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Page last modified: August 28, 2012

The following changes happened in the last few weeks. Older changes can now be found in the 2006, 2007 , 2008 and 2009 archives.

28 August 2012: Added the death of Elizabeth Ann ANDREWS. Also added the birth and death of twins William John ANDREWS and Henry Arthur ANDREWS.

23 July 2012: Added birth and death details for Thomas Henry ANDREWS.

9 July 2012: Added probable death for Minnie ANDREWS and probable marriage for Rose Emma ANDREWS.

27 July 2012: Added the death details for Ann ANDREWS née COUCHMAN. Added possible death and burial details for Elizabeth Ann ANDREWS.

25 July 2012: Added the baptism and probable birth and death for Thomas Henry ANDREWS son of Stephen ANDREWS & Ann née COUCHMAN.

22 July 2012: Added the burial of Agnes Annie ANDREWS née STREATFIELD. Added possible death for Ann ANDREWS née COUCHMAN. Added marriage of Louisa Agnes ANDREWS.

17 July 2012: Added the baptisms for Caroline ANDREWS, George ANDREWS and Edith ANDREWS

29 May 2012: Added date of death for Elizabeth WATTS née BULL.

20 May 2012: Added basic details of Isaac Watts death and some information for his daughter Lucy Watts and her possible husband Arthur William Collins BONHAM

13 April 2012: Added details of the death of Eva Maud Leeson, daughter of William Adams Leeson & Hannah Marlow .

04 April 2012: Added Eva Maud Leeson to the family of William Adams Leeson & Hannah Marlow.

24 March 2012: Small updates to William Marlow Leeson & Charles Henry Leeson based on info kindly provided by Rachel McCormick.

07 December 2011: Added a lovely and informative little reference to Stephen Andrews from the Kentish Gazette of 1849.

13 November 2011: Added a possible marriage for Ann STREATFIELD, daughter of Edward STREATFIELD and Elizabeth KNOTT. Revised the address of Edward and Elizabeth in the 1841 census to Blue House.

05 November 2011: The eye is improving and I’m finally off all the eye drops, though still under the care of Moorfields. It has been lovely to do a little bit of research. Updated the record of Joseph/Joshua Streatfield with his birth and baptism details in 1852. Also discovered from the birth cert that his father Thomas may have had a middle name.

04 September 2010: Added death dates and details for John Marlow, Thomas Marlow and Jemima Marlow.

30 August 2010: Added likely death date for Elizabeth ANDREWS, thanks to Maureen. All of the followinng are from the National Burial Index 3rd Edition: Added burial dates for William Leeson, his wife Winifred Leeson and sons William Leeson and John Leeson. Also added burial dates for Thomas Leeson, his wife Elizabeth Leeson and sons Samuel Leeson and John Leeson. And William Marlow and John Marlow, though uncertain of the latter. In addition Thomas Marlow and Jemima Marlow.

***** Awaiting further eye surgery so not much activity until post op and recovery completed *****.

28 March 2010: Thanks to Alisa Valentine I have been able to update the information on Sydney Charles Streatfield

***** Recovering from eye operation, so not much activity *****


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