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About Me
Page last modified: April 13, 2012

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I am sorry that you cannot just click on the address or cut-and-paste it. The address is actually an image not text. This is a vain attempt to prevent some of the spam mail I have been receiving since setting up this site.

My name is Michele MORRIS and I was born ... well you don’t really expect a lady to divulge her age, do you? When my father retired our family moved to the westcountry where I married a few years later. I am privileged to have three wonderful grown-up sons.

My first real job was as the computer operator, back in the days when mainframes came with a whole 48K of RAM. I soon got into home computing, beginning with an Acorn Atom that refused to be expanded to more than 11K of RAM before overheating. I worked my way through Sinclair Spectrums and Amstrads and various other computers and now own a handy little laptop.

While the boys were small I completed a B.A. degree in Psychology with the Open University. This was followed by full-time study to gain a Masters degree in ‘Intelligent Systems’. This combined my interest in psychology with computing. I spent the next 13 years conducting research in the telecommunications industry. Part of my job involved the design of graphical user interfaces and usability testing of software. So I have no excuses for bad web design, though doubtless I will still make the usual mistakes.

When the bottom fell out of the telecommunications industry my whole department was made redundant. I have been interested in gardening for many years, so the redundancy money came in very handy for paying the tuition fees at the local college, where I completed a BSc in Horticulture. I spent my ‘year out’ working as a Gardener at Audley End House in Essex. Alas, the degree didn’t lead to anything concrete, so I now work as a local government officer.

I began to research my family  a few months before the BBC broadcast the first series of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ in 2004. Actually, that’s not strictly true. I did attempt to find my grandparents on the 1901 census when it was first published online, but gave up in disgust when I couldn’t find my maternal grandparents. When I did eventually find them in 2004 it proved to be a much needed lesson that our ancestors were only human!