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Early Death Records of Montmorency County


Name Date of Death Place of Death County of Death Sex Race Marital Status Age Cause of Death Birthplace Occupation Father's Name Father's Residence Mother's Name Mother's Residence
BESSER, Edwin H. 12/19/1885 Rust Township Montmorency M W Single 10 months, 9 days Convulsion Michigan Herman Besser Rust, Michigan Hattie M. Besser Rust, Michigan
BORGEHR, Caroline 10/30/1885 Brily Montmorency F W Married 28 years, 3 months, 10 days Child Bed Austria H W Anton Liedeman Austria, Viena Magdalina Liedeman Austria, Viena
COVERT, James 11/1885 Wheatfield Montmorency M W Single 5 years Colra Ingantum Michigan Porly Covert Wheatfield Nancy Covert Wheatfield
COVERT, Lucinda 09/1885 Wheatfield Montmorency F W Single 3 years Colra Infantum Michigan Porly Covert Wheatfield Nancy Covert Wheatfield
DUNOVAN, Mary 12/03/1881 Rust Township Montmorency F W Married 58 years Stroke Doublin, Ireland Housewife Wm Negan New York State Nancy Negan
ERICHORN, Elizabeth 08/15/1885 Hillman Montmorency F W Married 41 years, 9 months General Dibility Wisconsin Housewife John T, D Syars, N Y Elizabeth, Syons, N Y
FARRIER, Oliver Jas. 01/31/1881 Rust Township Montmorency M W Married 5 years, 1 day Inflammation of Bowels Michigan W. H. Farrier Rust, Michigan Janet W. Farrier Rust, Michigan
GOHL, George Frederick 08/06/1881 Rust Township Montmorency M W Single 1 year, 7 months, 2 days Croup Canada Abraham Gohl Rust, Michigan Elizabeth Gohl Rust, Michigan
HOLMES, John 08/15/1884 Montmorency Montmorency M W Other 64 years, 2 months, 25 days Asthma New Brunswich Farmer John Holmes New Brunswich Sarah Holmes New Brunswich
MAMIS, Lydia 10/1885 Wheatfield Montmorency F W Married 38 years Childbirth Michigan H W John Wis, T Everat, Mich Mrs. Wis, T Everat, Mich
MCLEOD, Justin 07/19/1885 Hillman Montmorency M W Single 3 days Concusion of Brain Hillman Murdock McLeod Hillman Eliza McLeod Hillman
POWELL, Sybil 11/25/1885 Brily Montmorency F W Married 34 years Consumption New York H W Thomas Enderly England Selinda Enderly New York
SMITH, Inlus S. 08/20/1882 Briley Montmorency M W Married 23 years, 9 months, 7 days Suicide Michigan Farmer
VALENTINE, Stephen 05/30/1882 Briley Montmorency M W Single 15 years, 11 months, 10 days Fever Michigan Farmer Alonzo Valentine Briley Mary Valentine
WIGGINS, (Child) 10/01/1884 Rust Montmorency F W Single Stillborn Michigan None Joshua Wiggins Rust, Mich Jennie W. Wiggins Rust, Mich
WIGGINS, Sevina Jennet 03/09/1881 Rust Township Montmorency F W Married 2 years, 9 months Thoretic Croup Canada Johnathan Wiggins Rust, Michigan J. Charlotte Wiggins Rust, Michigan


Though I would hope that the above things are correct, I cannot guarantee them. I wrote them down as I read them to the best of my ability.

Extracted by Jessica (c) 2004

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