) House in Westminster to go to executor for benefit of children. To purchase dwelling in Frederick city for his sister Mary and his minor children until they reach age 21. - St John’s Roman Catholic Church Exec/ brother Edward KOONTZ
  • LEISTER, Joseph (16 Mar 1852; 12 Apr 1852) w/ Lydia, 1/3 d/ Mary Ann LEISTER s/ John Henry LEISTER s/ Israel William LEISTER d/ Rebecca Elizabeth LEISTER d/ Mandilla LEISTER Executor to sell everything and money to be placed for interest until youngest child, Mandilla is 18. Exec/ David B. EARHART Wit/ Jacob LEISTER, Peter KUMP, Daniel LEPO
  • MITTEN, Susanna (weak), widow, Westminster (9 Apr 1867 by mark; 17 Aug 1868) s/ William I. MITTEN d/ Catharine w/o John BERNSTINE s/ Henry G. MITTEN s/ Nelson MITTEN s/ Augustus MITTEN exec/ son Nelson MITTEN and John BERNSTINE.
  • MYERS, Elizabeth (1 Jun 1846 by mark; 5 Jan 1852) - David MYERS - Eliza MYERS d/o Isaac MYERS wit/ George BOWERS, Jacob REINECKER, Christian YINGLING of Jacob
  • RIGHTER, Jacob, Westminster (11 Mar 1852; 29 Mar 1852) w/ Mary Ann ($2,000) bro/ Jonathan RIGHTER, dec'd, his children bro/ Jesse RIGHTER, dec'd, his childen bro/ Lewis RIGHTER bro/ Joseph RIGHTER bro/ John RIGHTER bro/ Michael RIGHTER sis/ Sarah, wid/of John JACOBS sis/ Anna, dec'd, her children (no surname given) sis/ Eliza RIGHTER? bro/law – John WAMPLER, dec'd sis/law – Mary YON, dec'd bro/law – Henry C. WAMPLER, dec'd sis/law – Elizabeth WINTERS bro/law – Lewis WAMPLER SLAVES - set Negroes free – William KELLY, Aaron KELLY - to Honor BRISCOE, a free negro woman - his house and lot of ground in Westminster he purchased from Frederick WAGNER exec/ George Edward WAMPLER, John Joseph BAUMGARDNER wit/ Wm. N. HAYDEN, David BURNS, David KUHN
  • SIX, Rebecca (12 Apr 1887; 29 Jan 1894) (w/o Edward SIX) d/ Mary Jane (Warner) w/o Simon PETRY (parlor furniture, etc) s/ Uriah WARNER (6 split-bottom chairs, rocker, dining table, etc) gr/dau – Alice Rebecca PETRY (split-bottom sewing rocker and sewing machine exec/ son Uriah WARNER and son-in-law Simon PETRY wit/ Abraham WILLET, Enoch L. FRIZZELL, Thomas TIPTON (on 25 Sep 1894, the house and lot in Frizzellburg was sold to Joseph L. BAUST for $760; Rebecca purchased it 9 May 1859 (when Rebecca WARNER) from William and Barbara Ann FRIZELL.)
  • SLAUGHTENHAUPT, Samuel (8 Jun 1878; 5 Sep 1881) w/ ______ if still alive d/ Elen C. ANGELL d/ Emily E. HARNER s/ James D. SLAUGHTENHAUPT d/ Maranda BISHOP d/ Sarah DITMAN s/ Samuel D. SLAUGHTENHAUPT d/ Mary E. SLAUGHTENHAUPT s/ Henry T. SLAUGHTENHAUPT s/ Albert L. SLAUGHTENHAUPT s/ J. W. SLAUGHTENHAUPT Property in Harney to children, J.W. and Mary E. SLAUGHTENHAUPT. exec/ J. W. SLAUGHTENHAUPT wit/ Daniel GOOD, Phillip SHRINER, J. Albert ANGELL
  • SMITH, Ann - 3-103 (30 Aug 1848; 14 Jan 1862) a free colored woman (no relationships given) - Thomas Henry GARRETTSON - James AQUILLA - Richard FREEBORN - William Edward GARRETTSON - Elizabeth T. BILLINGSLEA - Nelly HAMMOND - William HOLMES - Mordeca G. COCKEY - Thomas HENRY exec/ Richard F. GARRETTSON wit/ Thomas WARD, John T. WARD, Washington H. WARD
  • SMITH, Anna Mary - 4-342 (10 Nov 1874; 16 Feb 1875) mother - Catharine w/o David RHODEN friends - George SHAFFER and w/ Elizabeth Ann monies due from Henry HARTMYER estate. Land - House and Lots in Manchester, now occupied by George A. SHOWER, adjoins Adam HIVELY and John C. DENNER on Main Street (to Shaffer and wife). exec/ Adam SHOWER wit/ Jacob CAMPBELL, James KELLY, Edmund A. GANTER
  • SMITH, Annie - 4-488 (21 Nov 1876; 17 Apr 1877) w/o Thomas SMITH, Westminster Husband to transfer the house and lot to his aunt. exec/ John K. LONGWELL wit/ Lyda POWEL, Mary Jan WATS, Annie E. BELL
  • SMITH, Frances - 6-164 (7 Feb 1888; 28 May 1888) d/ Ella C. SMITH d/ Emma E. wid/of Jacob KISER d/ Laura M. w/o William CROUSE Land - House and Lot in Taneytown on George St exec/ Ella C. SMITH wit/ Henry C. WILT, Levi FLICKINGER, Bradford O. SLONAKER
  • SMITH, Franklin James - 2-352 (19 Oct 1857; 26 Oct 1857) niece - Maria MOORES nephews - John SMITH and Thomas SMITH - Rachel PULL d/o niece, Matilda H. DORSEY exec/ Dr. Edwin DORSEY wit/ Hanson M. DRACH, Jesse EBAUGH
  • SMITH, Frederick - 1-245 (5 Jun 1838; 19 Dec 1842) w/ Christena d/ Polly SMITH d/ Elizabeth w/o Jacob WAGONER d/ Catharine w/o John KLINEDENTS d/ Rachel (1/2 of 1/7 to her, other half to her eldest) d/ Rebecca w/o Andrew PFEIFER s/ George SMITH d/ Sarah's heirs exec/ George SHOWER wit/ Jacob GITT, Henry E. BELTZ, William CRUMRINE
  • SMITH, Hannah - 6-258 (18 Dec 1888; 15 Apr 1889) niece - Anna L. w/o John BANKARD exec/ niece wit/ William PALMER, John W. CARTZENDAFNER
  • SMITH, Jacob - 2-248 (10 Dec 1853; 18 Feb 1856) w/ Catharine s/ Joel SMITH d/ Sarah A. POOL s/ William SMITH s/ Uriah P. SMITH d/ Rachel E. CAYLOR s/ Jeremiah H. SMITH d/ Mary C. SMITH Land - "Molly's Fancy", farm near Frizzleburg; - House and Lot at East end of Uniontown (to wife) and two unimproved lots. exec/ sons, Joel and William wit/ Henry H. HERBAUGH, Charles S. DEVILBISS, Michael NUSBAUM
  • SMITH, Jacob - 3-68 (12 Jun 1852; 13 May 1861) w/ Maria - 27 acres from George and Rachel LANTZ in 1848 exec/ wife wit/ George LANTZ, Isaac SULLIVAN, J. Henry HOPPE
  • SMITH, Jacob - 4-6 (14 May 1868; 8 Mar 1869) w/ Harriett s/ John Nelson SMITH s/ James A. SMITH s/ Evan Thomas SMITH d/ Portia wid/o Edmund ORRENTZ d/ Catharine w/o Harman HIMELLAR d/ Elizabeth w/o David KILER (Catharine and Elizabeth to each get $600 inheritance from their mother.) exec/ son-in-law Harman HIMELLAR wit/ John N. GABRITH, William MARTIN, Joshua SWITZER (Widow renounced the will and elected to take her legal 1/3.)
  • SMITH, James - 1-202 (23 Jul 1840; 31 Jan 1842) w/ Sarah (everything except $.50 to each child) d/ Nancy Ann SMITH s/ William SMITH s/ Robert SMITH d/ Elizabeth SMITH d/ Mary SMITH d/ Charlotte SMITH d/ Susan SMITH d/ Jane SMITH d/ Jerusa SMITH exec/ wife and Nicholas Hall BROWN wit/ Adam GILBERT, Horatio PRICE, Amon TIPTON
  • SMITH, James - 3-72 (19 Sep 1860; 3 Jun 1861) d/ Ann ROBERTSON s/ John SMITH and his children grandchildren - ...Margaret ROBERTSON ...Ann ROBERTSON ...Jeremiah ROBERTSON Trusts - $1500 for son John; - $1000 for George KANE (colored man formerly belonging to me) exec/ Jeremiah and Ann ROBERTSON wit/ Adam S. BARNES, Ira E. RIDGELY
  • SMITH, Jeremiah H. - 4-280 (19 Nov 1873; 22 Dec 1873) w/ (mentioned but not named) d/ Chera M. SMITH, a minor d/ Cecelia V. SMITH, a minor exec/ friend John B.T. SELLMAN wit/ Jesse BAIR, James P. SUMMERS
  • SMITH, John - 1-231 (5 Jun 1841; 5 Sep 1842) d/ Mary BARNES s/ Richard SMITH s/ George SMITH and w/ Nancy .....John Thomas SMITH .....Rebecca SMITH .....Mary SMITH Land - 78 acre plantation where Mary was living from James DENNING (to d/ Mary); - 76 acres of farm where Richard was living (to s/ Richard); - 140 acre homeplace of John SMITH as life estate to s/ George and Nancy; after their deaths, to grandson John Thomas SMITH of George, but he to pay granddaughter Rebecca SMITH of George; if grandson dies, to go to granddaughter(s). exec/ son George wit/ Joshua SMITH, Joseph SMITH, John SMITH
  • SMITH, John, Uniontown - 3-561 (19 Jan 1861; 24 Aug 1868) w/ (mentioned but not named) s/ Charles Edward SMITH d/ Mary Louisa d/ Sarah Jane d/ Christiana Adeline d/ Frances Olivia d/ Ellen Virginia Land - Houses and Lots in Uniontown where they live (to wife) exec/ son wit/ Henry H. HERBAUGH, John ROBERTS, Harrison WEAVER
  • SMITH, Joseph - 3-41 (7 Apr 1860; 18 Feb 1861) w/ Elizabeth d/ Susannah w/o Israel BAILE (there may be other children not named) Younger children, not yet married - d/ Mary SMITH s/ Edward SMITH s/ Charles SMITH d/ Ann SMITH - to heirs of Ann BLACK (colored), dec'd w/o Andrew BLACK (colored), the house and lot purchased by Ann BLACK from exec/of Thomas WELLS, but conveyed to Joseph SMITH for him to convey to her. SLAVES - negro girl MOLLY (to serve wife 8 yrs after his death, then to be freed and give her good suit of clothes (everyday and Sunday) and $30) exec/ bro/ Joshua SMITH wit/ J.L. WARFIELD, Jacob SULLIVAN, Elias WOODS, Abraham CASSELL
  • SMITH, Joshua - 1-91 (31 Mar 1841; 27 Dec 1841) s/ Thomas SMITH (1) d/ Mary SMITH (2) s/ Joseph SMITH (3) s/ John SMITH (4) s/ Richard SMITH s/ Joshua SMITH SLAVES - negro girls, CATHARINE and DARKEY (to be freed) - negro boy, NICK and negro woman BECK's son, JEREMIAH and her last male child and any other issue (to John and Mary) - until they are age 25 (Nick, Jeremiah and last male child) Land - (1) - "Five Daughters", 90 acres, farm and plantation where Thomas was living; to pay siblings. (2) - 61+ acres, from Joshua HOWARD in 1802 (Baltimore County); 10 acres was sold to Samuel CARR; 50 acres was sold to George H. WAESCHE. (3) - 180 acres, farm and plantation where Joseph was living; to pay siblings. (4) - 50 acres (previously in Baltimore County), sold to George Henry WAESCHE and conveyed back to Joshua from George H. WAESCHE and w/ Catharine in 1834 (Balt. Co); also home farm in two tracts from George H. WAESCHE and w/ Catharine in 1832 (Fred. Co); also 194 acres from Michael SMITH; pay brother Richard $6,500). Executor - son John SMITH. Witnesses: Isaac HAINES, John BAUMGARTNER, Eli HAINES
  • SMITH, Joshua - 3-553 (15 Apr 1865; 3 Aug 1868) w/ Julian s/ John E. SMITH s/ Charles F. SMITH d/ Elizabeth E. REIFSNIDER d/ Ann L. SMITH Land - Lot on Main St in Westminster to wife, formerly belonged to her father, David FISHER, dec'd, are Lots #35, 36, 37. Codicil dated 13 Mar 1868 - gives wife Lot from William OURSLER; land from David BURNS; 1 acre from heirs of Ludwick WAMPLER; land from John NICODEMUS, exec/of Hannah NEFF. exec/ sons wit/ (for will and codicil) Jesse L?. WARFIELD, James W. REESE, Joseph M. PARKE
  • SMITH, Louis Albert - 4-417 (5 Jan 1876; 17 Jan 1876) w/ Alice (children implied but not named) mother - Anna BOSTICKS exec/ J.C. BRUBAKER wit/ Jesse T.H. DAVIS, William BABYLON, Jacob J. WARNER Jr.
  • SMITH, Lydia - 4-208 (15 Feb 1867; 3 Sep 1872) bro/ Thomas H. SMITH sis/law Sarah A. SMITH exec/ Christopher J. WOOLERY wit/ Leonard ROSENBERGER, Stephen OURSLER, C.J. WOOLERY
  • SMITH, Mary - 2-440 (1 Jan 1859; 1 Feb 1859) d/ Mary E. SMITH d/ Ann Amanda SMITH other children not included exec/ Jacob ZUMBRUN wit/ William KISER, Conrad KOONES
  • SMITH, Mary A. - 5-514 (14 Mar 1882; 9 Feb 1886) wid/of Richard SMITH - William T. SMITH s/ Henry SMITH and w/ Sally d/ Nancy SMITH d/ Julia w/o Phiilip B. SNADER s/ Henry SMITH s/ Edward SMITH Land - 85 acres from Samuel DIEHL and w/ Sarah A. in 1882; placed in trusts. exec/ son-in-law Philip B. SNADER wit/ Jesse BAILE, Joshua SMITH, William T. SMITH
  • SMITH, Obediah - 2-375 (6 Feb 1857; 8 Mar 1858) w/ Mary s/ Stephen SMITH s/ Philip SMITH s/ Abraham SMITH s/ William SMITH d/ Mary E. SMITH d/ Ann Amanda SMITH Land - 159 acre farm adjoining Christian CORRELL and Augustian ARNOLD's lands (to wife) exec/ sons, Stephen and Philip wit/ Jacob ZUMBRUN, Jacob CORNELL, Conrad KOONS
  • SMITH, Susan - 5-236 (21 May 1875; 28 Mar 1882) (no relationships given) - David Oliver BIRELY - Laura Virginia d/ Frederick WHITMORE exec/ David O. BIRELY wit/ Benjamin POOLE, Samuel WEYBRIGHT
  • SMITH, Susan (colored), uniontown - 5-352 (19 Sep 1877; 19 May 1884) d/ Eliza Jane SMITH - house and lot from Joseph James SLEMMONS of Harrison Co, Ohio (CC 32-144) exec/ Alfred ZOLLICKOFFER wit/ R.M. VARDEN, Thomas F. MYERS, William R. ZOLLICKOFFER
  • SMITH, Thomas - 4-482 (15 Feb 1877; 12 Mar 1877) s/ William T. SMITH s/ Joshua SMITH d/ Susannah KOONTZ grandchildren (minors) - ...Milton E. KOONTZ ...Mary E. KOONTZ ...Martha A. KOONTZ ...Robert Lee KOONTZ ...Fannie B. KOONTZ ...Sallie KOONTZ ...Margaret J. KOONTZ Mortgage due from John L. KOONTZ and Susannah. exec/ sons wit/ Jesse A. CRAWNER, W.H. YINGLING, W.R. CURRY
  • STERNER, Jacob (weak) – 13 Jan 1873; codicil 7 Feb 1873; 9 Feb 1874 w/ Catharine s/ Calvin STERNER (61 acre estate) d/ Elizabeth STERNER (blind) s/ Rufus STERNER (daughter is w/o Ephraim BANKERT) s/ Jeremiah STERNER d/ Sevilla w/o Amos KOONTZ d/ Mary Ann w/o William WANTZ d/ Susan w/o Adam STONER d/ Margaret widow of John KOONTZ d/ Catharine w/o Josephus PETRY Jacob was guardian to Joseph FITZE’s children.
  • TAYLOR, Johnzy (24 Feb 1852; 3 May 1852) bro/ Kindey TAYLOR, $30 sis/ Isabella w/o Adam KELBAUGH, $30 nephew – John Wesley TAYLOR, $30 (if he remains with exec. until 18, to be paid at age 21) bro/ Elijah TAYLOR bro/ Noah TAYLOR bro/ Jesse TAYLOR Rest of estate divided between last three brothers. exec/ bro/ Elijah TAYLOR Wit/ George RICHARDS Jr, James A. CAMPBELL. Joseph BRUMEL
  • WAGNER, Michael - Meadow Branch, in Frederick County (9 Nov 1835, 4 Mar 1839) w/ Sophia – dwelling in Uniontown in lieu of dower d/ Catharine, dec’d w/o David WARNER – Ohio (her children to receive $50 each except Thomas to receive only $1) d/ Barbara YON, dec’d - her son, John YON s/ Jacob WAGNER (only son) d/ Susanna w/o Andrew BABYLON d/ Elizabeth w/o George WARNER d/ Mary w/o John SWIGART d/ Lydia wid/o David LEISTER .....Julia Barbara LEISTER, a minor d/ Barbara, now w/o George McCLEAN Michael Wagner paid for property that was deeded by Peter HAFLEY to Barbara WAGNER (now McCLEAN) (that was her share). Exec/ son Jacob WAGNER and son-in-law Andrew BABYLON. Wit/ John HAUN, John SMITH, John HYDER
  • WARD, Thomas, sick and weak (9 Feb 1852 by mark; 8 Mar 1852) w/ Martha d/ Caroline O. WARD, youngest daughter, $1400, riding mare; balance to be divided amongst other 4 daughters d/ Lovina H. WARD d/ Eliza G. STOCKSDALE d/ Lyntha A. WITTLE d/ Jane R. DAY Each son to receive $5 - s/ Washington H. WARD s/ John T. WARD s/ Luther T. WARD exec/ wife and son, Washington wit/ Abraham LAMOTT, Stephen OURSLER, Jacob CAPLE
  • WARFIELD, Rebecca (12 Dec 1842; 29 Mar 1852) (w/o George F. WARFIELD) s/ William Henry WARFIELD - to sell personal property to pay funeral expenses and provide tombstones; balance divided between husband and surviving children equally. - Sold farm tract Mount Marino, 176 acres to son, Wm Henry WARFIELD @ $25/acre (father to live with him) - Remainder of land, "Groveland"; and machinery son/law – Richard HOLMES - to pay debts and cover bond d/ Susanna WARFIELD s/ George Washington WARFIELD d/ Anne Elizabeth WADE (16-Day Clock, etc) SLAVES - negro CHARLES (serve til 1857)(to s/ Wm. Henry) - servant FREDERICK (til 1 Nov 1846)(to s/ Wm. Henry) - negro ESTER (til 1 Nov 1846)(to s/ Wm. Henry) - negro SAMUEL (til 1855)(to d/ Susanna unless she dies or marries, then to s/Wm. Henry) - negro HARRY (see below) “The laws of this state prohibit slaves from being willed free; wants executor to act for them when their service expires and hire them in good conditions where they will be kindly treated and collect wages for them, half to them, other half to be placed in Bank of Baltimore subject to control of executor for each servant’s own use whenever they need it; except man named HARRY who is unable to work. Should he survive me, he should be treated kindly and supported on this farm during his life." Exec to sell personal property to pay funeral expenses and provide tombstones; balance divided between husband and surviving children equally. Sold farm tract "Mount Marino", 176 acres to son, Wm Henry WARFIELD @ $25/acre (father to live with him); remainder of land, "Groveland"; and machinery to son, Wm Henry. Exec/ son William Henry WARFIELD Wit/ James SYKES, (Marcellus) M. W. WARFIELD, Nicholas OWENS
  • WARNER, George (sick) (will not dated; prob/ 19 Feb 1872) (signed as WERNER) w/ Mary Ann s/ Alfred WARNER, eldest s/ Ferdinand WARNER s/ Theodore WARNER d/ Eliza WARNER, only daughter and youngest exec/ sons Alfred and Ferdinand
  • WARNER, John, sick (11 Aug 1858; 30 Aug 1858) w/ Barbara s/ Eli WARNER s/ John WARNER s/ Jonas WARNER s/ Henry WARNER (to remain w/ mother and take care of property) d/ Barbara WARNER d/ Mary KLINEFELTER d/ Elizabeth WOLFGANG d/ Caroline WOLFGANG, dec’d – her only child, .....Jonas WOLFGANG, a minor To have sale of Baltimore County land (WG-211, 316 dated 3 Sep 1848), from George EVERHART, trustee of Daniel BOLLINGER. Wit/ George WEAVER of Henry, Michael SEACHRIST, Amos M. WOLFGANG
  • WARNER, Samuel E. (sick) (15 Oct 1855 by mark; 12 Nov 1855) w/ Elizabeth – to have sale, 1/3 to wife, balance to children (not named) exec/ brother, Francis WARNER and friend, Jacob KERLINGER
  • WARNER, William, sick (19 Dec 1853; 9 Jan 1854) w/ Rebecca and two children (not named)
  • WEAVER, George, weak (27 Sep 1851 by mark; 8 Mar 1852) d/ Sarah w/o Jacob FRANKFORTER exec/ son-in-law wit/ George EVERHART, Michael GETTIER Frankforter renounced executorship and asked ltrs/admin be given to George CROUSE, one of nearest kin, on 1 Mar 1852.
  • WINTERS, Catherine (JB-1, 409) (4 Nov 1843; 4 May 1846) (believed to be w/o Frederick WINTER) d/ Margaret SIMMONS (house at New Windsor) .....William SIMMONS d/ Elizabeth ECKER - Ohio
  • WINTERS, Catharine (1 May 1842 by mark; 15 Sep 1857) s/ Samuel WINTERS d/ Esther LAMBERT d/ Rebecca WARNER d/ Judith APPLER s/ Martin WINTERS wit/ D. W. NAILL, William ENGLEMAN, George ?
  • WINTERS, Elizabeth (17 Sep 1858 by mark; 1 Nov 1858) s/ Lewis WINTERS s/ Airheart WINTERS d/ Mary OSLER exec/ Airheart WINTERS
  • WINTERS, Frederick (18 Mar 1861; 25 Mar 1861) sis/ Elizabeth ECKER - Tuscawaras Co, Ohio nephew/ William SIMMONS exec/ Jonas ECKER wit/ James ERHARD, Daniel STOUFFER, Jonas ECKER
  • WINTERS, Joseph (2 May 1857; 11 Jan 1864) w/ Rachel d/ Deborah FLICKINGER s/ Ephraim WINTERS d/ Mary Elizabeth WINTERS exec/ wife wit/ Jacob SELL, Hanson T. WEBB, Samuel BARE
  • WINTERS, Reuben - (GMP-8, 334) (30 Sep 1899; 23 Oct 1899) bro/ Stephen WINTERS, $50 - to West & Greenwood, Proceeds of Sale
  • WINTER, Samuel (GMP-6, 143-144) (19 Sep 1881; 23 Apr 1888) w/ Susanna s/ Levi WINTER s/ William WINTER s/ Isaac WINTER s/ Josiah WINTER s/ Elizabeth KELLY s/ John WINTER, dec'd .....Richard Fuller WINTER .....Luther H. WINTER .....Anna Mary FISHER .....Samuel B. WINTER
This is a partial listing with more to be added.

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